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Kenapa rakyat suka diperbodohkan?


I read with dismay how many of our rakyat gullibly believe in many false and fraudulent allegations. Some are outright outrageous non sensical argument arising from the ignorance of our voting laws and practices. And I blame this confusion on the government and their inept public relations.

First let me clarify on our electoral process. There are concerns especially on the registration list but none justify the outright lies made on our process and the inhumane treatment of our fellow human being who happen to look Bangladeshi. In our haste to be “righteous” we overlook that Malaysians have many peculiarities. PR MP Ong Kian Ming wrongful allegation of an adopted Indian with Chinese name as Bangladeshi is a good example. The accuser was subject to unjustified ridicule and shame. He was probably scared to exercise his constitutional right to vote; afraid to be treated as a bangla. I hope he did vote despite the unfair allegation. But my, what have we become in taking laws into our own hands.

The fight for justice must always be based on truth and not falsehood. The end cannot and will not justify the ends. You cannot create lies to mislead people to achieve a goal. Once you do this there is no end to this. We as nation must stand and be counted to say we want no part of these lies.

There is plenty to write, but let us be clear on the process on the polling and counting days.

Every political parties are entitled to be represented throughout the process and all of them did. They are called polling agent or counting agents. (“PACA”). The job of PACA is not only to monitor the process but if there’s something incorrect, they are to object and ensure compliance.

The PACAs are given a list of voters in their saluran by their parties. If parties believe there’s dubious names, they would have informed the PACAs. Before PACAs start their duties, they will be shown the room including the transparent ballot box which should be empty. The transparent ballot box is then signed and sealed by all parties. Having been satisfied, they will sit down and observe every voters who come in and verify them against their list. Each voter’s name will be called to cross check. So if a person with dubious IC say a young man appearing with an IC of a seventy year old, PACA can object. They should.

Initially it’s an exiciting event. All PACAs will ensure all the processes are complied with and some eagerly await the time to object. But by noon and evening, as most PACAs would have experienced, its a straight forward transparent process with not much opportunity to object. The polling proceeded clockwork. Boringlah after a while.

Then by 5pm, all the saluran were closed. Then the counting agent role starts. The counting is done immediately after voting at the same saluran classroom. In certain scenarios parties take a 30 minutes break. In this instance PACAs before leaving will ensure there’s nothing in the room and the transparent ballot box is sealed with their signature. If they are not happy they can object. All must then leave the room and its locked by the police. PACA will watch the classroom so that there’s no one entering it at all or they can object again.

When counting is done each vote will be shown before the parties’ PACAs. The unclear votes will be set aside. Both have to agree whether they can accept or reject the unclear votes. So this is where both PACAs will fight out. If the votes are close, PACA can ask for a recount until they are certain.

So, after counting and being duly satisfied, PACA will sign the required forms. The PACA will then or should report to their political parties the voting numbers. PACAs job at saluran is done. They will realise that the process is too transparent that the only exciting part of active involvement is on the unclear votes. Even this its easy to decipher whether its undi rosak or not.

Now at the central voting stations, all the forms will be compiled. Here PACA will need to be good in additional maths. They add up the numbers of the forms. Fairly straight forward and again if there’s a miscount PACA object lah. There is no more counting of votes at the central counting area unless the saluran is there or there are postal votes. Please note on postal votes, its done separately in a different room just like the saluran. The postal votes come in the form of postal bags which differ from the ballot box.

Now lets go to the fraudulent allegations.

One of the most common serious allegation is the introduction of ballot boxes. As you can read above its not possible. PACA is always watching this. There is no opportunity to introduce. The ballot box is transparent and PACA can even see how the votes are stacked. The ballot box is even sealed with their signature attached. How can it be introduced before PACAs eyes is beyond comprehension. This allegation is non sensical.

Could this ballot box be introduced for the postal votes count? If you look at the pictures on the web, all of them that I’ve seen are ballot boxes. They are not postal bags. These votes in ballot box would have been counted already and signed by the PACA in the required forms at the saluran.

Second is the black out. Almost all saluran counting starts at the latest 5.30pm. How does this blackout occurs at 5.30 pm? Pictures shown there are camera men around that doesn’t make sense. PACA would have objected to any unauthorized person being near the votes or in the classes. Anyway, assuming lah at 5.30 pm its already pitch dark (like during winter), the PACA is there to observe. They would have heard people opening the door, the unauthorized person walking in and the introduction of new boxes without their signature. Its an unbelievable leap of logic.

In any event please bear in mind that any counting of votes must be agreed by all. PACA can ask for recount. They then signed the forms. PACA also has the number informed to the head of PACA. If it doesn’t tally, object lah. But you will see there’s no report of this objection pun.

Having said that I admit we do have issues in our election procedure. Malapproportionment is an issue. The registration list can be argued as an issue. But none of these non sensical irrelevant allegation above justifies any fraud or cheating by any standard or burden of proof in the world. They don’t make sense. PACA didn’t object to it. So why in the world those who did not witness it keep harping on things which are acceptable to the political parties’ representatives. Kenapalah rakyat kita suka sangat diperbodohkan.



5 thoughts on “Kenapa rakyat suka diperbodohkan?

  1. P2bm and JW, all the issues on election, ill answer here.

  2. I don’t accept the argument its difficult to prove in election courts so we don’t want to go to the courts.

    Its simple. If you cannot prove you lie big time. Period. Our standard of proof in court is the same as other standard of proof in UK or other commonwealth jurisdiction. We will never bend a law just to favour PR. What a sick mindset.

  3. Not all the rakyat will be fooled for long but the accusations & answers/responses are educational.

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