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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

Why are we are so polarized?

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Cannot agree more with this article: Right and wrong cannot be determined by the person doing it. A similar action must have the same value irrespective of who the doer is.

Unfortunately many Malaysians have loss this. And as a result we now fight on many things that we should not and cannot find much common ground. We become directionless not knowing what we want.

For example. BN and PR year after year without fail submit a deficit budget adding to our national debts. Many of us raised our concern on our national deficit. Instead of asking both BN and PR for a surplus budget, many argued illogically one deficit budget is acceptable and the other is not. Why? Because it depends on who presents the budget. It is not based on merits. A party I support will always be right and a party I don’t support will always be wrong even though they do the same thing. So those complaining of deficit budget will always get a deficit budget. Ridiculous isn’t it? But that’s the position of many Malaysians nowadays who clearly do not know what they want. They only know who they want.

As a result, many don’t realise it that, as the article pointed out, we become more polarized than ever before. We become more ‘cronyistic’ than ever before. We become more and more of what we condemn. We have simply lost our moral compass.

We read bias untruthful and fabricated materials as the truth. We never seek to find out the truth or what is right on the matter. What we want is anything to reinforce our views. Our media then provide distorted and malicious lies to the extent of fabricating stories to feed and instigate us. And we react day in day out based on this.

We then ponder why Malaysia now has become a place so intolerant and full of daily conflict. Not the Malaysia that was brimming and strident with confidence pushing for a common goal like in the past. We wonder why we have become so regressive. All the time forgetting we too have been complicit in this.

We need to move on to a better level than this. First thing to do is to have an objective media which puts both sides of the story as it happens. It must adopt the US SPJ ethical reporting standards which demands objectivity and fairness in reporting. There cannot be distortion of news header or pictures. News should not be skewed and mixed with opinions. Sources must be credible and not any Tom Dick and Harry who fulfills the papers agenda. The more we read balance news, the more discerning we are. Malaysia needs this now badly in my view.


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