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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

Lim Guan Eng’s dictatorial abuse of power


Recently there was an “instruction” by the Penang state authority ordering cinemas in Penang not to screen tanda putera. This has actually shown how power has gone to Lim Guan Eng.

So far, I’m unsure what the allegation are. Pro pr media paint many allegations including its a fiction. But among the allegation made what I believe they are worried about is that it pictured badly Kit Siang though no direct reference to him is made. It appears to paint Dap in a bad light.

Can DAP and guan eng criticize the movie? If they had seen it and the picture was wrong, its fair to criticise. Further, they always have a remedy in law against Datuk Shuhaimi.

But not seeing and denying others not to see it is totally wrong. They have shouted for years to believe in freedom of expression and the right to differ, and when it depicts them in a bad light they start censoring it and deny the movies to be shown. This is coming from a person who condemns dictatorial methods, abuse of power and even believe in the freedom of expression. Guan Eng is actually doing all this. The state government is protecting DAP and not the public. The request restricts freedom of expression. It shows how intolerant they are. He abuses his state power to protect his dad. And send a fiat to all cinema owners like a dictator.

Guan Eng is wrong on this. He must account for the directives. He must account for the abuse of power. We must stop this dictatorial tokong.


3 thoughts on “Lim Guan Eng’s dictatorial abuse of power

  1. All politicians are not completely immunised from hypocrisy, double-standards and tendency to over-use power made available to them. LGE is currently in control of Penang & responsible to its people & their interests; hence he can do as he pleases as long as it is within the laws and agreed to by his PR colleagues. His “instructions” to the cinemas, even if not against the laws, can be disregarded by the cinema owners if they want to as the prerogative remains in their hands. I will not make a big issue of LGE’s “instructions” even though I’m not a DAP lover or LGE’s follower. Even if the Penang cinema owners comply to the “instructions”, Penangites are free to cross the bridge or take the ferries to see the movie on the mainland. And by the way, all historical “facts” & cases made into movies will always be relished with “fictions” to achieve maximum dramatic effects. Tanda Putra is no different. If there were to be a movie showing the “less favourable side” of UMNO, it would certainly be banned too – you bet?

    • Noted. I’m for tanda putera and new village being shown. Let it be shown freely. If not after this we get “instructions” from various states not to show “new village” pula.

      I think its way off for local council to issue such “instructions”. It creates unfair conflicts for those intended. Its certainly an abuse of process for me. If you don’t follow then what? You dig on other things? Make approval process difficult?

      Guan eng has many times taken the moral high ground. He should be accountable for this abuse.

      • Ellese, no politician deserves to occupy the moral high ground or preach good values and LGE, his daddy & the DAP Singh included. “Instructions” on Tanda Putra are only the small begining signs taking place in Penang under a stronger & more confident DAP. Imagine the drastic paradigm shift taking place nationally if the DAP/PR manages to get into Putrajaya – though the odds are very slim as correctly predicted by Singapore LKY. But in case the most improbable does happen, the effects of that paradigm shift will never be undone ever again – yes, change is always a challenge, even just the thought of it.

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