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The racist argument of DAP supporters


By now the issue has always been the same. I think some of you who have read this before may skip this. As I encounter new readers I’ll be repeating the same thing over and over again. Man, I expect the same will happen for the next five years.

For the past few years, people call me racist merely by uttering I’m Malay first Malaysian second. I’m racist if I call for Malays to unite. I’m racist if I defend any of the Malay rights.

This is certainly a result of brainwashing of DAP and PR. What we see now Chinese unite for political purposes. This is not racist. We see DAP fighting for Chinese right and culture. This is not racist. We see DAP / PR play the racial card and this is not racist.

DAP has used racist argument very wide to the point that anything to do with Malay unity and rights as racist but others doing the same is not. My current argument with partisan dap/ pr supporters attest to this mindset and thus the reason I’m writing again.

Core to this racist propaganda is the Malaysian Malaysia concept propounded by DAP. All those who argued against me accept the fact and believe that one must put Malaysian first above race of ethnicity. Thus they pompously deride anyone saying being Malay Malaysian as racist.

But this is where the problems lies. At the same time they wholeheartedly support segregating our youngs by race. They don’t care if my children has no non Malay friends. They don’t care whether our children are separated in racial silos and carry deep racial prejudices. All they care are putting their race language and culture above Malaysian interest. And suddenly walla its not racist. They give the same excuses like the people they detest give. They argued its their constitutional right as if its different from how Malays argue its their constitutional right. They argue that the right to vernacular schools is inviolable but when it comes to Malay right its violable and subject to change. They condemn and criticise Malays uniting under pas and umno as racist. But its not a problem if Chinese unite under DAP. Others cannot play racial card but its perfectly suitable to play racial card against Mca for dap/ pr purposes. Their web propagandas are littered with the racial propagandas asking the Chinese not to allow MCA to represent them.

The worse was how hypocritical they argued all their actions as not racist thinking others are dumbed to follow hook and sinker. They argued that the existence of vernacular school is part of human rights to be educated in their own mother tounge. This is rubbish. There is no such right. In Malaysia, there is no such legal restriction at all for you to learn your mother tounge. They can do this on their own. But what they ask is different from that. They are asking for the government to provide policy, funds and facilities to segregate our children by race. This has nothing to do with human rights. There is no country that i know of which adopt as a public policy this racial segregation education system. Countries try to unite the people but they believe in segregating people by race. In fact isn’t this against human rights? Why isn’t this racist?

The argument on mother tounge is also hypocritical as they are fighting only for their own race mother tounge. They believe their language and mother tounge are superior and never bothered to fight for other people’s mother tounge and language. We in Malaysia have more than 40/50 ethnics with different mother tounges. The Sikhs, kelantanese, ibans, kadazans etc etc are different. But these dap/pr supporters have never propounded or supported 40 or 50 ethnic schools or languages. You know why? Because it doesn’t make sense to separate our youngs like that. But isn’t this selectively hypocritical and racist? Yes. Just look at their superior chauvinistic argument justifying why its better than the rest and deserve support.

Many don’t realise that the vernacular schools were initially created to separate all the three races by the British. Its part of a divide and rule structure. It has nothing to do with education quality. When our national school was on British syllabus DAP and DJZ were still insisting to have a separate vernacular school to protect their heritage, culture and language. The foremost prominent and highly respected proponent of vernacular school Lim Lian Geok aptly put:

“One’s culture is the soul of one’s ethnicity, and its value as important to us as our lives. And if any of you (Chinese) want to inherit Chinese cultural heritage, and if any of you (Chinese) want to live a ‘true’ Chinese, your children must be sent to a Chinese school.”

It’s all about race. Until now DAP has been foremost on this (together with MCA). They have never supported our children of various races to unite since young. They’ve never ever supported a one school system. And they pushed it in the PR manifesto. They don’t care whether my children has non Malay friends. They don’t care whether Malay children grow up together with non Malays. They expect that once all of them becomes adult they suddenly will put Malaysian first and forget about race.

This is the duplicitous racist argument by DAP. They have applied the Malaysian Malaysia concept selectively to lure the chinese. Thus in real life there’s no issue if Chinese conduct discriminatory business. They have no issue when Malays are prejudiced by race for employment. These are not racists to them.

They think people don’t see this. Their supporters think they have moral authority. They think people don’t see their reluctance to push for anti discriminatory law and practices. They think people don’t see their hypocritical stand on Malaysian Malaysia. They think people don’t see their dishonest use of the word racist and Malaysian Malaysia. So long as they adopt this selective racist definition, they will always be in my and many other books as RACIST.


59 thoughts on “The racist argument of DAP supporters

  1. “And if any of you (Chinese) want to inherit Chinese cultural heritage, and if any of you (Chinese) want to live a ‘true’ Chinese, your children must be sent to a Chinese school.”

    to be very honest, i never ever read the above either in chinese or english. llg did ridicule mca no support of chinese education then they r not chinese, or chinese school is the last cultural bastion. i doubt is from lin lian geok.

    Hari Raya Aidilfitri Message by Lim Lian Geok — Utusan Melayu, 4 May 1956

    In our effort to achieve Independence and to create a nation, Malaya, our foremost task lies in the manifestation of a Malayan mind.

    First among our aims is to foster the idea of “Living as One and Prospering as A Whole”. We understand the multi-cultural mix that exists in Malaya. The sacrifices of each and every ethnic community, who have toiled for this nation of ours, cannot be undermined.

    Every ethnic community should be accepted as a member of this nation’s family, equal in their rights and in their national duty. That they believe in sharing the nation’s abundance, with hopes of standing together to face strong challenges, to build a sound and strong nation.

    Our second priority is to forge the idea of Malaya as my Motherland. My thoughts for those who have come from abroad – You had a homeland; however, your children and grandchildren are now the sons and daughters of Malaya.

    Malaya is their one and true motherland, their only home in this life. They share common interests and now have a stake in Malaya. The significance of other nations is secondary.

    Manifesting a Malayan mindset is the foundation on which our nation can be strengthened. If this Malayan mindset is not cultivated to its completion, unforeseen conflicts and clashes will result.

    Those with foresight must bear the responsibility for manifesting this Malayan mindset and so must all Malayans be forthright in inculcating this mindset.

    The nation’s foes are those who choose not to live as one nor prosper together with their fellow Malayans. The nation’s nemeses are also Malayans who do not uphold Malaya as their motherland.

    In our midst, there exist cultural and economic imbalances among the ethnic communities, a state of affairs that is most unfortunate. Yet, we believe in humans being born equal. A community’s cultural and economic advancements may differ but they are never constrained by the lack of possibilities.

    With fairness in government policies will come the possibility of correcting these imbalances. With a Malayan mindset, we can discard the notion that winners will forever triumph while losers trail permanently.

    Ethnic barriers will fall in the future Malaya. We will all live as one in this family we call Malaya. We must share this same vision, seek each others’ hands, and strive together to achieve our common aim.

    I believe my Malay friends who share rational views will agree with me.

    I wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Puasa – Merdeka !

    • Dear HY,

      When I quote the revered LLG, it did not mean that its wrong. For those who call everything to do with race is racist, they would then realise they also have to call LLG racist. LLG fight as I understand falls within the rainbow argument of shad Faruqi. That’s why the Raya message was beautifully written.

      There are some pompous moral high ground pr supporters who always say I’m racists that I’m targeting at. They have selective application of the word racist and I need to write smack in their face.

      On the quote by LLG, I got it off wiki. I think its consistent. Its fine to acknowledge our different cultures and race. He did that. Its in line with the Fenn Wu report as I read it and as LLG fought for. Vernacular school is more than language. They don’t want separate language classes. The Great Learning of 4b5c has role in this outlook as I understand it. (I may wrongly conclude my last sentence, but open to further debate what motivates the educationists. For certain they rejected English medium and syllabus proposed in Barnes Report)

    • hi ellese, i believe we both know where we r coming from, i dont recall we ever label each other racist since r2w days, what we reject is inconsistency. the reason i highlighted my doubt is because i read lim lian geok, most of my stance and contention is derived from his thought and my concern is some might take his word out of context, and for the fact that i cant find the latter part of your llg cite form the web (chinese), wiki sometimes not a good sources. i read shaq farugi as well, if not wrong zubedy the publisher. oh, i also know your writes is not directed to me. cheers.

  2. My dear friend HY….

    I ran through my bookshelf and pick up a book. Inside the book there is a short note. It reads: “From a friend to a friend. My heart said that I should give this book to you as a present. So I am giving this book to you and I hope you accept it as a gift from a nobody like me.” Signed Hafiz. Dated 17 April 2006. Hafiz who is younger than me is today a blind man due sickness.

    At page 107 of the book….

    “Wahai bangsa Melayu bangsaku, buat hari ini kalau orang
    Melayu faham bukan orang Melayu hendak
    memperjuangkan Melayu
    Kekuatan orang Melayu bukan pada bangsa dan bukan pada
    semangat kebangsaan Melayu
    Perjuangan ini telah kita lalui
    Terutama sejak merdeka semangat Melayulah yang kita
    laungkan selalu
    Hasilnya telah kita tahu
    Begitu lama perjuangan kita atas nama Melayu semakin layu
    Ekonomi sahaja belum selesai lagi hingga kini
    Padahal keistimewaan keistimewaan telah diberi kepada
    orang Melayu lebih dari perlu hingga bangsa lain iri hati
    Namun ekonomi (Melayu) masih terbelakang lagi, kecuali sedikit
    individu Melayu”

    …….to be continued.

    • “Di segi pendidikan dan pelajaran kita bangga di satu segi
      Iaitu selepas merdeka ramai orang Melayu yang pandai dan
      cerdik, ramai yang ada degree
      Tapi orang Melayu yang pandai tidak mampu berdikari
      kecuali makan gaji
      Ramai yang berilmu tidak ramai yang tawadhuk dan
      merendah diri
      Orang pandai sikap hidup nafsi-nafsi, fikir diri, yang miskin
      disuruh kerajaan membela
      Orang-orang pandai berdiam diri, tidak peduli
      Di segi politik pula semakin ke hujung semakin tidak stabil
      Politik wang dan jatuh menjatuhkan menjadi budaya dan
      Di sudut perpaduan jauh daripada yang dikehendaki
      Bukan sahaja perpaduan bangsa belum terjadi
      Perpaduan di dalam parti pun belum terjadi lagi
      Hakikat ini kita terpaksa akui”

      …….to be continued

    • “Ada satu aspek yang ini memang kita berpuas hati
      Iaitu kemajuan di bidang pembangunan amat pesat yang ini
      kita berpuas hati
      Di bidang ini dunia memang akui bahkan iri hati
      Tapi side effect yang negatifnya hasil pembangunan sangat
      Orang Melayulah yang ramai terlibat dengan gejala yang
      negative itu
      Dadah orang Melayulah yang ramai terlibat, rasuah orang
      Melayu yang ramai
      Budaya lepak anak-anak Melayulah yang banyak
      Gangsterisme di sekolah anak Melayu jugalah yang ramai
      Sumbang muhram, buang bayi orang Melayulah yang
      Terjebak dengan skin head, black metal, dan budaya liar anak
      Melayu yang ramai”

      ……..To be continued (final)

    • “Belum lagi kita perkatakan jenayah ragut, ugut, rokok
      Melayulah yang ramai.
      Kes-kes rumahtangga, cerai-berai, tidak bertanggungjawab
      terhadap keluarga orang Melayu nombor one
      Setelah kita paparkan gejala yang tidak sihat di kalangan
      orang Melayu bolehkah kita tolak?
      Sudah tertentu kita terpaksa menerima dengah penuh malu dan
      Ini adalah hasil perjuangan orang Melayu dengan semangat
      kebangsaan bukan!
      Sebenarnya kekuatan orang Melayu bukan pada semangat

      My take: To me, I see the word ‘RACIST’, is a sentiment and/or a fabrication to keep the many and more important issues from real scrutiny. It also hides the weaknesses and the negative epiphenomenon of the Malays as depicted in the ‘sajak’ above. Because of these extremes, the Malay civilization will be self-destructive and if not correctly addressed, it will gradually write itself off from history.

      Malaysia’s destiny lay in us Malaysians swallowing the antithesis of our mix races and vomit them out into a new thesis of its own, perhaps as per LLG’s message of 4th May 1956: “In our effort to achieve Independence and to create a nation, Malaya, our foremost task lies in the manifestation of a Malayan mind. First among our aims is to foster the idea of “Living as One and Prospering as A Whole”. We understand the multi-cultural mix that exists in Malaya. The sacrifices of each and every ethnic community, who have toiled for this nation of ours, cannot be undermined. Every ethnic community should be accepted as a member of this nation’s family, equal in their rights and in their national duty. That they believe in sharing the nation’s abundance, with hopes of standing together to face strong challenges, to build a sound and strong nation.”

      Failing which, as our Bloghost puts it correctly: “By now the issue has always been the same……… I’ll be repeating the same thing over and over again. Man, I expect the same will happen for the next five years.”

      Yeah…. right Ellese! You go on lah to copy and reproduce this post again and again, and stir up the emotions that the oppositions are RACIST. And that they would only bring about in increase miseries and sufferings and uproot the Malays from their native land.

      • You don’t get it do you. Its a retort to those who use the word racist liberally. If you’re against us its racist but if with me its not. Its the mantra of DAP.

        I like to take up the Malay issue you wrote. Can agree to many things but whenever we raise this to improve the lot of Malays, these people will call it racist.

        You will never understand this. You cant even see that this racist call is to suppress concern raise by what ypu just publish. We’re just too far apart on almost every issue.

        • Examples please. A wikipedia quote is not an example. Vernacular schools does not support your case. The Chinese did not unite under DAP. Even if 99% of Chinese voted DAP, the Chinese do not ‘unite’. DAP does not call (or care) for Chinese unity.

          • Lks did not see that. Why is it such an issue Mca giving seats to umno? All about race. You cannot con all the people JW.

          • Ellese, the presence of even 1 Chinese BN voter is a counterexample to your fantasy. I know 1 Chinese BN voter. Sudah.

            Why is MCA giving a seat to UMNO such an issue? Lim Kit Siang pointed out that MCA, a party that purports to represent Chinese interests doesn’t even try. They happily surrender to UMNO, a party that purports to represent Malay interests. Kit Siang’s message is that better voters select a party that represents Malaysian interests.

            If you didn’t notice, Kit Siang beat Ghani, by a massive majority, claiming to represent Malaysian interests. Check if you don’t believe me.

          • Ellese, all your so-called examples are around who said what. Let’s have some examples around actions – who did what. Those, at least, are easily interpreted.

      • i think hasan point is that to have introspective from everyone (which i am a guilty party as well) might work better.

        • We should always do this. As I said its fine too. In fact I like the prose,

          But he criticized me at the end for pointing out racism of dap supporters. If one agrees with LLG, one must agree with Shad Faruqi and whether one likes it or not racial point of view. For LLG recognised that. DAP /PR Malaysian Malaysia don’t. Everything is supposed to be Malaysian first. We don’t look from the race point of view.

          Hassan will not see this inconsistency. The introspection and malaise of Malays cannot be addressed by DAP and PR. Many pro pr supporters I encountered are like this. Its selective and inconsistent. My write was to point this out. When we can recognise our own ethnicity then ill explore further.

          • I am not criticizing you. I am just dissenting to your intellectual views. Intellectual dissent is not criticism and is not racist. Agree?

          • 🙂 no you’re not. You never call me racist. Our disagreement will always be ‘intellectual’. Anyone calling you racist ill defend you.

            Anyway Ill be frank. I like your write with HY and also this Malay introspection. Though we seldom agree but anything new that I learn I appreciate it. Tq.

          • Shake hands. My sincere opinion is that you are better than Din Merican. I will defend you. Between us although there may be many things we disagree but I find that you are not intrinsically antagonistic to different ways of looking at things. With HY I jlike to engage in an educational and reasoned dialogue with him. He is cool, supportive and understanding but he is capable of pornographic comments though… itu pun kalau dia dicucuk. 😀

          • just curious bro, is there any correlation btw “better than din ….” n “not intrinsically antagonistic” ? i thought less hypocritical seem to be a better depiction?

            pornographic comments is reserved for those that mental doesn’t seem to match with their age, so sorry u do not possess such trait to enjoy the distinctive privilege 🙂

          • Bro, it is just that I am always entertained by Ellese’s inflationary language to excoriate comments with which he disagreed. OTH I think there is more hypocrisy and downright pomposity and perhaps ‘talam’ with multiple faces in DM’s blog.

            I think the uses of words f*, scum, bum, bastard, etc are now being accepted as part of modernism. Though it is un-Islamic it is fine to my ears. It is just that I am not in a ‘distinctive privilege’ position to use them because I grew up in a family where even to utter the word ‘bodoh’ at someone is considered satanic.

            But please excuse my pretentiousness; as I do miss the intellectual wham of our satirical commentator meek/balasi/gohblock very much though. And not to mention the clash of language between Rhan and looes74 which I enjoy it too. 🙂

          • understood. i have friends with phd n many that not finish form 3, being vulgar is never an issue to me even in real life, people grow up differently so nothing to be pretentious. aku tetap aku.

            looes n balasi is okay, at least they not camouflage their true selves unlike the many ”two protagonist in one’, no matter how good and civil the latter writes, they still sound so sham, they use term like political mature, liberal democracy only when suit them, i know a fact that the pro umno blogger is not as false as this bunch of hypocrite.

          • Yeah HY…. and they think that the readers are imbeciles and are totally ignorant of the essential themes of the authors.

      • HY… an eminently sensible statement.

  3. What a load of rubbish. The majority ask for more rights when others try to preserve the status quo of merdeka days. The rights of the minority has been eroding and trying to maintain this is label racist!

    Granted, the NEP was to elevate the economic status of the majority but corruption knows no bounds and ended up with cronies getting richer instead of distributing among themselves. These rich cronies, flounder it and ask for more, when got less that they used to, they blame the minority.

    • Are you defending racism?

    • what you say about cronyism and the NEP has some truth to it but and the eroding right of minority is true also but to say that the chinese and DAP in malaysia dont practice racism is either ignorance or denial on yur part! How many time have you seen ads in papers where they have advertised chinese only or chinese preferred…and the issue about chinese school………..i personally know so many chinese school educated people with the mentality of the UMNO malay if not worst….they look down on everyone and thikn they are the best…..and my god the mentality the have about other races is just sad….this is either due to ignorance or years and years of segregation from other races……worst is they do not know how to interact or be comfortable around non chinese educated people or non chinese people, talk about awkwrdness………the chinese from national schools arent like that…they tend to mix easily and you are much more tolerant…i feel we should rvert to the english school system….Sibgapore was smart and that is what they id….look at them now ….they are doing well but that is not to say racism doent exist in Singapore…..its just if u segregate the youn and teach them to strereotype and not having to experience other cultures only the worst can be expected…..and dont say im lyin u know its true!!

      • Examples where DAP practice racism please. You state DAP then seem to make DAP congruent with the Chinese community. DAP are actually quite bad at championing vernacular schools, Chinese business interests or the Chinese language.

        It’s true that there are some segments of Chinese society in Malaysia that practise racism. It is also true that some Chinese vernacular schools perpetuate this. This is not the intended effect of vernacular schools. Of course it can be improved.

        The great champion of Chinese rights is BN, via MCA. Of course no UMNO apologist will admit that there are some Chinese chauvinists, and they tend to support UMNO, because that is how they get what they want. UMNO prefers to demonise the entire Chinese community, including those who voted for them. That strikes me as profoundly ungrateful.

        Not that I expect anything different from a bunch of liars who will do anything to feather their nests and stay in power.

    • You have issue of corruption I’m fine. But it has nothing to do with labeling others racists. If you fight for Chinese schools, using DAP definition, you’re racist. Clean and simple. Don’t talk rubbish to me.

  4. Boss,
    Pada pendapat saya, pentadbir negara ini tidak galakan kaum bukan bumi dalam sistem pelajaran kebangsaan. Ini terbukti apabila pelajar yang mendapat keputusan cemerlang tiada harapan untuk melanjut ke universiti. Program meghalang kemajuan pelajaran bukan bumi ini sudah berlangsung berdekad-dekad. Kalau tak silap, sejak 1970.

    Jadi terpulang kepada pihak pentadbir untuk memberi galakan kepada kaum monoriti untuk kembali semula kedalam sistem pelajaran. Sebabny,satu cara yang mudah dan murah untuk melanjutkan pelajaran adalah ke taiwan, singapura dan china dan ini bermakna mempelajari dalam bahasa cina.

    • Terima kasih. Maaf tapi ada beberapa fakta yang tidak betul.

      Kalau kita membaca laporan Barnes and Razak, pendokong sistem vernakular lah yang tidak mahu masuk ke dalam dan menolak sistem pelajaran nasional. Kita mempunyai sistem pendidikan yang berpecah kerana sikap kompromi kita.

      Ini berlaku sejak merdeka. Dan sikap kompromi kita juga yang membenarkan melayu mendapat tempat di universiti tempatan. Semua hak ini termaktub dalam undang2. Tempat Di universiti adalah terhad dan atas dasar kompromi melayu diberi kuota. Kalau tidak nescaya lebih ramai bukan melayu mendapat peluang menjangkaui nisbah penduduk.

      Keadaan ini pada orang bukan melayu adalah tidak adil. Mereka mempunyai keputusan lebih baik tetapi tidak mendapat tempat.

      Pada saya kita mesti melihat ini secara menyeluruh. Ini adalah satu situasi yang tidak memuaskan. Secara ringkas kita melihat kembali kompromi kita. Kita perlu menyelami konsep satu sekolah untuk semua supaya kita membesar dan memahami satu sama lain. Semua mempunyai kemudahan dan peluang yang sama. Kemasukan ke universiti dengan itu haruslah sama dan berdasarkan merit.

      • Yalah, saya boleh setuju. Tetapi apakah pendapat saudara Ellese terhadap sekolah agama ataupun kolej-kolej MARA? Jika sistem pembelajaran negara in harus berdasarkan meritokrasi dan sifat bersepaduan maka sekolah-sekolah ini patut disatukan dengan sekolah kebangsaan.

        Saudara Ellese tidak pernah sekalipun menunjul pendapat atau komen tentang sistem sekolah-sekolah agama atau MARA. Mungkin saudara ingin mempertahankan hak-hak kaum Melayu, dan memperlemahkan hak-hak kaum lain. Ini memang pendapat pembaca Utusan Malaysia, dan penyokong UMNO.

  5. Alamak. More fantasies. Examples please!

    That screed you posted was incoherent. You are defending your right to be Malay first, and Malay special privileges, then condemning vernacular schools as a defence of Chinese privileges. How is this different from what you are accusing me of, which is defending Chinese privileges and condemning Malay privileges?

    Again, DAP does not defend Chinese privileges. It is BN that does so – see, for example, Najib’s upgrading of 2 Chinese language colleges to the status of universities prior to GE13. I’ve got lots of examples like this. I’d like to see you advance just one.

    In fact, DAP (the party leadership) is acutely aware of the impression that their strong Chinese support creates. To them, it is a weakness, and they are trying to address it.

    • You are really dishonest in your argument. You’re one who condemn racism. Saying uttering of Malay Malaysian as racist coz not putting Malaysian first. Then at the same time defend vernacular school coz kononnya its not race but language. Your argue proudly based on your ignorance of vernacular schools history and promoters. You are quintessentially a racist by your own words.

      • No, I am well aware of the history of vernacular schools and the ends to which they have been turned. These are good as well as bad. Vernacular schools are the means by which countless poor people in the tin mining communities and countless poor people in the plantation communities were educated. The majority of these were Chinese and Indian respectively, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that vernacular schools were the best available options to serve those communities at the time. And they did it well.

        In addition, as a parent, I’m acutely aware of the differences in the quality of education in vernacular schools compared to SKs. I went to school in several different countries, so I also know what is available outside Malaysia. There is no better way to pick up Mandarin or Tamil in Malaysian schooling than in vernacular schools. Until this changes, there will always be resistance to closing the vernacular school system.

        Anyway, you are hypocritical. I have said I am happy to close the vernacular school system as long as the purporses it serves are met by the national school system. You want to close the vernacular school system and keep MARA colleges. MARA colleges are explicitly racist. let’s here you condemn those. I doubt you dare.

  6. To have any credibility you should supply facts to back up your accusations.

    First point:”DAP has used racist argument very wide to the point that anything to do with Malay unity and rights as racist but others doing the same is not.”
    Now supply any article that proves that DAP has voiced out a wish for chinese unity. Everywhere I look, only UMNO and Utusan melayu are screaming malay unity. DAP has never asked for unity of anything.

    2) “Thus they pompously deride anyone saying being Malay Malaysian as racist. ”
    You mean segregation into ‘chinese”malay”indian’ is NOT racist and ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ IS racist? You sure??

    3)” At the same time they wholeheartedly support segregating our youngs by race.”
    Wrong. You are the want who cast this into a racial issue, not the chinese parents. They doubt the quality of national schools and they do not want any religious flavouring to any schooling. And if there are no chinese schools they probably send their children to international schools. In fact I personally think bringing back the old mission schools work best.

    4) ” They condemn and criticise Malays uniting under pas and umno as racist. ”
    You need to come out from your coconut shell. In this election the chinese VOTED for PAS and vice versa. They have no problems with malays or PAS. They do however take offense at parties that race bait. And THAT is the reason why chinese dislike UMNO. Get that straight. And have you ever seen the rocket scream a headline “What more do the malays want?”

    5)”They believe their language and mother tounge are superior and never bothered to fight for other people’s mother tounge and language.”
    You need to supply facts. Do that every time you open a statement with ‘they believe, she/he believe” What I find particularly interesting is that you home in on DAP but seem to forget that MIC/PPP etc also harp on indian schools but you don’t have a single thing to say about that hmm?.

    6)”This is the duplicitous racist argument by DAP. They have applied the Malaysian Malaysia concept selectively to lure the chinese. Thus in real life there’s no issue if Chinese conduct discriminatory business. They have no issue when Malays are prejudiced by race for employment. These are not racists to them. ”
    Oh sorry am I still repeating myself? Proof, proof, PROOF! Don’t just shoot your mouth off. Otherwise you are just emulating utusan. For your information the chinese company I work in has more than 2/3 malay staff and just 2 chinese staff! But you already know the composition of civil workforce so I won’t have to bring that up.

    Last but not least, the internet is not TV1/2/3 utusan/star/NST. There, you can sprout anything you want because no one can gainsay you and you can act like god and in fact believe in your own spin and lies. Sadly, that’s not the case in the web. If this is all BN bloggers can offer, then the alternative websites have nothing to worry about.

    • What a loaf of bull. Go read my previous posts. Then come back.

      The British separated us by schools. Why do you want to continue this segregation by race? You have no clue what you’re talking about.

      Don’t go proudly display your ignorance as the truth. I’ve been denied the right to write contrarian views in almost all pr blogs. Go read how disingenuous and fraudulent they are. Crap lah some people.

  7. put it this way; UMNO is honest in their struggle for race, religion and royalty; why DAP cannot be honest to their flawed racism arguments?

    • perhaps due to diff worldview? dap do not have the baggage and trepidation to the extent to create a notions of nationalism and racism, and to imagine themselves into a number of creatively delineated communities in order to maintain the coherence of a modern states, and of course, a legitimate governments?

  8. I feel the Government of Malaysia should just look at the interests of people who put them there as the top priority. Since 2/3 of the Malays/Bumiputera and 50% of the Indians put them there, these are the people who should benefit from the BN govt policies.

    I am proposing :

    1. Income tax waiver for the next 5 years for all Malay/Bumiputera/Indian tax payers. No major impact to Government revenue since the Chinese have always say that they are the ones paying the most taxes.

    2. Bumiputera discounts should be for buying properties should include Indians.

    3. The Bumiputera/Indian discounts should be increased to 25%.

    4. Import duities waiver on vehicles purchased by Bumiputera/Indians.

    • This is stupid. A country’s leadership is there to lead the country – all of the country, not just those who vote for it. If the government panders to its supporters, we have another name for it – corruption.

      How does the government expect to win the votes of the majority who did not vote for it? Let’s have some humility here please.

      • JWT,

        There’s nothing about humility but survival. The Govt that dont support those who put them to power will cease to be the Govt in the next round. That’s human nature, we tend to take care of those who support us.

        Just accept the realities.

        • This is exactly what is wrong with Malaysia. The government is there to govern, not perpetuate itself. The reality, as you put it, is that our BN government is dragging Malaysia down by doing anything and everything it can to make sure it stays in power. BN serves itself, not the people, or the country.

          A government that governs properly will normally be voted back into power. If it doesn’t, well, tough shit. This is the nature of democracy.

          There was a ridiculous essay on being grateful on this blog a few weeks ago. Plutarch said that a mark of a great people is their ingratitude to great leaders. We in Malaysia are so timid and cowardly that we are expected to be grateful to liars and incompetents. Well, I’m not going to be.

  9. JWT,

    “A government that governs properly will normally be voted back into power. If it doesn’t, well, tough shit. This is the nature of democracy.”

    I will have to dissect this statement of yours. Who’s view that will decide the Government has governed properly? Who votes the government into power?

    Based on GE13 – 2/3 of the Malays felt that BN has governed properly and they are the ones has decided BN continue to be the Government. Therefore BN has to take care of those having voted for BN.

    Its that simple.

    • Since when was it decreed that Malays are the only people who should decide which direction Malaysia should take? And since when did Malay interests diverge from the interests of other Malaysians? There are Chinese and Indian BN voters, and BN is ungrateful in not thanking these people, and racist by blaming the Chinese community.

      I remind you that BN lost the popular vote. A proper government would take this as a signal that work needs to be done to gain back the votes that were lost. This is where humility comes in.

      Of course, I concluded long ago that BN exists to make politicians rich at the expense of the rest of Malaysia. So they will try all tactics, including the divisive one of telling its voters that Malay interests are not Chinese interests or Indian interests. All this posturing and complaining about how vernacular schools contribute to the lack of unity, and I don’t see any BN apologists condemning these tactics. Hypocrites.

      • JWT,

        You can say whatever you like, afterall you are exercising your freedom of expression.

        Bottomline is that only 5-10% of Chinese or 1.3 – 2.6% of the total voters are chinese as compared to 40% and 5.7% of the total voters are Bumis and Indians respectively, that voted for BN. So shouldnt BN policies be skewed in favour of the 97% of the total voters that supported BN?

        • I can accept it if the policies are semi-sensible ones which may benefit the country. Voters, after all, can disagree over a country’s direction. What you are talking about however, is instituting policies designed to rob the people who did not vote for the government to pay the people who did. That is a kleptocracy, not a democracy.

          If you wish to support corruption and thievery, come right out and say it. Don’t hide behind the language of fairness and justice. It stinks.

          And what about the 3% (according to your numbers, which look wrong to me) of BN voters who are Chinese? Are you saying they don’t count because of their race? The word racist is thrown around too easily in this forum, but here’s a clear example.

        • Here’s another reason why you are so laughably transparent. You want to rob 100% of the Chinese community to benefit 100% of the Malay and Indian communities. Yet by doing this you are benefiting 50% of Indians who voted PR, and 40% of Malays who voted PR, and screwing 3% of Chinese who voted BN.

          A child could tell what you’re trying to do – screw the Chinese to benefit the Malays and the Indians. You dress up this by saying that BN should reward its supporters. Tetapi kesemuanya pun bohong-bohong belaka.

          • JWT,

            It is in the interest of BN for them to increase the Malay/Bumiputera votes from 66% currently it has. If BN can increase anor 5% of Malays/Bumiputera voting for BN – this means another 3% of the total popular votes increase (assuming Malay/Bumi voters are 60% of the total voters). For BN to get 3% increase in votes from the Chinese, an additional of 15% of the total Chinese voters must vote for BN – which I think a total waste of effort by the BN Govt.

            So its better for BN to target an increase of 10% of the Malay/Bumi voters and loose the balance 5% of the Chinese voters it has. Net effect is and increase of 6% of total votes from Malays/Bumi as compared to a reduction of 1.25% of total votes from the Chinese. This would give a net gain of 4.75% of total votes.

            That’s the most logical strategy and the political realities going forward for the next 5 years. BN has no choice but to do so in order to remain in power.

          • Yes, racial politics, kleptocracy, robbing one community to pay another. That’s why BN lost the popular vote.

            Politically, it’s the ‘right’ thing for BN to do. Indeed, it’s their only viable strategy. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s horribly wrong. Ever been to Zimbabwe? That’s what Malaysia will be like in a few decades. And that’s the best case scenario. The worst case scenario is that we end up like Syria.

          • “Politically, it’s the ‘right’ thing for BN to do. Indeed, it’s their only viable strategy.”

            maybe, with the assumption that our govt have unlimited resources, and our debt/gdp still have room for upside, many many room. another option is to find a way to tax only the chinese, like drafting a “ungrateful tax” specially for us. btw, i think we shall look at absolute number of malay chinese n indian and not percentage in order to make sb4s proposal more comprehensive n logical, n see who have the highes n lowest price tag 🙂

          • HY,

            Why must you and JWT look at “robbing” or “taxing” the chinese? It has nothing to do about that. Its just rewarding those who support BN – ie Malays and Indians. Totally based on merit somewhat! ;p

            Though I know my proposal is unfair and actually, I was just proposing it to trigger some thoughts from you all. I don’t think such proposal is the way forward. But I wont be surprised that there will be groups of Malays/Bumis and Indians that will pressure the BN Govt in doing so.

            I am waiting with bated breath who will start this slippery slide down this steep slope. Unfortunately, the recent chinese votes is the last straw that broke the camel’s back!

          • aduh sb4s, we read each others for years n shd know when the other side r being cynical. i just add oil to to your ‘fire’.

            chinese votes go all out for pr will happen, just a matter of time if nothing change. glad it happen sooner not later, we shall see/observe how our politician deal with it, they have choices to move foreward and backward, we r in very interesting time.

          • “Why must you and JWT look at “robbing” or “taxing” the chinese? It has nothing to do about that.”

            It has everything to do with that. You said it yourself – BN should concentrate on getting the 50% of the Indian votes that they don’t have, rather than 97% of the Chinese votes that they don’t have. I disagree by the way, I think 75% of Indians voted for PR.

            This is incredibly destructive to our country. You cannot see this, because ultimately you still think in racial politics. This, not any pontification about vernacular schools, is what has poisoned our national unity.

  10. I take your handle, ServiceB4Self, to mean that you serve the government before yourself. Because they aren’t serving you.

  11. JWT

    Im on holiday and going to reply to you one go so as not to waste my time.

    My position on 1 school is already made known. What I have a problem is people like you pontificating rubbish moral high ground on racism. Before I wrote this, you argued that by uttering malay malaysian its racists. You also argued that by not putting malaysian first its racism. Malay uniting for political purpose is also racism. To you vernacular school is not racism coz its about language.

    This write was meant for you. There are two aspects. One is your individual self. The other DAP.

    As an individual you are racist by your own definition. No two ways. Your current admission that you prefer one school is an about turn. By not admitting you’re wrong is already dishonest in my books. But when you divert to focus on my position without admitting youre wrong its simply NO GO for me. Im not entertaining you until you admit either you’re racist or your argument is flawed and you withdraw your contention.

    On DAP and in fact other things like our constitution and law, you go and read first before you argue with me. For instance you argue its racist to fight for malay coz its not possible to be malay unless its by lineage. When I and even your ally P2bm argued you can be malay, you never admitted youre wrong. Then now want me to argue theres wrong with the definition.

    Similarly with DAP, I suggest you read the manifestos and even Tony Phua blog to see the support for chinese schools. You want to talk about MCA its up to you. They are racial in nature. But DAP is supposed to be non racial and not playing racial card kan?

    Your consistent dishonest way of arguing is not acceptable to me. Don’t do this again.

    • So the right of reply is simply for people who agree with you? OK, I thought that was always the case anyway, at least you admit it.

      What you wrote is really not my position at all. My position on vernacular schools has always been nuanced. They serve a useful purpose, if the national schools serve this purpose as well, then there’s no need for the vernacular schools. Simple.

      Obviously, you cannot be Malay in the eyes of the government if you start out Chinese. In the first place there’s the great difficulty of changing your IC race category, and in the second, Chinese people (men, especially) simply aren’t allowed in the eyes of the Malay community to ‘masuk Melayu’ that easily. This is reality, underlined by experience – how would you know this anyway? You started out Malay.

      As with DAP and Tony Pua, I am familiar with their manifestos. Their position is that vernacular schools are protected by the constitution, and therefore they will continue to protect it. Yet in terms of action, they do very little. Tony Pua in particular has a problem. He appeals very much to the English-speaking urban professional Chinese community. Not so much to the Chinese speaking lower middle class and Chinese poor.

      Again, I challenge you to produce an example of DAP actually protecting and championing vernacular schools. Then explain how this is actually worse than BN’s protection of Chinese schools.

      If you cannot even take some mild but frank criticism, you have no business hosting ‘open discussions’ on the internet.

    • “Their position is that vernacular schools are protected by the constitution, and therefore they will continue to protect it.”

      hmmm……more likely vs a good vote bait? i notice most urban chinese r for 1 school, the singapore type. they dun mind no chinese language as long as there is english. n most dap current batch of leaders share the same mindset, i cant prove this but i know from my experience listening/reading to their talks/writes. i still think the pro 1school malay shd support dap because they share the same ideal.

  12. Oh yes, Ellese – MARA colleges.

    What’s your position?

  13. Dear HY…

    I like to share this with you…

    • interesting. corruption is an equalizing force? but at least they justify from the angle of class. the self examination remarks could make us think, and hmmm… ashamed at the same time.

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