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You call these people Malaysians?


I’m up in arms. I was recently involved with a client who owns more than 85% of a building complex. They’ve upgraded the place well so much so that it has brought higher income to all the lot owners without exception. None had any complain whatsoever.

So we then decided to set up JMB according to the procedure of law. But under the law we were entitled to only one vote despite controlling substantially all. In good faith we followed the procedure.

As it turned out the election of committee were conducted and almost all those elected were from one race. If I were LKS I would have screamed racism, but because most of the individual lot owners are Chinese, so be it. But what ensued was totally shocking.

They conducted the AGM of the JMB meeting in Chinese. Would you believe that. They care hoots whether there are other races and whether we understand it. They didn’t bother to ask for permission pun. They’re just concerned with the rest of the Chinese owners who form the substantial majority in the meeting.

What they did next was equally appalling. They change the banks and insurance companies to Chinese owned companies.

These people are totally kurang ajar and outright chauvinistic racist people. Why can’t you use BM or even for that matter English. Mandarin is our national language ke? Maybank or CIMB are not Chinese enough ke?

I’m up in arms against these kind of people. These are bloody racist buggers. How can they even think of conducting meeting in Chinese. Kurang ajar maximum. I’m going all out against these racist Chinese. And they dare call Malays racist. Kepala otak dia orang.

Ps. Please note I’m not saying all Chinese are racist. I have good Chinese friends. But I can’t accept those who like to call others including me as racists but justify racism if it involves their race. The above are clearly blatant racism. They have the same mindset as JW Tan. They always claim they are Malaysian putting Malaysian interest first but have never ever thought of how to integrate. Whenever integration is touch they always argue its their right to separate. Their culture and rights prevail. They think they have a higher moral argument. I’m seething mad.


33 thoughts on “You call these people Malaysians?

  1. yes they r malaysian whether we like it or not. chinese malaysian r infamous for speaking poor bm, poor english, poor mandarin, and i think that’s what make us malaysian.

    now back to topic, i went through the same experience when i initiate a resident association in my taman whose 80% r chinese. this is what happen :

    1) meeting will conducted in bm, turn to english n finally chinese.

    2) all leave the committee except the few racist chinese including me, i always tease a mr singh this ra is more dap than dap, even a singh cant stand it finally.

    3) all leaflet written in english, n translated into chinese n only chinese, bigger market i presume.

    4) we communicate via sms, email n whatsapp, even that some want us to write in chinese as they cant understand english, i bloody annoy n use google translate n this bugger complain my chinese is poor, dun even get the drift that we r here doing a free service n have no time to entertain every tom n dick demand this n that, just use a translator la bodoh.

    my observation :

    1) unless it is a very formal occasion, i notice most chinese have the tendency to speak chinese / dialect eventually, a netural process, ask any cantonese that go to penang and johor, they just bla bla bla in hokkian whether we understand them or not, same when they come to kl, we speak cantonese here.

    2) most in the committee is very talented (except me of couse), plan, do, response, action r fast, straight to the point, fantastic cost n benefit analysis, but less considerate, inclusive and in thier worldview, they thought everyone is like them and never appreciate the fact that this is community task and people comes from various background. the diffrence may not limited to language alone, thus i dont think speaking the same language is the solution, we need more than this, more likely a education issue.

    3) instead of blaming chinese dun speak bm, i think we shd find out the reasons and causes. i think i have some lengthy discussion about this at helen’s blog. malaysia is relatively free when come to language, fact is chinese are also a relatively mature and common language, my japanese colleague often ask me why malaysia have very little display of hanzi (chinese writing) signage, n malaysian r not strictly a bm speaking country, u can survive here comfortably with only english, or chinese unlike indonesia, thailand, china, japan or korea i suppose.

    • HY,

      I just love this reply – no holds barred, straight to the point, no mincing of words and best of all, it’s the truth.

      Mad props.

    • Dear HY,

      My instance is not an RA. Its a commercial building.

      The JMB is a formal meeting and has legal implication. Its not an RA society. My main grouse is that the committee cannot use a language to deprive others. If its the individual owner who wants to speak Chinese its up to them. But to conduct from the beginning in Chinese language is simply arrogant and racist. Such disrespect must begets disrespect.

      • Ellese,

        No doubt that the JMB meeting has legal implications but does the law specify any particualr language to be used in such meeting whereby failing to use it will deprive any legality to the proceedings? Of course, it would be politically correct and also good to use the National Language but the law might condone the use of other languages if that is the choice or decision of the majority in attendance – am I not correct?

        • Cannot be. It must be in BM. Even the regulator who witnessed it commented it must be in bm or worse case english.

          Every member must have the right to follow the meeting. If every ethnic speak their own languages then we will have three or more different meetings. How are we to conclude on the minutes and resolutions with each being given different information and basis.

          My main issue is how come these people have the mindset to exclude members of other races in a legally mandated meeting. This is simply wrong.

  2. Ellese,

    Are you mad about Sekolah Agama, Kolej Mara and UiTM?

    Please write a thousands words on it.


    • Wave,

      UiTM has been agreed to be exclusively Malay/Bumiputera as part of the bargain for the granting of citizenship to chinese and indian immigrants and also the provision of the freedom for these immigrant race to practise there language and culture.

      If these chinese/indian naturalised malaysians want to now forgo what was agreed and adopt the BM and the Malay/Bumi culture, I am sure UiTM can be opened up.

      At this point of time anyone can join the sekolah Agama Rakyat, its not restricted to race. So thats not an issue.

      • ServiceB4Self,

        You are right about Sekolah Agama Rakyat having no restriction on that issue. For the UiTM entry criteria I don’t think they would bar any Constitutional Malays’ (ethnically race-neutral) applications as you implied.

        • Hussin,

          La senang aje.

          There are lots of Sabahan and Sarawakian Chinese studying at UTM. But they know how to go about the system.

          But they pass as Bumis because … drum rolls please …
          they speak fluent Bahasa!

          And they say we east Malaysians are dumb and backward!


      • SBS,

        “If these chinese/indian naturalised malaysians want to now forgo what was agreed and adopt the BM and the Malay/Bumi culture, I am sure UiTM can be opened up.”

        A truly good point.


      • Just on the same note, so were vernacular schools. So why does Ellese write about aborting vernacular schools but stay silent on Mara, religious schools and Malay colleges?

        None of the vernacular schools restrict race. There are many Malays sending their kids to Chinese schools. But I don’t know if it is true if any families other than Indian children going to Tamil schools although there is no restriction on who attends.

        I am not defending vernacular schools but why bash vernacular schools without taking into consideration of the rest in the debate?

        UiTM is exclusive. It has nothing to do with adopting another culture. Telling people to adopt or in this case, naturalise to forgo privileges and adopt the Malay culture is in itself is racist. It sounds like if you become a Malay, you can enter UiTM. And all non-Malays should become Malays then we will not have anymore such discourse.

        Can you all see how slanted this discussion has become?

        • Dear P2bm,

          I think you have become reasonable after our last discourse. As you know the reason I write on vernacular school is to show the inconsistency by many including lks and dap in calling other racist. It was also pursuant to you or JW if not mistaken demand to prove my case that its racism to support vernacular school.

          My previous write has been on this racism. I’ve written many times on this for years and years and its always the same. A write about what our school system is will be different. Many here knows that I still believe in national school and still send my children there. I do feel “pressured” by my other acquaintances who send kids elsewhere. But my education approach differ and am sticking with it until there’s a paradigm shift/ new research findings. I’m not saying I’m right or successful but neither can others say its wrong. But I thank Allah for all his blessings.

          Ps. I will not write due to wave or the like until they have a stand on racism. These people have absolutely no stand. Just partisanship. They will never admit inconsistentcy of their “great leader”. What is so clear, they try to obfuscate it thinking people can’t see it. Its always a waste of time writing to people who doesn’t have a stand. They change goalposts. Until they becomes honest in their views, I’m not going to treat them with respect. They deserve the usual superficial unthinking rant and name calling.

          • Dear Ellese the Hypocrite,

            Ellese have absolutely no stand. Just partisanship. Ellese will never admit inconsistentcy of Ellese “great leader”. Until Ellese becomes honest in his views, I’m not going to treat Ellese with respect and he will continue to be a hypocrite. Ellese deserve the usual superficial unthinking rant and name calling.

            I ask you hundreds of times to write about Sekolah Agama, Kolej MARA and UiTM and you refuse and prefer to write what your boss tell you to.

            There are a few commentators here, justifying the need of Sekolah Agama, Kolei MARA and UiTM (guys, I have nothing against you, just Ellese the Hypocrite that I am up in arms). Yet, Ellese did not say anything regarding these commentators, what a hypocrite Ellese is.

            Ellese is so partisan and cannot have a balanced and fair view because of his siege mentality. Only good at attacking other races, please look at your own kind and jaga tepi kain awak sendiri.


            Kononnya fair and balance.

          • Huh. Kata tak nak baca my blog. Thank you wave the racist.

            Anyway I told you I will consider writing if you condemn racism. Condemn DAP and set atone your racist path. I will not be conned into a write especially if its urged by a racist.

          • Dear Ellese the Hypocrite,

            If Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Noordin have not declare themselves as racist, why are you still writing.

            You bring in a sensitive subject, we aspect you to cover all areas but instead you want to be partisan and bias to serve your boss. You complain about alternative media not giving a fair view regarding any subject. Please look at yourself, Ellese the Hypocrite!

            Sudah! Hypocrite! Rumah awak takde cermin ke?

          • Sudahlah wave. Tak ke mana being a racist. :-). Anyway a hypocrite is a person who says that he doesn’t read what I write yet read and respond to my comment here. Rumah awak tak de cermin ke?


  3. I had the experience of getting our Resident Association (RA) registered at the ROS and served as its President for some years. Our residents/owners are mainly Chinese with very few Indians & Malays. We are ethnic-blind and have great diffficulty in getting volunteers to be nominated to stand for election to the Committee. The residents/owners don’t seem to care who make up the Committee but are very demanding for services and we never have problems in getting the necessary quorum for any formal meetings where these demands are pressed and repeated. In the end I resigned and we have to “press” a Chinese retiree to vounteer to stand for the President in the following AGM. After being elected UNOPPOSED as expected, now he sometimes complains to me about the difficulties of handling matters here.
    I think many Malaysians have this attitude of not wanting to do things without material rewards.

    • Husain,

      You must live in a neighborhood like UK Heights, Bukit Damansara, Kenny Hills and the likes.

      Based on personal experience, it’s only in those type of neighborhoods that truly bring what you wrote to life.

      I live in a neighborhood where the majority are also Chinese with a sprinkle of Malays and Indians. Whereas we are all civil with one another, it’s pretty much to each his own.

      The only time I saw everyone get together was when Tun Lim – the Gerakan dude – passed. We all went to pay our respects even if we didn’t know the man personally.

      • Sabahan18,

        No! Can’t afford to be in such places you mentioned – you wealthy man???. Mine is at “tempat jin-jin bertendang” in rural Bamboo River, Selangor. People here are basically having similar attitudes as in upscale places such as yours.

  4. Ellese,

    I think it has everything to do with upbringing.

    Honestly, no school or whatever could take away Malaysians racial behavior.

    It starts from home. A Chinese can go to a national school but if his/her parents are racists, he/she would be too.

    Simllarly, a Malay kid can go to a Chinese School but if at home he’s taught that the Chinese are kafirs and not to be trusted, he’ll grow up to be a racists as well.

    That’s what I truthfully think and believe.

  5. Malays think they’re privileged people, considering the history and make up of the country.

    Chinese think and believe they’re the better group/race compared to the Malays.

    Half of the Indians think they’re better than everyone else on the planet. Half couldn’t give a fuck.

    Non-Malay Bumis don’t know what the people of Malaya are fighting about. In the words of Rodney King, with a slight variation “why can’t all they just get along?”

    True story. But necessarily the truth.

    • But NOT necessarily the truth.

    • Alas I cannot deny that it is what many people perceive. Sad and not much is being done to bring about true reconciliation and back to the good old days where everybody is truly muhibbah.

  6. Ellese,

    Weren’t you supposed to change the headline photo?

    Kesian Pak Sheikh, give him a bit of credit lah.


    • Sorry forgotten. Change to what ya dulu? I vaguely remember having this discussion. If I can find a good piece from any local artist ill do it. The current pic is still relevant since many blogs still censor/ ban me. 🙂 nothing to do with Pak sheikh.:-)

      On the upbringing, my position for the past few years is the same as yours. I think the crux of failure for our society is the failed parenting. And school plays an important role as peers exact growing influence apart from home. Its important that our children grow up together to develop empathy for others.

  7. Before I forget, I would like to comment directly to the posting.

    These China men are bigots and arrogant nuts who have no administration, management nor relationship skills beyond their ken. All they know is the Chinese language with smattering Malay. When they operate, they do it like typical China apek.

    Forgive them as they know not what they are doing. They are not intentionally segregating the rest but they know no better. That is very rude and unbecoming of Malaysians.

    Think of them as Chinese villagers coming to the city and owning their condos thinking they are kings of their condos and forgetting there are others who live there with them. There are no condos in their villages and hence no past experience.

    • p2bm… I was thinking the same. But changing of banks and insurance companies are a bit too much. If for better deposit rates and lower insurance premium should be alright. The minutes of meeting should be in English or Bahasa because it must be sent to COB for their records and follow-ups, especially if there is discrepancy or protest by owners. The minutes of meetings should also be published at the notice board within two weeks.

      • It’s all wrong. In a JMB, it is a representation of ALL the condo owners. Unfortunately, democratic voting doesn’t quite work. These China Apeks get voted in and change the way administration is done is not right. If these guys can’t write, then appoint a secretary to do it the right way. They should also have a legal advisor. Maybe the other condo owners didn’t speak up or were shut up by them.

        You see, for those in power, they can justify anything they want to do, however idiotic it may sound to us. That is democracy….sigh…the majority voted idiots, the minority will suffer.

        • Just a note. The committee can speak BM and English. Met and argued with them before. Its not they’re not able to.

          • Then they are just behaving as jerks and pain in the rear to other owners thinking as committee leaders they can do just what and how they want. I agree, that’s really b*s* and very un-Malaysian. They don’t take into consideration other people’s interest, they don’t deserve to lead. Just idiots.

  8. It is wrong to behave like this, and you can surely challenge them.

    But on changing banks and insurance providers, unless you have a documented meeting minute that specifically states that they changed because they preferred Chinese owned companies, then you have no ground to stand on to accuse them. I myself think very little of Maybank, not because they are not Chinese owned, but because they give lousy customer service.

    • On changing banks and insurance co its a statement of fact already. I have more than a reasonable ground to conclude they’re racist. Please don’t defend them especially when you’re not privy to the meeting. Its pure and simple racism.

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