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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

Bloody Racist Malaysian


I’m sorry I have to write this. I know some are good but what I encountered with my client shows how racist chauvinistic the Chinese are.

It was a JMB meeting. JMB is a committee/ body required to be established by law for building complexes before strata titles are issued. What happened was unforgivable.

The JMB had an AGM. They elected members save for one from only one race. I have no qualm coz 95% of the individual owners are Chinese.

But what was unacceptable was that they conducted the meeting in Chinese. They don’t care whether we understand or not. As i understand they were condemning us as we were the majority owner. Kurang ajar. Cakap depan depan dalam BM or englishlah. They did that to pursuade all the chinese to be on their side. Then they change all the banks and insurance companies to Chinese owned companies.

The meeting was fiery as you would expect. But what they did was bloody racist.

I don’t understand these people. They’re simply arrogant thinking the world is their world and don’t bloody care of others. Its just like a similar instance I had recently. One of my classmate came back from Australia. So some wanted to have a reunion. I was very happy to go and informed that but you know what? They decided to have it in a totally non halal restaurant serving pork. The organizer then suggested that I order the vegi and non pork meat dish. They can order what they like. Too much. Really too much.

Of course the worse was when one chinese colleague who went to my visit my friend’s mother who was at the throes of dying. You know what she said to the mum. To pray for lord Jesus as Jesus is also a nabi. Gila babi punya insensitive.

These are what we get when we can’t even empathize and appreciate another. I’m up in arms against those calling me racists but practice and condone racism of their race. I’m up in arms against those trying to defend the policy of separating our youngs by race but believe we must be Malaysian first.

I’m no longer going to be like Malay of the past. I’m telling them straight in their face they are RACIST. Kurang ajar.


2 thoughts on “Bloody Racist Malaysian

  1. “I’m no longer going to be like Malay of the past. I’m telling them straight in their face they are RACIST. Kurang ajar.”—berkata Ellese yang sedang marah.
    The Malays of the past, Ellese, were too quietly shy & respectful to the extent of being misunderstood by others as being lazy & soft. After Merdeka and until now their numbers have grown tremendously through natural births, conversions & immigration to be inclusively known as the Constitutional Malays. These Malays are different from those of the past. They have led Malaysia through thick & thin despite opposition & intentional acts of saboutage from their enemies and harsh criticisms from friends & foes. You are right, Ellese, they are now more vocal in fighting any acts of “kurang ajar” from others to the extent that their words & actions are, at times, misinterpreted as being racial if not racist. But, of course, the inclusive Constitutional Malays, being ethnically race-neutral, have to tell those others “straight in their faces” that they have to use Bahasa Malaysia in official meetings & correspondence, just to use this one example that you experienced and wrote about above. How could the inclusive, ethnically race-neutral Constitutional Malays be accused of being racial or racists? And, by the way, UMNO, which represents the Constitutional Malays who make up their members, is not a racial political party – it is a race-neutral political party, just by virtue of its membership alone. You don’t agree????

  2. True the Chinese can be rude & arrogant. As for the question of food well the muslims aren’t any better when it comes to their beef. Sad but true.

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