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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

TMI continues lying by giving false justification.


Thanks to Helen Ang for following up on the issue and showed again how deceitful TMI was. Please see

Please see their new edited column at They totally change the initial tone and story. After inciting so much false hatred this is what the editor wrote:

“* Editor’s note: A previous version of this report implied that the fatwa was issued following the death of Karpal Singh. This has now been corrected.”

They simply amended the whole article and argued as if it’s a mistake. No new article to explain and apologise. Thus by amending, they think, we don’t have access to the first article ke? I knew they are going to be dishonest so I photoshot the pages. The first para and heading said this:

“Muslims not encouraged to use ‘RIP’, says National Fatwa

Hours after the death of Karpal Singh, Muslims were told by the National Fatwa Council today they were not encouraged to use the phrase “Rest in Peace” (RIP) to a non-Muslim because the term had Christian connotations.”

This is totally false. They used a December blog posting but said “hours after karpal’s death” fatwa council issued this statement.

Then also look at the pictures of the late Mr. Karpal purposely inserted in the article.

It was not implied. It was a blatant direct lie and incitement. TMI intended the religious incitement and now paper elsewhere in the world are highlighting this. TMI must be wholly condemned again. They cannot just amend the initial article and lie to say that they’re correcting an implication. Bloody liar.

I post here the earlier article.







3 thoughts on “TMI continues lying by giving false justification.

  1. If that is the case, the National Fatwa Council should without any hesitation sue the TMI in court for damages as a result to the defamation. What’s the problem for any delays?

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