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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

Hebat: First insult ones’s belief, then insult one’s intelligence.


I didn’t want to weigh in the Alvivi’s case initially as there are many writings on this already. But thought I need to write in view of the justification given to defend their action.

There’s no two way that their action is highly insulting and utterly dumb. The act of wishing a berbuka puasa with a well known pork dish cannot be interpreted by any reasonable man other than to insult. The wish is targetted to the Muslims and so the wish must be seen in this light.

The duo have since apologised and being brought to court. I don’t sympathize with them though I have reservation whether its wise to deny them bail.

With an apology I thought to let it be but then of late I find people trying to justify their actions. They are now saying its not pork and can be chicken. This is the limit.

The action of asking muslims to break fast with a well known pork dish has already insulted the Muslims. Now these people want to insult our intelligence by saying its other than pork. No pork My foot lah. Bah kut Teh is a well known pork dish. Even to the Chinese its more known of a pork dish. The Malays don’t eat this as they too regard it as a pork dish. Alvivi knows that too and have apologised for it.

To now justify it literally that in other languages it can be other than pork disregarding what it’s commonly known as and to think that others don’t know that a chicken version is called by another name, is not only totally dishonest but highly insulting. In court it matters not whether some of you may actually use halal meat (I doubt it and if any its negligible). Its how a reasonable man should see it. If bah kut Teh is always known as a pork dish, it will be regarded as such. Kepala otak punya argument thinking everyone else as stupid.

Don’t insult us and then insult our intelligence.


9 thoughts on “Hebat: First insult ones’s belief, then insult one’s intelligence.

  1. fully agree, wrong is wrong. not sure what this idiot is trying to justify.

    some observation though, whenever i patrol pasar malam, i notice chee cheong fan (rice noodle, only name is not that halal i think) become quite a popular choice among our muslim bro n sis, thus i believe there is a great possibility that bah kut teh would evolve in the near future, coz i just took a chicken bah kut teh in ibis singapore 2 days back, i sincerely hope there will be more transformation and evolution of our local dish and cuisine among all race.

    and hmmm, this moron alvivi speak almost perfect bm, at least 10 times better than me.

  2. Ellese,

    Let’s come to technicality.

    Is “Buka Puasa” exclusive to muslim only as in the word Allah?

    Can there be “Buka Puasa” for non-muslim?

    Ellese, please elaborate who can use the sentence “Buka Puasa”.

    Sekian, Selamat Berbuka Puasa.

    • Apa lah wave! You’re adding further insult to people’s intelligence. If you want to go technical you go under the law lah. How in the world your “technical” argument has any relevance under the law I don’t know. This is nonsense.

      (You dig up a bit and you can find the case law on this.)

      Ps. I hold contempt those who insult us by denying its a pork dish. Deep down I suspect you’re in this category. Just say they’re wrong lah. You want to object the bail its fine by me. But don’t try to defend what is so patently wrong.


      • Saudara Ellese,

        Dalam bulan yang mulia, bulan Ramadhan, saudara telah menfitnah saya tanpa berasas.

        Fintah anda: “Deep down I suspect you’re in this category”

        Fitnah berterusan dengan: ” But don’t try to defend what is so patently wrong”
        Apa kesalahan saya?

        Saya cuma nak bertanya tapi tak berbalas. Tolong lah jawab, saudara Ellese.

        Is “Buka Puasa” exclusive to muslim only as in the word Allah?

        Can there be “Buka Puasa” for non-muslim?

        Selamat Berbuka Puasa, kalau anda berpuasa, adakah puasa anda batal kerana berfitnah?

        • Saudara Wave,

          Saya tersentak seketika apabila membaca email saudara.

          Kita sudah mengenali sesama kita sejak bertahun-tahun lagi tapi ini adalah kali pertama dalam ingatan saya kita menulis dalam bahasa melayu.

          Saya sebenarnya membuat pernyataan sebegitu berdasarkan interaksi dan hubungan kita yang sekian lama serta soalan yang saudara ajukan. Saya telah menulis di atas dengan panjang lebar kenapa soalan teknikal berdasarkan penterjemahan yang diutarakan oleh segolongan orang bukan hanya tidak patut dan sesuai, tetapi ia bersifat menghina. Kemudiannya saudara mengajukan soalan teknikal yang saudara tahu jawapannya dan “relevansi”nya dipersoalkan.

          Mungkin untuk menanangi keraguan saya, saudara sendirilah yang menjawabnya dan menyatakan pendirian dan tujuan saudara dalam mengutarakan soalan tersebut dan bagaimana ia relevan dalam diskusi ini dengan mengambil taturcara undang-undang.

          Terima kasih.

          Berkenaan pembatalan dan penerimaan puasa, ianya hak Allah dan bukan manusia. Hanya Allah yang tahu (wallahualam).


  3. I think he knows it was wrong. He has apologised. In the spirit of nationality I have forgiven him. End of argument.

    To me the issue now is not Alvivi but those who have the spirit of hate and racism that need to be schooled or “disekolahkan”… so to speak.

    I have to find out whether that ‘chik kut teh’ at IBIS S’pore is halal. If it is halal then I do not mind to have it for breakfast with HY. 🙂

    • ini lah muhibah, kalu tak halal, i bungkus nasi lemak kat next door bagi hang, sambil makan sambil dengar oliver newton john….summer nights. i were once so young sipping coffee at a western restaurant, jaya shopping complex s14, listen to onj hopelessly devoted to you, now can only young at heart.

  4. Interesting that you use the ‘reasonable man’ argument to justify a wholly unreasonable reaction. I look askance at legal offences that involve ‘insulting’, or ‘denigrating’ a religion or belief, because these can be so easily twisted, not to mention that they are against the principle of freedom of speech.

    As an example, consider the kidnapping of Ng Mun Tatt. Despite having no discernible connection to Alvivi, and with every sign of being unfairly victimised, a group calling itself Gabungan NGO Islam-Melayu scolds Belia PAS for supporting him. That is bordering on the ridiculous, yet passes most people by because it’s apparently alright to get so offended if someone posts a picture on the internet that that you can ignore due process and grevious bodily harm.

    A reasonable man would conclude that jailing a couple for posting a picture of a bowl of soup on the internet is fairly silly, and that such a great sense of outrage is probably an overreaction.

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