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The derhaka of the lying Aziz Bari

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I refer to TMI and FMT article entitled:

“Aziz Bari: Derhaka kepada Sultan bukan satu jenayah”

Till now there is still no denial by Aziz. If you read the article. Aziz said:

“Pertamanya, setahu saya, tiada undang-undang di Malaysia yang menjenayahkan apa yang dikatakan sebagai derhaka. Derhaka bukan satu kesalahan sebenarnya.”

He then said: “Jadi itu hak ‘pihak’ berkenaanlah untuk menderhakakan sesiapa sahaja untuk jadi katak ke atau apa”

He then said : “Saya harap raja dan istana faham serta tidak termakan fitnah Umno yang mengatakan PKR dan DAP kurang ajar…” knowing full well that it was HRH and not umno which considers the PKR and DAP biadap in HRH’s letter (see my previous post).

How can this not be a statement with intent to bring “into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against any Ruler”? How can all these statements show any semblance of “kesetiaan kepada Raja”? How can this statement be in line with our principles of “kesopanan dan kesusilaan”?

This Aziz Bari is pits. We were always taught not to cross the line of derhaka be it our parents or our sovereign. Be respectful. Disagree with manners if you must. No one for example teaches their children to menderhaka simply because there is no law to it. Aziz Bari just did that. He is a sick person.

And you know what’s worse, he lied. There is a law against doing this. Under the Sedition act, section 4 states it is seditious to utter seditious words. Section 3 states that a statement is seditious if it brings “into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against any Ruler”.

His call for promoting derhaka clearly is a crime. Not only has Aziz committed a crime, but under Section 4, FMT and TMI have also committed a crime in publishing the seditious article.

There is no defence of academic opinion. A lie is not an academic opinion. Assuming he lies again saying he is unaware of the sedition act, he is a constitution law lecturer for goodness sake. For this lie he does not deserve to be call any semblance of professorship.

It is for this reason I say we need the Sedition Act. We cannot allow people who lie to create hatred contempt and disaffection against our rulers get away scot free.




One thought on “The derhaka of the lying Aziz Bari

  1. Ellese,

    You are a lawyer yourself, if you are sure this Aziz Bari, the TMI & FMT have committed a crime against the Sedition Act 1948, you should report it to the Police forthwith without delay. Laymen like me are not sure about this as Aziz Bari, the TMI & FMT could somehow legally prove that they did no such thing. This Aziz Bari can’t claim, as you said, that he is unaware of the Sedition Act because ignorance of the law is no plea. At what university this Aziz fella is teaching and what could happen to him if the university is under the control of the BN-related entity or State? Would he have any interests to ensure the university remains secured in friendly hands so that the ‘PERIOK NASI tak lingkup’??? Sometimes, professors FART VIA THEIR foul MOUTHS.

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