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How the editors of TMI and the left media incite racist siege mindset

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I refer to

This editorial piece is typical on how tmi and the left media report issues on Islam which they don’t like.

Their modus of writing is simple. First (1) frame an Islamic issue that they don’t like according to how they want it to be (as ridiculous as possible) and not how it is; secondly (2) attribute it as an entire malay Muslim issue and then thirdly (3) belittle and ridicule it and where possible attribute it to partisan politics. Walla!. You get a deep racist siege reaction from the non Malays and gullible Malays. Our issues are suddenly invalid.

Allow me to elaborate in the context of liberalism issue. As you know the religious authorities and many Muslims have issues against Muslims promoting the liberalism philosophy. But those liberals and left purposely frame it differently. Zaid framed us as opposing to “open progressive views”. Tony Pua framed us as opposing to “free sex”. Ridiculous kan? But not to the insidious left media. They then spun Zaid’s views to say that all those Muslims who oppose have the same mindset (step 2) and this is an absurd ridiculous and unreasonable. (Step 3). Then what ensued was a typical of “apalah bodoh sangat Muslim ni” or how unreasonable Muslims have become. This then created a siege mindset for the non Muslims and certain Muslims. And then we plunged into deeper distrust without resolving anything.

Similarly with this article. Tmi and the left media for example reported extensively prior to this the objection of the batu cave picture on the water bottle. It gave an impression that it’s a big Muslim issue. This is how malay Mail (TMI cohort) broke the news:

“Muslim group raises stink over picture of Hindu god near ‘halal’ logo on bottle labels”

Please note the words “Muslim” “stink” and “Hindu god”. As a result some of my non Muslims friends then think we have become more extreme and since we didn’t condemn we all approve it.

Is that the case? So I did a check on utusan and berita harian on this at about the same period ie on 4, 5 and 6 nov. I stand corrected but found this issue was not even reported pun. Why? Because I think this is such a small issue to Muslims that it’s not newsworthy. But the left media made such a big fuss with continuous coverage to deepen the racist and bigot siege mindset.

What is interesting is how rakyat post broke the news:

“Consumer group wants mineral bottle with picture of Hindu deity removed”

They reported as a fact and not inciting.

So this issue blew up because they pushed it. A number of Muslims may not even be aware of this or if they know it’s not a big issue. But no, TMI wasn’t concern and conceitedly went further by taking it as a basis to say that we Muslims have gone the Taliban way. Aik? We didn’t do anything pun. They kept up the frenzy and then accuse us of going the Taliban way. Utterly reprehensible this TMI,

Then to cap it off they portray it as an umno issue where we know utusan tak cover pun. They do this to effect a misplaced hatred so that people see this issue with hate. It’s a similar method on Allah issue. They never recognise polls after polls showing that overwhelming Muslims are opposed to it. Instead they misrepresented it as an UMNO issue. In this article, despite doing nothing, we are blamed for becoming Taliban at the instigation of umno. Huh? Tak masuk akal. But many Malaysians who are so call intelligent people believe in this nonsense.

Don’t be conned by them. Next time you see the editors of the left media like Jahabar, tell them we’re not stupid and gullible. Ask them to be responsible and truthful.


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