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PAS bigots? Its fine to support biggots?


I have written many countless times, an action must have the same value irrespective of the doer. If one you like does an act you deemed good, a similar act of your foe must be right as well. Politicians con us all the times (for amplication to many, it includes PR). I am not that surprise if many follow this personality driven value, but find even those who appear intelligent are unable to distinguish this simple right or wrong. Now as election nears I’m inundated by rubbish propaganda that I think we’re a screwed nation.

The last write was telling. It was a simple value of not degrading our servicemen/government purely on the basis they are paid or its their duty. It doesn’t mean you can’t criticise them for not performing. It doesn’t mean that you need to support. But if one does good you recognise the effort. It doesn’t matter if its PR or BN.

But as a result of partisanship many pro pr supporters believe that is a valid position. They don’t want to recognise anything that BN does so no way its a good value. But funny thing these same people ask people to support pr in recognition of pr governments efforts. Tak da pula argument they being paid or its their duty. Funny value these people have and still believe they are right.

I have been writing for years on this. Don’t do this. It will lead to ridiculous conclusion. For example, as a result of calling TPM merely based on his statement, one staunch pro pr now have to call all PAS leaders as bigots based on the same basis. He condemns both as racist and bigots but because of PR he had to support whom he called the bigots. Then what makes him. He is putting himself deeper and deeper into a corner. In the first place it was not wrong pun but because of propaganda he was taken in.

So don’t do this. Just take a step back. Assess the act and not the doer. Ask how does it apply to you and your foe. Otherwise you get a result where you condemn racism but support bigotry. Then proudly tell the world its a right stand while others laugh at the hypocritical position.


37 thoughts on “PAS bigots? Its fine to support biggots?

  1. “I am not that surprise if many follow this personality driven value, but find even those who appear intelligent are unable to distinguish this simple right or wrong.”

    It is not following a ‘personality driven value’. It is an against following a ‘corrupt personality driven value’.

    Nothing wrong with NEP/NDP/ETP. I will support where it is appropriate. It is the MoF Inc or Menteri Kewangan Diperbadankan (MKD) image. It is ‘doing things as they like’ as if they are in private corporation and answerable to no one outside of the cabinet… where files drop from the sky… where members enrich themselves and where cronies and coteries can just take their pick on projects, so to speak.

    • Well said hasan!

      Some intelligent people are unable to distinguish this simple right or wrong of “corrupt personality driven value”

    • You mean like the way the open tender system is being executed in Penang? Where files drop from the sky, where members enrich themselves and where cronies and coteries can just take their pick on projects. So to speak.

      • Please provide examples.

      • Same same lah… BN has extra benefits including nepotism. πŸ˜€

        • PKR has wife daughter and father as nepotism trio. Pad has TGNA and son. Dap has lks and LGE, and messers karpal Singh & sons.

          Whoa!!! All serving politicians. Nepotism at the max man this PR….

          • We are not on the same page, I am taking about nepotism in PROJECTS awarded.

            Why UMNO elect Najib, Hishamuddin and Mukhriz? All their fathers are Prime Ministers. Did UMNO did it because they want to continue with the legacy of corrupt practice?

            Or… perhaps you have indoctrine that UMNO must appreciate what their fathers did for the country, hence they are there not because they are the best to lead the country. It because…

            “Being ingrate is a NOT good value.”

            Hence, Ellese ethics encourages clowns to run this country. What a degrading principle.

  2. Whatever it is, bigot or racist? We have seen and heard it all.

    I thought UMNO has learn the lesson, apparently not. When UMNO field Zulkifli Noordin and Ibrahim Ali (hoodwink us by technicality) as WINNABLE candidate. That’s it, UMNO just helped me to made my voting decision.

    We, the Rakyat already had the time to read, see and hear since 8th March 2008. We have been rule by BN for 56 years, we can evaluate the policies that UMNO has created. We also have learn a little just recently from hakbersuara because since inception of hakbersuara, I was drowned with personality attacks and nothing is useful for the building of the nation. Initially hakbersuara FAILED to talk about issues that Malaysian is facing. Only the last few topics seem to made headway, but not this topic, again it is back to morality questioning of the commentators. Sudahlah… when my hari kiamat comes, Allah will know whether to offer me virgins or let me burn in hell.

    We have seen how Penang and Selangor was managed by PR. It is more or less, we are able to decide whom we want to be in the Federal Government. It is only the appetizer.

    Okaylah, lets ikut suka hati Ellese. BN and PR is bad (ok satisfied, Ellese?). Now come 5th May 2013, hari yang bersejarah di Malaysia. We have to decide which is the less bad to choose from.

    Okay, Ellese, you follow me so far?

    Now, ladies and gentlemen which is the less bad coalition party to choose from?
    Time for whining and nagging is over, it is decision time.

    I would like Ellese to state whom is he going to vote and why?

    • Kahkahkah….anyway we all know how you’re voting years ago….. Don’t tell me you knew about it recently…:-)

      • Aku Janji siapa nak pilih, dah lama. Ini cuma mengukuhkan pendirian saya.

        Bagaimana dengan saudara, belum ada pendirian lagi, lalang ke?

        • The main job of any modern leader must be the improvement of people’s quality of life.

          • Anybody can do that, even you, Ellese.

            UMNO cannot resist the temptation of under table money. How is that translate to improvement of people’s quality life when things cost more because of corrupt practice.

          • I’m not defending umno nor PKR corrupt and fraudulent practices. I condemn them. Are you selective?

          • You ARE the one whom been selective in your attack.

            I have told you and hundreds of others commentators have told you the same thing. UMNO is in power, they are the government, they have NO will power to combat corrupt and fraudulent practices.


    • “We have seen how Penang and Selangor was managed by PR. It is more or less, we are able to decide whom we want to be in the Federal Government. It is only the appetizer.”

      No, thanks. I live in PJ and I have seen the “quality” of Pakatan management up close. They asked for a chance, we gave them 5 years, that’s why we are kicking them out now.

      BTW. Funny you omitted to mention the Pakatan’s management of Kelantan and Kedah. Why is that?

      • Kedah and Kelantan are foregone conclusion of inability to manage.All pro pr supporters already admitted that. They praise selangor and Penang.

        • Don’t know enough to say much about Kedah and Kelantan except the AG report did say good things about them and their cash reserves are much higher than before. They performed better than other BN states too, and clean.

          If they are so hopeless, maybe Kelantan should get their rightful oil royalty so they have the finances to move things?

          Dr Anwar, did you know the Selangor Govt now has RM1.6 billion in reserves after spending RM800 million on rakyat projects, the highest in history, while Khir Toyo before could only muster RM800 million? That too they would have pared down had they known BN would lose Selangor.

          Not sure what you mean the “quality” of Pakatan management. But none of them ever took a project or gotten cheap state land at all. In fact, I was made to understand the Selangor Govt passed a law forbidding this. How many pieces of good state land went to Umno goons on the cheap who built condos etc? Or traveled to Disneyland spending RM1.2 million with their families and maids as a study tour? Such never happened on Pakatan watch. They just don’t do it the same as BN, maybe that’s why you feel they are not good.

          By the way, they also don’t use state machinery to run their campaigns because they are caretakers only and for official use. Party politics must use party funds. What does that say about BN?

          • Please lah. If you want to wholly rely on AG report, then you must praise Taib Mahmud. But you will never give that recognition coz you want to apply selectively. Similarly with Kedah and Kelantan. If you want we can compare states but you will never recognise bn contribution. Please lah. An act must have the same value. It cannot be its right if you do it, and wrong if your foes do it. At this site you can’t do it.

            And on oil royalty, based on my current understanding, no way you can get 20%. In the first place its on disputed Thai Malaysian border ( overlapping claim and beyond state land). Thus the PSC was not awarded by Mal govt but by joint Mal Thai authority (MTJA). If we hadn’t agreed with the Thais such area couldn’t be explored. This 20% royalty is thus not possible by the treaty. You can easily google this information.

            How come we based on so many false premises. I blame bn, pr, social media and Malaysian lazy selective reading. Also the MSM and AM who times and again fail to adopt SPJ to tell the truth as they are.

          • Yes, Sawarak also did very well from an investment standpoint. But that’s where it ends. AG never praise Sarawak from a governance standpoint. Please read the AG report.

            Wrt oil royalty dispute, I shall leave it to the court to decide. The BN Govt has instead channeled Terengganu oil royalties via Umno and called wang ehsan when they lost control of that state. The same Govt never applied the same terms to Kelantan for oil royalty payments.

            If you are right, I am sure the court will give due consideration. You are not sure, neither am I. So how can you judge these are false premises? If you have done your research, do share.

          • Trengganu oil fields were never part of the overlapping claim. How can you say its the same. Please I ask you to just google MTJA and then we discuss.


          • Not my cup of tea so I stay with what I am familiar, with my latte πŸ˜‰

          • Voted already?


      • “Why is that?”

        maybe the ag report never say much thing good about kedah n kelantan? so what is funny? i never read much from you all that commend penang n selangor, why is that?

        • AG report say little about the smaller states because of lesser activities. In fact, Kedah and Kelantan have been praise for their governance. Little audit problems compared to the BN states and GLCs.

          I don’t say much because I am only aware of few things in their administration.

          One constant complaint is that they do not engage the brightest minds to advice in economic development.

          However, to be fair, I had some opportunities to look into possible projects in Kedah and Kelantan. I find that there is little they can do unless there is money and they don’t have. Similarly to places like Perlis, NS and Melaka where they do not have much natural resources for income stream.

          But I have heard good things that there is little to no corruption in Kelantan. Any comments?

  3. Guys

    Ditto ditto πŸ˜‰

    History in the making I think but as usual, Ellese will have something to say as the last word.

    • Jom Undi lah.

      Tapi… ada orang belum buat keputusan lagi, silap-silap mungkin belum daftar.


        • Anyone whom make a statement like politics is dirty. Both BN and PR are equally gullible on matters that they should not be.

          This is the kind of person whom cannot made a stand, he wants to make a fair comment on of both BN and PR. It is only fair not to register as a voter or spolit the vote, just to make his vote void. For this virtue, it is only the fair way because non of them will get your vote.

          This is the kind of person whom likes creating chaos in this country.

          Is the type of person whom enjoy having a hung parliament in his country. According to his analogy, it is only fair to have a hung parliament because it is 50/50.

          Ellese, you do happen to know anyone whom has this type of character?

  4. Music time : I guess this song was written for BN.

    Andainya aku pergi dulu sebelummu
    Janganlah kau bersedih hati

    no we are not πŸ™‚

  5. Andre Bocelli now sings “Time to say good bye” to BN? LOL He’ll be at Bukit Jalil Stadium toorrow.


  6. Yup voted early. Went to line up at 7:40 am and done by 9:00 am. Washed away the indelible ink too…sigh what is happening to SPR? Best to try washing away as much because an accidentally wet finger can smear the indelible ink on your clothes. That will be worse

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