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Open letter to the President of the United States

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Dear Mr Obama,

Mr Tony Pua recently published in the Malay Mail an open letter to you where he calls for equality and the dismantling of discriminatory practices.

The call made by Mr Tony Pua is a laudable cause but for one intrinsic reason. Tony Pua and his party protect an apartheid segregation policy which has caused manifold problems to our nation.

Mr President, the Party Mr Pua represents believes since it’s inception of separating our children by race. They have no qualm of denying our children of different races from playing, laughing, crying and learning together. They have no qualm in using public money to perpetuate this segregation. They have no qualm of groups and societies be race driven to protect dominance of certain race in various fields.

To be fair to Mr Phua, before he was elected, he did publicly proclaim in putting Malaysian first and advocate for national schools. But once he was elected all this has been forgotten and in fact he and his party have since further perpetuated racial prejudices. His party played to the max racial politics in targeting Chinese votes with racial siege mindset and racially charged propagandas. As a result we have never had racial polarization as bad as this before.

This is Mr Phua’s problem: Hypocrisy with a pretentious moral high ground proclamation. In order words Mr Pua and his party practice selective racism. For example, Mr Pua’s party defends the racial segregation policy on the ground that it is part of human rights to have a mother tounge education. There is no such right under human rights convention. Our law does not restrict person from learning its mother tounge. And say even if there is such a right being in existence, please be informed that Mr Pua and his party only support the rights of only selective race’s mother tounges. Our country has many tribes and races and many of them have their own distinct mother tounge. Mr Pua and his party do not believe in fighting for all of them because they know it does’t make sense that our education be fragmented and divided further by race. Yet they unashamedly promote this segregation on a human rights platform.

That, Mr President is why Mr Pua and his party are polarizing our nation. In fact it is nauseating for him to compare the plight of the minorities here with the blacks. Here Mr Pua and his party is furthering an apartheid education policy which is antithesis to the blacks rights movement. That is why Mr President many see Mr Pua’s latest stun to misrepresent as an utterly hypocritical despicable action.


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  1. Excellent

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