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Being ingrate is a good value?


I keep coming up with people around the blog arguing time and again that we should not recognise the efforts of the government or civil servants because they are being paid and its a duty to provide.

It went to the extent that I saw Norman’s KRU was criticized that all the “rezeki” comes from Allah so we don’t have to thank those who contribute.

Our politicians are really screwed and the followers are really blind. Don’t everybody realise that these same politicians go around town parading their achievement and what they have done and never an inch say its part of their duties. Its hypocritical.

As a value, I have written many times that all politicians without exception have defective values which we shouldn’t follow. We must always check and recheck the values of their action. And how we measure this is always to see what value we want to inculcate in our children.

I think as a parental value, we must always appreciate effort and if we benefit from them we must always say thank you. Thus children must always appreciate what the parents do (even though defective) and say thank you to them notwithstanding its the parents obligations to provide. To impart other values are simply wrong to me.

Following from here, we inculcate in our children appreciation of efforts especially when they receive the benefit. Thus, we teach our children to appreciate say efforts of our army or even the traffic cop who manages the traffic under the hot sun notwithstanding they are paid to do it. Its just right and good manners.

This is where many got it wrong. Every effort done by government (be it bn or pr) should be recognised despite they’re being paid. We dont be selective. I’ve been involved in some neac meetings last time, and really appreciate how people proposed ideas and solutions. Also appreciated how government servants push to implement the recommendations. Its an incredible effort. And for that I have major issues with politicians and followers to dismiss this effort on the basis that its their duty and have been paid for it.

These criticism devalues the efforts for the sake of partisanship. This is wrong. Worse we don’t know what we want and make hypocritical stand. For example, many don’t realise it was a huge effort to create domestic growth engine in view of unfavorable worldwide economic environment. The ETP and Pemandu I thought was exemplary in their effort and we should praise them rather than ridiculing it on insignificant point. So we know what stand we take. But now we condemn ETP but offered no new domestic growth engine. I think this value is wrong and simply condemn what is good for us.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t criticise. We can and we should on the policy or execution shortcomings thereof. But we don’t criticise by saying its your job to do it so we don’t appreciate it. Thus I have no problem bn claiming brim as their initiatives and so rightly take recognition of it. Similarly with pr initiatives as they now tout everywhere. As a rakyat we want both bn and pr to compete for our benefit. No one should be excuse for non performance. The argument that an effort should not be recognised on the basis that its one’s duty or job is just plain wrong for me.

Ps: Main part of the doc is from my previous comment which I think merit a distinct post.


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  1. Ellese,

    Base on your argument, there is where we failed to kick out politicians whom do not perform. When you want to in doctrine appreciation to leaders, which is an Asian culture and value, we the Rakyat would be taken for granted and later abuse because of our gratitude. After 56 years, the politicians becomes braver and braver, who is to blame, we the Rakyat for giving them the mandate.

    When the Rakyat wakes up and takes a stand when the politicians do wrong, they ISAed us. ISA can never be use for political reason. If our number is large enough UMNO would send in battalions of FRU to whack us, tear gas us and water cannoned us with chemically-laced water.

    If the poor Malays continue to give their vote to UMNO elite and whom did not reciprocate them with help to increase their standard of living but only thinking of enriching themselves then the poor Malays deserve to be sodomise for another term.

    It has been clearly seen from the kampung folks perspective, those whom are from early post merdeka days is still having this appreciation craved into their heart. They have refuse to accept that their new generation leaders has turn bad, very bad and evil too.

    This is my stand of politician, if you want appreciation, we reciprocate and reward you by re-electing you to office. Ellese, have you not seen the tears from politician when they are re-elected, that is the appreciation that money can’t buy (figuratively speaking, well it cost tons of money for some). I have seen that many times, on your previous dictator for 22 years, the crocodile tears that been flowing out from his eyes on every victory that he had.

    I dictate that to be in politics, is to search for SELF-ACTUALIZATION as gratification because you want serve the people. Not the gratification of enriching oneself with wealth. That is the appreciation that you will get when you are re-elected given to you by your voters, but apparently UMNO appreciation is in tons of money in their Swiss bank account. Hell, with the appreciation from the Rakyat. UMNO don’t care about the Rakyat, it is their bank account that takes priority.

    That is the bare, blunt and painful facts, if you cannot take it, don’t join politics. Might as well visit a prostitute and get yourself gratified.


    • Man you totally lost me.

      My write is simple, its wrong to devalue and condemn ones effort simply because its their duty to do so.

      This is a wrong value. Do you agree or not.

      If you disagree do you condemn selangor banner I saw just now saying asking people to berterima kasih for free water.

      Choose one.

      All the other point you raise are inconsequential. Please answer one way of the other. I may do a write on what I see on billboards of what Selangor is saying. Then we condemn PKR. Ok tak?

      • Ellese quote: My write is simple, its wrong to devalue and condemn ones effort simply because its their duty to do so.
        >> I have to disagree. You are on the same road as with UMNO. Asking forgiveness and another opportunity. No way. Times up!

        Let say, you employ a staff, whom you pay salary and fringe benefits including free parking, membership to a gym, health and medical benefits. Then, your staff do not perform, including coming late to work, max out his medical leave, making false claim and liaise with suppliers to cheat the company. But he can bring in big projects and big sales for the company which the company able to make profits from it.

        What will you do?

        a. Have a chat with him in Starbucks.
        b. Reprimand him
        c. Give him a warning
        d. Sack him.

        Believe me there is many companies facing the above problems, they are on dilemma on what to do.

        Can you help advise them?

        • Look at strength and weakness. May be ask him to do what he’s good at.

          Now back to the question, if bn delivered solid growth at 5/6 %, is it reasonable to say that its nothing coz its the governments duty to provide.

          • Then what is the government for? They are put there for a reason.

          • No. Some can’t perform pun. In Singapore they deliver day in day out solid growth no one says its governments duty to perform so PAP should not claim credit.

            It doesn’t matter. Its the value that matters. Anyway is it wrong for LGE to claim that he says Penang done very well economically and even praised by AG. Do I hear from you: so what? Its the governments duty?

            These are all wrong values bro.

          • Claiming credit for something and being thanked for something are 2 very different things. It’s possible to rightly claim credit for a success, yet get slammed for not doing things correctly. It is also possible to fail utterly yet receive thanks for going beyond the call of duty.

          • Lets adopt JW values. We must condemn LGE and Khalid. They ask people to vote for useless free waterlah, tuition lah etc. we also condemn LGE for saying he’s transparent and managing their economy well. They’re paid to do subpar work. Useless betul. Its their duty man.

    • What do you think Anwar is there for? Self actualization? What is the Penang tunnel for? Self actualization?

  2. “The ETP and Pemandu I thought was exemplary in their effort and we should praise them rather than ridiculing it on insignificant point.”

    The main objective of the CS is to genuinely make the life of others better. Half of my close relatives are in the government sector and personally, I think, most of them are making their lives better first, then only others.

    Not that I am not appreciative of the CS/EPU/PEMANDU. But letโ€™s take an example: Our existing RapidKL LRT lines cost only about RM100.0 million per kilometer. Now, ten years later, our new MRT line is costing us about RM300.0 million per kilometer. To justify it they will say it is due to inflation la, different engineering specifications la, new technology la, etcโ€ฆ

    Do you genuinely believe that we cannot make it a lot lot lot cheaper?

    • I totally agree with you, hasan.

      Part of the reason why the Federal Government (reads BN) likes to do mega projects, the cost of building is subjective and unknown to the layman. The means, any price is a-okay. It depends how much BN wants to siphon from it. Only our neighbouring countries will know whether it is reasonable, if it is not, it is non of their business to be busybody about it.

      How do you think international independent bodies did the corruption rating in Malaysia. By being busybody, right?

      But the politician has forgotten that this hoodwink method does not work for procurement of products. In procurement, we could check easily from various sources. That is how, we are able to check how much a Scorpene submarine cost. The same goes to the few warships (kononnya warship, actually patrol boat.) that the navy is buying. Well, when you call it a warship or a battleship not a patrol boat, it is a BIG name, hence cost more lah because that is how BN name it. As again, we have check the price, it is much cheaper than quoted.

      Okay, BN will use the standard spin to justify the procurement value. Only the kampung folks would buy into it.

      That is the reality, it has been perfected by 56 years of rule.

    • Its fine to argue on implementation. We can argue that it should be tender or of lesser amount. But to argue we shouldn’t appreciate it because its a duty of others to provide its very wrong. What’s wrong of saying thank you for the brim if you benefit from it?

      What’s worse these people support pula if PR asks to appreciate the free water?

      Please choose one.

      • “Please choose one.”

        We all have learned this in school “Orang berbudi kita berbahasa, Orang memberi kita merasa”. Agreed, we should be thankful to those for their contributions to us, to the people and to the nation.

        However, we should say thank you when and where appropriate. It should not encapsulate to mean YES to the contributor or NO to the non-contributor.

      • Using this logic, you should be thankful when a corrupt politician steals your money, then throws you a few crumbs at election time in the form of free dinners. After all, he gives you something (even if he did take it from you earlier), you should say thank you.

  3. my gratitude is only toward my parents, teacher, cikgu, laoshi, that’s all. and if ranking is a must, politician is at bottom, negative if that are allowed. I can agree with wave first half, but not the self actualization part. it is just me, i don’t speak for others.

    ps/ hasan, thanks, i know the song well but didn’t know the title ‘honey’. we shd from time to time share thing past and good music. i wrote b4 i lived next to jungle in the 70′, it was during this period i listen to many western music but not knowing the name and who the singer, of course the familiar one is the beatles, it was the supposed best ‘national school’ era, u shd know better.

    • HY,

      Self-actualization is a big word, it is a goal which we have our sight targeted on. Perhaps only 2% of the population subscribe to it.

      I would prefer businessman whom had made their career, professional whom has been successful and NGOs whom has done bountiful for the society. Being a politician, is an up-grade. Perhaps, it is something you do, before you meet Allah.

      I am impress with the selection done by MCLM, peer headed by RPK and Haris Ibrahim.

      What we see now, is scumbags trying to be a politicians. Do I need to name them, you know who they are.

      Don’t vote for them and avoid them like plague.

      Hmm… some of them are “edible” too. Anyone want fried frog legs?

    • Wave, to a politician, could self actualization mean more power and control of his people instead of serving? And I have problem to understand and appreciate how MCLM selection process fit into our capitalistic and democracy framework, let say within a location and a party, I think it is sort of elitism that would definitely go against the wish of commoners, the end result is as we see a egoistic kid crying for mama similar to those potential candidate that fail to being selected now contest as independent.

      I think it is too idealistic to demand politician to serve people, it is as if we expect a business entity to do non profit oriented activities that go against it nature. Politician objective is to gain power and to serve himself via a process of serving people, and to learn how to compromise is a prerequisite, or even act like a dog if necessary, donโ€™t you find it strange how the MCLM selected principled candidate could suddenly become a politicin when they have zero grassroots support? Fact is most of them cant unless with the top leader consent, which mean cronyism.

      My point is it is very difficult to assess what is good politician and bad politician, my basic guideline is as long as what they did would benefit all including themselves, I am fine. But if what they did is to benefit self and damage to others, I would despise such politician , for instance, Mahathir and LKY.

      Solely my personal viewpoint from a commoner perspective just in case people ask who am i to criticize the authoritarian leaders.

      • Your second para is spot on. I think you have seen enough. And because of that I cannot be and will fail to be a politician. I find it very hard to compromise.

        On third para, I have to disagree in relation to Mahathir n LKY. I prefer leaders like Mahathir n LKY than incompetent political leaders who are just good at talking non sense like [ i feel kind so I’m not putting names down]

      • we can agree to diagree on mahathir n lky. my justification is japan, korea, taiwan and hk had a quite similar growth rate during the same period. i am not clear if it is bec of leader, or people, or a open economy that embrace capitalism with relatively stable environment. lets look at china, many deem the speedy progress owing to deng xiopeng, but mao contribution is not less bec he settle the country security issue and provide a ready infrastructure for others to work on, the most important aspect is perhaps deng accept the failure of close and control economy. this is a good topic to explore later after election.

        • HY…. music time. I remember that you like this song very much.

        • ko masih ingat? banyak kamcing la u, thanks. nak tanya tu lyrik kecek kelate kah?

          another one i like is from sudirman, i remember something like ‘terasing’?

          • Ya lyrik tu kecek kelate la… Nah ini dia lagu yang u nak tu… u ni HY memang nakal la..

  4. I think before anyone starts to make further comment on this post. It is better to go back to basics. Like watching the latest movie “Lincoln” with Daniel Day-Lewis playing President Abraham Lincoln. There are many quotes in the movies. Some are re-quoted by African American.

    Try to understand what is means to be a politicians.

    • No one is perfect. Even if someone you don’t like help you out you should still be thankful for that effort. You don’t have to support him.

      So if firemen come all the way to your house to help put out a fire from destroying your house, you don’t go to him its your duty so no one should appreciate the effort. They may be late 3 mins and you can tell them. But you should not condemn his action just because he’s paid and under duty.thats really bad manners and values. This is what PR teaches which I find repulsive.

      What is good is good. Recognise it. No one ask you to support pun. Everyone can do good and bad. Just because one is a thief he cannot help. If he helps the elderly recognise the effort. But he’s still a thief.

      That’s why I find many PR supporters are having screwed values. This also applies to BN but they seldom approach in this manner.

      • This is a silly example. Firemen have (or should have) response times. In many countries, the appropriate response time is known. For our bomba, I’m pretty sure it’s not known.

        If a fireman did not respond in the correct response time, then he didn’t do his job. Even if he stopped my house from burning down, so what? He may have lots of excuses, but if I were to hold him to his duty, I would be remiss if I accepted them.

        The firemen themselves should feel they can do better, always. As you say, nobody is perfect. But we can all aim for perfect.

        The annoying thing is that in Malaysia, most people aim for tidakapa level. And expect to be appreciated for it.

        • You’re the one who put the lousy criteria in. All I ask is that if the firemen put out a fire from destroying your house, are you going to say to them that they deserve no recognition since its your job? Is this the value you teach your children?

          Lets establish values first. Is it right to say you don’t recognise the good of one simply because they got paid while carrying out their duties? Is that your stand and attitude?

          • And I’m saying that reality is more complicated than that. The firemen saved my house. Could they have done better? Did they do what they said they would do? Whether they saved my house is actually irrelevant.

            If my house burned down, but the firemen did everything they possibly could, arriving faster than promised, going beyond their duty etc, I would thank them. If my house didn’t burn down but they took their own sweet time turning up, I wouldn’t.

            The values I teach my children are that you shouldn’t expect thanks for doing your duty. You should expect criticism for not doing your duty, whatever successes you might achieve. You might expect thanks for going above and beyond what is expected. I expect our government to do much better than they currently do. No need to thank them.

    • Ellese, i think you conflate government, public and person all into one, not sure if others share my view. Let me do some digging and see if i could list down the respective different, pertaining to each’s rights and accountability.

      • I’m more on the values. But if you wish to distinguish ill await.

        Anyway I saw your discussion at KT. Didn’t expect him to publish my comment and i didnt follow through. but just read the ensuing discussion between you Jenny MCi etc was very good. Have you encountered them before and if so where? At KT I’m not sure what his parameters are but the other day he allowed you and was it wave or loose to have an all out heated debate. That was peculiar to say the least.

      • HY, roger.. roger.. I copy you loud and clear. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • “I keep coming up with people around the blog arguing time and again that we should not recognise the efforts of the government or civil servants because they are being paid and its a duty to provide.”

        i didnt read much on this so i dont know what exactly is the original text trying to convet, some r just for the sake of politicking so we may ignore. however if we look at the issue from a relationship between govt n citizen, it does make sense. govt derive the power from citizen hence it has a responsibility to do such an such, the citizen have no such responsibility and that is why we elect a govt. of course the citizen have civic duty but that is another story. in this context, i agree with wave that to re-elect a party/coalition as government is sufficient. civil servant represent the govt from 9 to 5, after work they r no diff from the rest ie a citizen. we thank them on a individual level like hasan put it “Orang berbudi kita berbahasa”, but that’s it. we dont have to thank govt, bn or pr. this is no clash of values.

        write fr memory, no time to dig, campaign time ma ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Campaign pun blogging lagi:-).

          So are you fine if I say Khalid was wrong to ask people to vote coz they give free water or money’s to born selangorians or better still to LGE saying he did well with the economy because all these are their duties? I see many banners like this in Selangor. Should they be condemned for adopting a BN approach.

        • i wouldnt say bn / pr is right or wrong as this is part of prapaganda n marketing. however i think they shouldnt expect gratitude from me and i wont thank any of them.

          but to vote a better govt is a necessary thing to do, i am not sure if that an acknowledment or recognised of effort. maybe it is, i think this is all i will do, vote.

          • Then you’re caught in this moral dilemma. What I want to drive is simple. Whatever good deed we recognise. Whatever bad we condemn. It matters not from who. An argument to say good deed of your foe should not be recognised simply because they’re getting paid or its their duty just doesn’t make sense. At the end we won’t be able to know what is good and what is bad.

          • i dont fully understand your contention, how do you actually assess good and bad of civil servant let say from bn? good and bad is relative, thus we only can tell something is good when we know the bad, are there not compensating each other? thus the comparison shd be one from bn and the other from pr, and our vote is sort of recognition of the better one, r we talking the same thing?

          • Say for example we compare a number of economic indicators. We can’t say its governments duty. Just not right. We get to no where.

            Many matters are subjective so we can debate. But some we can use acceptable benchmark so we use it.

            What we have now is a culture of total denial of those whom we disagree. Then we don’t know what needs to continue and what’s not.

  5. No, I disagree. Effort is not enough. Maybe in school you might give a prize to the child who studied hardest, but most prizes go to the children who gets the best results.

    Our government and civil service does not really go by results. Instead, as most people will tell you, they think the rakyat owe them a living. For a government that really judges itself by results, you just need to cross the causeway to Singapore.

    When Malaysia has that sort of standard of living, then maybe we can say that the government has done a good job. Now? Not enough.

    • Isn’t that subjective? So a firemen puts out a fire from burning your house you say in Singapore its better so I don’t have to thank you. Check your values.

      • That’s a lousy strawman you’re knocking down.

        Gratitude, in the narrow sense of expressing my thanks politely, costs nothing.

        Gratitude, in the sense that I should respond in kind – vote for the incumbent government, reward them monetarily, feel an obligation – costs something. Why should I respond in kind just because they do their job? Are they not paid to do their job?

        Sorry. There’s nothing wrong with my values. There is something wrong with the values of the people who say that we should thank our government and civil service for doing what is really a lousy job.

        For example, see the EC’s stupid excuse on the use of indelible ink – “we didn’t train our staff to shake the bottle”. Really? If you’re that incompetent maybe you should be fired and replaced with someone who can actually do the job. No, I won’t thank you for screwing up.

  6. Ellese, if you truly believe what you say, then please recognise and thank the DAP for the following, by voting for them on 5 May:

    * making an effort to forge a truly multi-racial supporter base, and putting their money where their mouth is by fielding non-Chinese candidates

    * continuing to fight for the welfare of all their constituents no matter what race they come from

    * doing a great job in Penang, benefiting every Penangite of every race

    Now according to your professed values, you should have no problem doing this whatever you think of the DAP. After all, they help at least a few Malaysians, and even if you think they are racist, you should recognise this.

    • Can. But just to clarify, are you admitting I’m right and thus you also accept the instances of PR efforts that you listed out? Or you condemn bn practices and also condemn pr practices? What’s your stand. Please choose one.

      • Right, your comment doesn’t actually make sense. BN does nothing of what I listed out, so no, I won’t bother thanking BN.

        Anyway, as I said I disagree with your stance. It’s namby-pamby, and outright harmful, because it instils a culture of low expectations. My own values say that BN has failed miserably in its duty, and PR may be better. I can support a PR government, but only on expectation that it can do better (based on past track record in Penang and Selangor). If it doesn’t, then I’ll look for an alternative.

        • Bull lah. If you’re not happy you can complain lah. But if its a good deed recognise lah.

          I ask again, do you say to LGE to shut his mouth up in praising his so called economic performance of Penang since its his duty to manage and being paid to do so? You tell Khalid to shut his mouth in asking people to vote coz he implemented the stupid free water policy coz its his duty to do and being paid for.

          • Hey, they can talk all they want. I never said I thanked them. I said that I can support them to form the next government, because they do a better job. Nothing to do with me feeling gratitude.

            Maybe you should thank them, since you think doing their job is cause for thanks.

          • Lets condemn LGE. He talk big on Penang being economically advance. He claims he’s clean lah adopting transparency lah no corruption lah. All these are bull. He’s paid to do it so shut up man. Don’t talk big LGE.

            Ps: you’re really one hypocritical person JW. In another debate with me at nut graph you praise Penang for their efforts. You’re really rubbish.

  7. Ellese has repeatedly asking for recognition and appreciation. I have to divide into two parts after reading much of Ellese comments.

    The first part, Ellese wants to know our moral standing of saying thank you. Ellese standard trademark question. The commentators morality is always in question. Be prepare for personal attack, if you give the wrong answer.

    The second part, is about politician whom does the job gets to recognize for his achievement and appreciated. This is the easy part which most of us can answer. Why do you think we have Ubah and Ini Kali lah? No prizes for the correct answer.

    It is little of a spin, it depends which comment that Ellese want to attack on. Sometime Ellese use either one and sometimes both.

    I have already answer Ellese questions on my first post. Here I would like to break it down for easy comprehension.

    Saying thank you? In comes in a package, politicians knows that very well. That is the trick CORRUPTED politicians use all the time. I know the name of our ex-dictator for 22 years is under moderation mode means Ellese has to read first before publish. (Aha! conspiracy theory. That is for another topic). hakbersuara’s blog is like onion skin, layers starts to come off piece by piece.

    Guys, follow the above guide to guide Ellese in your answers. We have some steering to do.

    To be continue….

    • Hey even second part you didn’t answer. If bn cannot do it how can you say PR can do it? Similar action must follow similar values. Other you’re a ……..

    • Please answer. Can PR asks people to vote based on their track record for things that is their duty to provide as well. So lets condemn LGE and Khalid for practicing same mindset and approach to win votes. Lets ubah them from governing selangor and Penang. Ini kalilah bro. They’ve committed the same act that bn does for 22 years to poor rural folks. Urban folks are better man. Should be smarter. We won’t be conned by pr using similar tactics. Lets ubah them.

  8. Ellese,

    test test test… I am checking something … mohon maaf

    • Sorry to potong stim bro. Since you ask ill answer. Otherwise ill leave it.

      Tak payah susah2. Be direct aje. We never agree on much pun. If ada good. If not pun ok. My stand has been similar dari dulu lagi. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Please bear with me Ellese… I am trying to remove a bug in my PC.. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Continuing the second part.

    “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.”

    Anyone done a good deed shall be thank in return. Upon receiving BR1M RM500, I would say thank you. It is just an act of courtesy.

    “Being ingrate is a good value?”
    Of course, it is not. Okay here is where Ellese lay a trap for a spin and a twist. Well, most kampung folks would oblige to it, macam terhutang budi. It takes political maturity to understand the above quote from Abraham Lincoln. UMNO does not want kampung folks to have political maturity.

    Now comes to the second part of saying thank you to politicians. Let’s take the dictator for 22 years (TDM, if I use the actual name, it will get moderated by Ellese) as an example. TDM has done a lot for the growth of the country, Father of Modernization. That I have to agree. He has also destroyed the country too, economically and socially.

    So, Ellese want me to appreciate TDM, I acknowledge but at what COST. What Ellese failed to understand that politicians are weighted from all angles as one package. So what when wrong when millions really despise TDM? Do I need to spell it out? Perhaps, Ellese like to tell us.

    UMNO is wakil Rakyat. It means, we tell UMNO what to do, not the other way round, government of people, by the people, for the people. Technically, speaking we are the one telling BN to give out BR1M. When I say thank you. I am thanking myself for voting the correct party to govern Malaysia. I further thank myself by voting them in.

    Re-quote from my first post: “This is my stand of politician, if you want appreciation, we reciprocate and reward you by re-electing you to office. Ellese, have you not seen the tears from politician when they are re-elected, that is the appreciation that money canโ€™t buy (figuratively speaking, well it cost tons of money for some). I have seen that many times, on your previous dictator for 22 years, the crocodile tears that been flowing out from his eyes on every victory that he had.”

    When UMNO does not get re-elected is when UMNO failed the Rakyat, why is Ellese demanding appreciation? Why is there a strong current about ‘Ubah’ and ‘Ini Kali lah’. It is because we are being ingrate or the politician fail to perform their duty.

    What a twist! You can only bully the kampung folks to submit. Why should the kampung folks submit? Kampung folks are the master not UMNO. It is because UMNO suppress them in political maturity and contain them to be poor. When kampung folks are poor, they could easily be bought.

    I wish I could only allow those whom has political maturity to vote ONLY. Well, it will not be fair for the kampung folks, will it? Hypothetically, if permits then BN was officially kickout on 8th March 2008 and the new government has already been form back then.

    Interesting… Isn’t it. How Ellese? What would be your next twist?

  11. I could be included as a product of the NEP. It is because I was sent overseas to study up to the postgraduate level. Thank you very much NEP.

    I am grateful to NEP indeed for giving me the intellect and wisdom to see the truth. From my observation the truth is that the NEP, later NDP and now ETP corrupt the Malays and the nation.
    I must stop that myself by voting for change. My decision is dictated by wisdom, caution and prudence. It is about being noble, truthful and straightforward.

    In a democracy, politicians have to consider the feelings of the electorate. If the large majority of the public is offended by the government policies and actions, the incumbent will lose the election. It is not because being ingrate is a bad value or a good value.

    • Your view bro. But according PR propaganda, you shouldn’t recognise the NEP and your scholarship pun. Its government duty kan.

    • nep is a double edge sword, i believe one that proposed such policy knew this well, however i dont think we have a choice, it is a necessary tool at that time to help the poor and to break monopolies. the only complaint i have is pertaining to education, I donโ€™t know the rational of evading competition for high school and tertiary level, I believe this is a mistake, a severe one.

      • Can you elaborate on the competition for high school. NEP has hits and misses. Hits is like Hassan. Misses is the Ali Baba.

      • i notice some malay classmate ‘disappear’ from time to time, after form 3, after form 5 and we are not compete against each other. this miss is the entire education system, the miss is the great mu become a less great. now everyone want to become a hit like hasan, at the foreign land.

        alibaba is implemention flaw, the objective is a decent one. the nep in education is a flaw from beginning.

        • Then agreeable. Actually we need a major rethink on our education policy. Though each race wants to protect their rights interests etc etc and that its protected by law etc etc, we need to bite the bullet somehow. Otherwise don’t complain why we’re racial. This is a game changer that will alter the Nash equilibrium/social cohesion. But trying to get people to recognise this has been extremely difficult. We’re too deep and ingrained with ethnicity.

  12. Thanks hasan, Ellese is not looking for that answer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Wow. Ellese is pushing the limits here to put a positive spin on BR1M from the angle of being morally appreciative to BN for doing it.

    Incredible twist though. After 56 years of anguish telling people that they must appreciate the Govt and what they did for them, now Ellese tows the line to tell us that we must appreciate BN giving BR1M.

    I like the Selangor Govt giving free 20 cubic meters of water but I dont think I will shout aloud. Nice and thank you. The Selangor Govt says they saved the money from corruption and now they give some back and I say thank you. Ellese says the water subsidy is rubbish. The BN Govt just promised the same for Selangor in their manifesto.

    After a few years of free water, then comes BR1M, the book vouchers, the handphone subsidy, the tax relief for single women all of a sudden. Did the Govt just wake up before election time? Too much of a coincidence right? Where did the Govt get the extra billions to give away? Did they save the billions from corruption to give back to the people or did they borrow more to give us or tax us more to give us back? Crap I say.

    Then they give 1Malaysia rice. So the people who are hungry says thank you?

    Why do people need help? Because the people are in dire need of higher wages and more disposable income. Because the economy is not as rosy as BN wants us to believe. Because inflation is far higher than what BN wants us to believe. If the economy is fantastic and inflation is so low, there is no need for BR1M, etc.

    The Selangor Govt is powerless to control inflation and economy, so small gestures of water and funeral assistance and senior citizen help goes a long way. The BN Govt is in control of the nation and so their job is to make the economy do well and manage inflation. But this job is not done properly and the people is suffering. If you disagree, then why give BR1M?

    LimGE and Khalid is just doing their job. True. Nothing to shout about. Just that they can do the job far better than any previous MBs can ever do for the rakyat. This you cannot deny. How much money did they save for the states? How many projects did they take for themselves or cronies? Ellese will want evidence here. Unless we are all dupe by them and the AG too, I think they have done marvelously to deserve due consideration to be voted back.

    What the BN has done, I cannot deny there is some good. It is not all bad. But if given somebody else who believes to save all and do all for the rakyat and no tolerance for corruption, and they will put the best brains together, can they not do better? That’s the question that begs an answer come 5 May.

    Now, this should stoke the fire ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Quote: “Now, this should stoke the fire”

    The fire of change! Ubah! Ini Kali lah!

    • We change the selangor Penang Kedah and Kelantan government. Lets ubah. Amacam? Ubah for the sake of ubah. Ubah TGNA and Kit Siang. Tak kan bertahun2 tak ubah…..

      Ps: apalah wave. Sloganeering can work both ways.

  15. Ha Ha Ellese. If people ubah for the sake of ubah, then there is no real reason to ubah.

    But this time round, Malaysians know there’s the need to ubah, for a chance to reshape the future of Malaysia for the better with new leadership that is still corruption free but with governance to be corruption free.

    If this is about sloganeering, then you are right. But slogans are but a tool to rev up and reinforce the message.

    BN – Lain Kalilah, Pakatan! Satu! Malaysia! Are you ready for BN? …. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ahem!!!! ahak!!!!
    PR – Ini Kalilah, Ubah! Lawan tetap lawan! Are you ready for Pakatan? YESSSS

    To each their slogans. I notice this GE13 is very different from GE12 and the people are coming out to listen, support, cheer, etc for parties and candidates, they are not sitting back and letting things be. Both BN and PR have attracted the crowds, of course, PR much more than BN but that doesn’t mean votes automatically.

    Come tomorrow, we shall know the truth, fraud not withstanding.

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