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A dissappointing AG

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I’m jumping my gun. In a court case you need to read the judgement to have a fair assessment. But I can’t locate it. It may be wrong for me to judge but just wish to express my despair at AG for failing again to put forth its case convincingly. This is a case of major interest and we get a misdirection. Now we go to trial again. What a hogwash this has become.

I’ve unpublished the above when my read didn’t tally. Apparently the court ordered an acquittal rather than a retrial. I’m quite perplexed as the evidence produced thus far showed beyond reasonable doubt that sirul and azihar did kill. The question is whether there is any other who is involved and new evidence need be adduced.

I’m reserving my comments. Sigh!!. Ill get hold of the judgement first.


One thought on “A dissappointing AG

  1. I agree.

    He’s a fellow Sabahan but he needs to retire or be retired.

    There are those who think they fumbled intentionally but I think the team he sent is just a bunch of stupid idiots.

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