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The incessant attack on Malaysian Muslims practices

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Muslims must be aware of the incessant depiction by our left wing medias to project old peaceful practices as a new intolerant practice. We must stand up and say “that these practices have long been in existence and have never created an issue. How come when nothing else has changed save that its just been known by certain section of society, our long held tradition became rigid and intolerant.” This is the false argument and spin by the left wing media that is bombarding us on a daily basis.

Take instance in the past when TMI portrayed that we have become intolerant and rigid when one Ustaz Datuk Daud reminded Muslims not to look at opposite sex who are not covering their aurat. This is not a new teaching at all. We have always been taught and reminded to be mindful of what we see. Some follow but many don’t or could not follow. To the Muslims it’s just another reminder. But to those who are unaware, when they read the bias tmi article they think Muslims here have become rigid. Then came a reaction that Muslims here must condemn this intolerant practice. But that’s the problem. To a Muslim, there is nothing to condemn since it’s never an issue in the first place. So we Malaysians become divided again.

Similarly with the current spin of Malaysians being involved in ISIL Iraq. The cause of this according to STAR and Marina is due to our recent khutbah and religious sermons promoting Sunnis Shiahs divide. You see, for the past few years, TMI have been publishing khutbah jumaat and religious talks with intent to show Muslims becoming exclusive and intolerant. So Marina wrote that for the past two years we have been bombarded by these sermons and this has caused people to be extreme and join ISIL. How disconnected Star and Marina are.

Malaysia has always been from day one a Sunni dominant country. Our laws have always recognised this privilege/ bias of Sunni doctrines prevailing over others. Our khutbah and religious sermons as far back as I can remember have always rallied Muslims on various issues including to hold on to the Sunni doctrine. This is not new. We have live like this in peace since our forefathers. No one for decades ever accuse these practices as rigid and intolerant. In fact we have been known as one of the most tolerant Muslims in the world.

To the uninitiated, please be informed that the Sunni shiah feud has been of utmost divisive schism for more than a thousand years. It is not one to be resolved easily in my view as it has a deep division of history, differences of tenets and bad blood. To my mind, our religious authorities have always been mindful and vigilant of this. They have always promoted common values under the Sunni doctrine. The fatwas issued never declared Shiah as non Muslims but deviant from the Sunni doctrine. We have in the main been tolerant but very firm against the propagation of it among the Muslims here. The authorities have never as far as I recall promoted the message of hate leading to killing Shiah, right until the last khutbah in the last few weeks. Though not perfect, the balance is just acceptable and can even be improved.

However, the left wing media and liberals seem somehow very ignorant of this division just like the US when they invaded Iraq. Their solution apparently is not to recognize the difference. That’s all. Hoping by “liberalism” all will solve. This is exactly what the US was doing in Iraq and led to a failed policy needlessly killing hundreds of thousands. What the left wing media liberals and US didn’t realise is that they have not offered any new proposition at all to this long standing 1000 years schism. Their solution is not only short sighted but will actually make situation worse as in Iraq. Denial of a syndrome is definitely the precipe for disaster.

That’s why I believe our approach has been balance on Sunni shiah issue. All the years we have been able to live peacefully. We solidify being a Sunni and as a result Shiah has never been a serious security threat. Where any one Muslims org takes up arms like ma’unah or memali we have regarded as a security issue and clammed down very fast.

So next time any of these papers or liberals condemn our long held Islamic tradition and practice, don’t be defensive. Tell them in a polite way they are furthering the siege propaganda of those of who seek to divide us. Ask them to be critical of what they read especially tmi who are bent on inciting hatred on our religious authorities and dividing the us.


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