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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

Under the siege mentality


The Seri Pristina shower room turned school canteen issue typifies the siege mentality of certain Malaysians. There have been many writings and postings on the net condemning the headmaster of the school for discriminating the non Malays. (He even received death threats). There had been no holds barred criticism leveled at the headmaster, school and the whole sekolah kebangsaan system. According to them these are racists acts.

What has now transpired is clear. Muslims too used the shower room canteen. The school and PTA claimed its been used even way before Ramadan. They are supportive of it. Some media as usual pick an unknown parent denying this, but there’s absolutely no background of the parents involvement. What is clear is that the PTA and school defended the position.

Now I’m not going to debate whether the shower room can be used as canteen. Prima facie, I think not. But we need more facts to judge which the media isn’t reporting. (That’s why we need an objective media). If its reasonable, I may agree with it.

Based on the fact its been used by Muslims before and now, any argument that its racially motivated falls flat and unsupportable. Its not discriminatory in the first place however you want to argue.

Now this fact is known and I’ve written many places on this issue. But some have replied in extreme verbal abuse. Some seem intent on making it a racial issue.

This is wrong. This siege mentality must cease. Don’t create shadows simply to fortify racial needs. Don’t justify at all costs a racial mindset. There are plenty of ways to argue and I might even agree with you. But in this case, a racist angle is not fair and right.


9 thoughts on “Under the siege mentality

  1. No comment as further details are not available apart from it having been used by all well before the Ramadan.

  2. Why was the canteen out of bound? What Renovation? I heard it was only to replace the glass door connecting the teachers’ room to the canteen. Why can’t the “renovation” being done during weekends or school holidays?

    • I saw your write elsewhere. I don’t have the facts. And so do others. Its speculative at this juncture which even include that the canteen operator closed the canteen. Wallahualam.

      Regardless, the spin that the HM and school force the student to eat deplorably in the toilet due to nothing but because of race is not acceptable and wrong. The fact that even PTA even eats there shows there’s no hygienic issue contrary to the earlier impression. I can’t imagine it as my impression of school toilet is horrendous. But the HM and PTA explanation seems plausible and sincere too. I’m giving them the benefit of doubt (baik sangka).

      • Ellese,

        You logic is as usual illogical. I support hasan argument fully and Ellese, you fail to address the questionable act as usual.

      • Yeah, forget to add. Ellese, are you under the siege mentality to fully understand what hasan said?

        • I’ve been accused under siege mentality for many times in the past. Immune already. Giving them back as they deserve it. :-).

          I’ve been called racist lah, hypocrite lah, paid writer lah, corrupt lah smart alec lah et all. There’s more coz Ive not added the foul one. In all of these, like in this case, they know what I say applies and thus they reverted to name calling.

  3. Ellese,

    All these names calling started from you. I am the one getting the brunt of it, most of the time. When you just cannot handle the issue, you will attack me personally. Just look at your archive posting with all those heading with personal attack on all those commentators. Tak insaf lagi?

    Furthermore, you like to make posting that incite racial harmony with false facts supporting it. Worst is religious intolerance with yourself. You think you are creating values among Malaysian and you think you are creating harmony among races, it is the opposite instead.

    It is time to look at the mirror and reflects on yourself.

    Being immune will not help Malaysia progress, you are what you are and we know what you are.

    Unless, awak rela bertaubat.

    Sekian. Selamat Berbuka Puasa.

    • Kahkahkah. You’re funny. I reply in kind lah. Look at the previous post. You’re the one who name call. So you started first. That’s always been the case. Dah baling batu jangan sorok tangan ya! Zaman moden ni dah ada CCTV and we all can see your hand.

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