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What!! Australia is more discriminatory than Malaysia?

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Australia has a population of around 10% with Asian origins. But they have only 10 parliamentarians who have Asian origins ie about 1.7%. In the private sector, Asians hold only only 1.9% of executive managers and 4.2% of directors had Asian origins. Out of top 10 richest person, there doesn’t appear to be any Asians. Can’t imagine how many Asians are there in public service and hold KSU like positions there.

The non Malay minorities in Malaysia have much more than that. For 2013 election the minorities hold 59 out of 133 parliamentary seats. We see so many of them holding executive positions in the private sectors and directors positions in listed companies. In all likelihood they hold an overwhelming majority of such positions. Then we have a number of KSUs from the minority group. And out of the top ten richest persons in Malaysia, 8 or 9 of them are from the minority group.

Yet the minority argue they have greener pasture in Australia. Yet they argue they have more democratic voice in Australia. Yet they argue they’re second class citizens.

I must say the Australian caucasians are bloody lucky. If they were here in Malaysia, they would have been called racists. There would probably be a massive hate campaign against them for not giving the Asians equal opportunity. They would be called to the United Nations human rights commission to explain this discrimination. There would also be a “Negaraku like movement to allow equal opportunity to the Asians.

Or could it be that the minorities here are under a false siege mindset perpetuated by the DAP racist propaganda?

See :


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