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Why are pr supporters so unable to accept the truth


I think I’m wasting my time with some people unable to accept facts. If you want to say the election sees the split between urban and non urban I can somewhat agree. But some refused to acknowledge the fact that it was the Chinese unison that tipped it off the urban votes dramatically. As a result we see Malays swing to bn. I’ve been saying the same thing. If pr wants to win it has to give more face to pas for Malay votes. Give in to the Malay/Muslim issues. Don’t only push for the Chinese interest. So now this is from aliran. Please note I’ve been selective as I didnt ask permission to recopy the whole.

“Preliminary analysis based on Sungai Siput experience

By Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj

(MP for Sungai Siput)

It was 8.00pm on 5 May 2013, polling day, and we were at the main counting centre. Our tally of the 100-odd Form 14s that our counting agents had brought back showed that we had won with a majority of about 2,600 votes.

But there was none of the elation that accompanied our 2008 win over Samy Vellu. We were feeling down because the Form 14s were showing that Malay and Indian Malaysian support for us had declined when compared with the 2008 general election. It was the overwhelming swing of Chinese Malaysian voters towards Pakatan that had propelled us to the win.

…..but first let me share why we came to the above conclusion. The majority of Sungai Siput voters cast their ballots in polling stations where there is a mixture of ethnic groups voting. But there are several seats which are virtually mono-ethnic, and these can be used to gauge the sentiment of that community.

For example, more than 95 per cent of the voters in the polling stations in Table One are Malay. [not included]


A 6.6 per cent drop overall! This would mean about 17 per cent of the Malays who voted for me in 2008, have now switched to BN! …..

I strolled over to the screen where they were tabulating the results for Hj Mazlan, the PAS candidate for Lintang DUN, and I saw that his returns mirrored mine. The PAS candidate was also losing Malay support compared to 2008!

There are two polling stations in Sungai Siput constituency where a large majority of voters are Indian Malaysians – Elphil with 85 per cent Indian voters and Changkat Salak with about 70 per cent Indian voters. The majority of the remaining voters in these two station are Malays.

These figures seem to indicate that the Indian vote in the Changkat Salak polling station declined by an even bigger percentage than the Malay votes in Table One! Depressing! Our outreach was most thorough for the Indian Malaysian community as they were the ones who came most to our service centre. Yet we were losing their votes. ……

But I did win with a larger majority! That was due to the overwhelming swing of Chinese Malaysian support for the Pakatan Rakyat, and the Chinese are the largest ethnic group in Sungai Siput at 39 per cent.

Chinese voter support

The Chinese vote has gone up significantly. Sungai Buloh was an anomaly – the base of YB Leong, the popular Jalong State Assembly woman for 2008–2013. Leong Mee Meng was dropped at the 11th hour from the candidate list.

The decrease in Malay vote is reflected in PAS’ and PKR’s performances in Perak and Kedah. My niece in Klang told me that there too they saw a drop in Malay support for the Pakatan Rakyat. This appears to be a widespread phenomenon and the opposition must give it serious analysis.

The Election Commission was far from neutral or professional. And reforming them should be one of the main items on the opposition agenda. But to attribute the PR’s electoral setback in 2013 wholly to SPR manipulation and cheating does disservice to our cause as, as I have shown above there was a shift in the Malay and Indian vote back to the BN. We have to understand this if we are serious of getting to Putrajaya in the next general election.

Is it because the rural Malays do not know of the corruption and abuse of power by Umno-BN? Or is it because they are afraid that a Pakatan government would be dominated by the DAP and would limit the various modalities of assistance that the Malay poor are receiving? It is important that we sort this out as the strategies for handling these two different possible causes of Malay voter reluctance are quite different.

My sense is that it is the latter reason – the DAP’s “exuberance” is undermining Malay support for PAS and PKR, very much like how Umno “arrogance” has undermined the MCA and Gerakan! Has the PR sufficient cohesion and maturity to handle this difficult issue?

And we mustn’t forget that the non-Malay community can be spooked by “exuberance” on the part of PAS regarding the implementation of hudud. Again, has the PAS leadership the maturity to accept that hudud cannot be pushed at this point – that good governance and caring for the underprivileged under the auspices of a welfare state are also “Islamic”?

…… Does the PR have the long-term vision to be able to strike the correct balance? Can it control the politicians who “shoot from the hip”? One wonders. Malaysia does need principled and mature political leaders.”


12 thoughts on “Why are pr supporters so unable to accept the truth

  1. i agree it is a waste of time. the more i explain the more i evolve into another helen ang.

    • I do agree with you HY.

      Most of the Malays are worried about the Chinese, particurlarly from ‘Parti Roket’ which is synonym to the communist… and so is my mother-in-law’s thinking. On the election day she reminded us ‘kau orang mesti ingat masa depan anak cucu kau orang… jangan sesekali beri Cina memerintah’. Yeah… lets not waste time on her. So me and my spouse drove her to the polling station and walked with her to the voting room and we waited outside. We did remind her if you do not like PKR you must ‘pangkah “X” (tidak suka) pada tanda PKR’. However, although she is 84 years old, she was quick and sharp to say “O tidak, aku nak pangkah BN”. Me and my spouse just LoL.

      The Malays are more worried of the Chinese rather than worrying for their Millenials becoming Zindiqs. Agree again, lets not waste the time.

    • wow this is a good wakaka. i listen to my mum and her comrade line of reasoning when campaign for mca, everyone makan duit and every man play woman so what is the big deal? that is why i never dare to tell 100% chinese vote pr.

      • HY,
        So sorry to budge in into your serious discussion but I like to draw attention to your mum’s and her comrades’ line of reasoning about “…every man play woman…”. In the PR probably we have man play man too. So much for “sup bontot”, too much of which can cause “ceret beret”. Sorry again.

      • hussin, i think that is fine, everyone have their own line of reasoning to support anyone and any party, my point is to substantiate hasan claim that i shouldn’t waste my time on my mum and her friends, since even woman dont perceive “play woman” a problem, because every man do it. i am referring to CSL, which admitted to the world that he did it. i am not sure who you are refering wrt your comment, perhaps you could enlighten us?

      • tsk..tsk..tsk.. hussin.. you should not base your comment on something that has remained an inadmissible hearsay. I think that in their natural and ordinary or by way of innuendo the words of your comment are false and malicious or defamatory. A person(s) can commence an action based on libel against you and claim for general, special, aggravated and punitive damages with cost and interest. Don’t you remember Amizudin bin Ahmat?

        By the way, as HY said, perhaps you could enlighten us who you are referring to with regard to your comment.

        • hasan,
          Actually I feel very sad for CSL whom I don’t know personally and whom I’ve never found myself face-to-face with. I am not a BN or UMNO man/member either but I’ve always had high regards for CSL (a gentleman) who was ever-ready to own up to this kind of moral slip-up. There was no more perception involved after his admission. Perception lingers only if there are emphatic denials followed by threats of court actions like you just reminded me about although no one in particular should be hurt by my remarks – if you were to read them properly.

        • hussin,

          Guilty until proven innocent. Guilty until proven guilty. Your perception is a dichotomy of the aforesaid contending principles vying for the upper hand. Your perception is also beset by the uncertainties of your intention which is begging to be misunderstood and what is at the end as I see it is merely a sophiscated well-turned barb.

          Heemmh… by the way, I know CSL but I am closer to his sibbling by the name of CLS, and my family currently owns a small piece of landed property contiguous to CSL’s which we are now offering him to buy. We are that close. Heck, I think CSL should have retired from politics and spend more time with his mistress, so to speak.

          • Yes, hasan, I fully understand but sometimes being distant and impersonal in relationship with others will hinder one from being too biased or handicapped in one’s character assessment of them. For you to be “…that close” to CSL perhaps the close proximity could have coloured your objectivity. Still, I could be wrong again perhaps – it’s just a perceptive vision.

          • I think we just want to tell how some like to twist the ‘truth’ (since our host talk about truth in his last few article) for their partisan mindset though we tend to deny it, until a stage we dont know what we are talking about.

            here i cite one classic example : rpk say umno dont need non malay vote to win, cina tsunami is a good prove, he then claim chinese support is one that allow umno to form govt in the pass 50 years, so which statement have more ‘truth’?

      • And clearly MCA has been rejected even by MCA members and BN supporters. You cannot deny that PR wins over MCA is purely from Chinese voters. The BN supporters including MCA just don’t like CSL.

        Although silently people may not have strong objections to the sexual life of CSL, this is politics and must be seen as morally clean. It’s the perception. In somebody else’s case it was never proven true regardless of rumors.

        Public office will be subjected to public scrutiny. CSL and MCA have seen the results although they secretly thought people will be so forgiving. My MCA friends do not have anything good to say about CSL and the present team and feel very sad things have gone down the deep end.

  2. Ellese Anak Abdul Pegecut

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