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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

About this blog


I have been an active commentator for the past few years in various blogs. I am a very critical person as some of you have encountered me numerous times.  I write from my heart and mind. Its my view and not other people’s view. And I will defend my views. It matters not whether my views are the same with other people’s views but when I put in a position, I repeat, that they are my views.

As some of you would know me by now, I prefer to engage in a civil manner. I will write courteously so long you are courteous. I believe in integrity and values and will defend my honor. I frequently question one’s values. If you are offended like many other bloggers and cannot take criticism, please don’t read and comment. And if anyone attacks my honor and integrity or makes personal unjustified comments please expect the same treatment from me. Respect will be reciprocated with respect. Scorn with scorn. And disdain with disdain.

I would like this blog to be a dialectic platform of exchanging views and counter views to establish a truth. What is black is black. What is white will be white. And grey can be of various shades. So when you put in a position, please remember of my little tolerance of people arguing that a truth depends on who you support. A similar act must have similar values irrespective of who says and does what. I’m telling you upfront that I call such stand as rubbish and if you insist on it, please be prepared for my no holds barred criticism.

Enough said on what I dislike. What I hope this blog can achieve is that we can discuss issues afflicting our societies and formulate certain parameters of solutions beneficial for all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion. I will post a mixture of my own writes with posts from other blogs’ which censors contrarian views. I hope I can provide a platform for free exchange of views.

The limits of this blogs are of two things. No criminal or illegal act will be tolerated. Dont use vulgar profanities. Be civil.

So we shall start.

PS. My header is a painting of our renowned artist Ahmad Fuad Osman aptly depicting the actions of those who are bent on silencing me and depriving me the right of reply.


10 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Dear Maam, This is the first time I am reading your blog and I think after going through the preface I like the way you post it. Disdain with disdain. I like it. I would like you to change the colour from orange yellow to other colour as it is affecting those who are colour blind. I am one of them. I would really appreciate it.

    • Dear Omar,

      Thank you for the comment. I’ve tried to change the color but to no avail. The theme I chose apparently do not permit the change. I’m fairly new at having a blog and will seek other ways to remedy it. Apologise for the inconvenience.

      Ps, prefer you to address me simply as Ellese. I’m not a ma’am.:-)

  2. Hello, Ellese. I am new as a commentator in blogs. I have come from Dato’ Din Merican’s blog (my first ever blog) which I still follow just to keep abreast with some “anti-establishment” views in order to have an opportunity to offer contrary views which are not always welcome by other commentators though the blog’s owner seemed to be quite accommodating in so far as I can determine – not sure for how long though.
    Your blog sounds challenging as you allow civilised contrary views expressed with sincerity although you have strict rules on what you don’t like which are your prerogatives as the blog owner. Will follow on and am using my real name. Thanks.

  3. Ellese, 3 items you reblogged from Din Merican today about:

    a. Attack on Malaysiakini
    b. Government spending no longer affordable
    c. Tun Dr. Ismail (Deputy PM)

    are not found despite doing the search – perhaps something is wrong. Please check.

    • Thanks. I’ve been trying to understand how this reblogging works and how it can be censored. Apologise for the confusion. If you wish to develop a point on such topic please do tell me which so I’ll reblog again.

  4. Hello Ellese, salam to you.
    Reference my posting earlier @27September2012 at 2:48pm, finally for the last 48 hours Din Merican has deleted and barred all my postings without giving any reasons – though this could have been caused by computer glitches but at the moment I doubt it.
    I was under attack by nearly all the other bloggers with crude language and direct personal insults at Din’s blog but I loved it and my counter-attacks were more as indirect slants which seemed to irk them more effectively.
    They thought I was an UMNO carma paid full time to upset their anti-establishment opinions whereas I am not even a member of any political parties.
    I wrote to you not to complain but just to confirm your previous claims that Din Merican is a psuedo champion of freedom of expression. Once he thinks that one is consistently at varience against the groove of his own thoughts he springs into action of complete censorship. I am still able to follow his blog and see the continuation of attacks on me by other bloggers but denied the right or ability to reply. Din seems to condone a few spatterings of condemnation against his blog’s opinions but it is done only to misleadingly display a semblance of allowing free expression. One will be barred only after being consistently against his ideas.
    You can say to me now “you deserve it” ha..haa…
    Well I now know beyond any doubt WHAT Din is but I am not interested to find out WHO he really is.

    • Dear Hussin,

      Din Merican is rubbish. He is stupid to me. He can’t handle contrarion views and thus resort to censoring. He had an inferiority complex. This is typical in a lot of PR blogs. If you want to publish anything I can publish here. But we must tell the world how rubbish this Din is.

  5. Hi Ellese,

    Who cares whether you are Maam or a Miss or a …….It is your brain that matters. Nothing more, nothing less.

    An advise though, please stay away from The People’s Parliament. This blog is only for the Super Morons. Civil people like you will find no room there. The People’s Parliament commentators speak from their rectum (you see I am not vulgar) simply because they evolved from a bygone civilisation with herd mentality still intact.

    To them Haris Ibrahim is the Dalai Lama. He can do no wrong. Rcaim, shakuntolak, Invictus and so forth are his defends team. Something like the 3 stooges. And you no what, they are Haris Ibrahim too. The way homage is paid by this clowns (you see I am not vulgar, again) and reading in between the lines, they are the same person.

    Coming to more serious note, read couple of your articles, and looks like I can find comfort with your thought level.

    And returning back to the comical Haris Ibrahim, I wonder his true qualification. His first request was asking his fellow super morons to prevent the so-called foreigners with JPN issued Identity Card from voting. If indeed he is a lawyer, how come he is not aware, the public cannot stop someone and have him produce his/her I/C for identification. That is PDRM’s job.

    Secondly, does he know what “locus standi” means. Any lawyer even if he had bought his degree, would know what that means. And yet this clown lodges a complaint with Bar Council and expects them to act. Now you know why they are called Super Morons.

    As for me, I don’t care whether you are pro BN or whatever. Your independence at thought level matters most. And I see that a lot through your articles.

    Thank you for having this blog.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      I’ve been writing for quite a while at many blogs. One of the reason I write at haris is to show to him and his followers that they don’t monopolise the truth. I will debate and articulate my position as much as I can. There is a need to tell the truth and put things in balance so that people don’t become arrogance of their views.
      I thank you for the kind words. But for now I have to persist in telling this part of the truth. What is right is right. What is wrong is wrong.

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