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The bloody culture of gangsterism

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While we celebrate Merdeka, I had just met a friend whose son has been hospitalized after being beaten up in school. I knew the boy as he used to be in the karate class with my kids. He and the family had moved south and I had not seen the boy since.

But the story unfolded disturbing stories about what we have become. About how disgusting our society has become. How polarized we are.

It started when the boy (a form 3 student) as a class head reported to the teacher about a group of boys not doing the roster duty. I’m not sure how it happened but the father of one of the boy became incensed. He went to my friend’s house with his son. Upon arrival he called on my friend’s son to come out and when he did, he started scolding my friend’s son in public. Then he asked for the father to come out after condemning the father.

My friend is an ex army. I don’t understand why he allowed the son to go out in the first place. But after being called out he went out to confront.

The father complained that his son goes to school to learn and not to do the roster work like cleaning windows. Now since the son was being reported to the teachers he wanted his son to “settle” with my friend’s son in public.

Shocking!!!. But what ensued was even more.

My friend knowing his son had a 2 dan black belt, agreed for the sons to settle. So they fought in front of the neighbourhod. It was a ruckus witnessed by the neighbours.

So as he saw his son was being beaten up, the father asked my friend to stop and consider it settled. But my friend said no and to allow it proceed since it’s being settled.

The story doesn’t end there as usual. A few days later this boy and another 6 of his gang ( all of the same race) beat my friend’s son in the class. He was severely beaten so much so he had to be hospitalized. It almost broke his ribs.

So my friend lodged a police report. But something amazing was revealed. The police asked him whether he really wanted to make the report. My friend queried why?

The police informed that a couple of months earlier, a similar incident happened and the parent lodged a report. They then were asked by the parents, whose son the report was lodged against, to withdraw. The parent refused so a few of them attacked the house and at the end it was withdrawn.

My friend being ex army was steadfast. He insisted to lodge. True enough. The parents of the 7 came to ask for withdrawal claiming that it will deprived their boys of sitting the pmr. He stood firm. A few days later as expected a few came to the house but this time he was prepared and the police arrived to arrest some of them.

Now he thinks of moving away.

This is abominable. What have we become?

Ps: I’ve not put the race down though its related to a race gang.


One thought on “The bloody culture of gangsterism

  1. What in the world was in the grey matter of all the parents involved in those cases related by you, Ellese??? The children could have been immature but why did those parents, irrespective of race which is irrelevant here, misbehaved in that manner??? They displayed bad examples for their young. I do hope these are rare exceptions.

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