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Manifesto gone wrong


I recently published an article on FMT. While doing the first draft I accidentally press sent and withdrew it. Then later I sent the final draft. FMT mistakenly published my first draft which contains my previous write here. Just to put on record I published here my last draft. It’s a water down version of my previous write.

“The PR manifesto is highly disappointing. Any hope of seeing positive changes in values since 2008 perishes with this manifesto. It just entrenched our division by race. It just put politics on the top most pedestal. Malaysian first concept is just a slogan for gaining power.

The current generations of Malaysians are certainly divided by schism and race. We practice and live with discrimination. We employ based on race. We socialise with the same race. We eat with the same race. But these are of our generations. Why must we perpetuate this with our children?

The PR manifesto is highly disappointing in supporting vernacular schools. It entrenches and affirms the policy of segregating our youngs based on race. It is the policy which renders my children having no non-Malay friends in class. The policy which deprives my children of having Chinese and Indian best friends like I had. The policy which denies children of all races to mix grow and laugh together. Why must PR then persists with a policy denying my children to mix with other races.

This is not about denying the people of mother tounge education. There is no such law in our country prohibiting or denying one to learn one’s mother tounge. One can do it at their own time and place. But it’s a different thing when you use public funds and institution to promote segregation of our youngs by race. These are two different distinct issues.

This fight for mother tounge has been a mainstay of DAP and has nothing to do with the quality of education of our sekolah kebangsaan. They were fighting for this cause since Merdeka when we followed the English syllabus then. It was thus never about quality education but about protecting one’s culture.

But most problematic with the mother tounge education argument is the selectiveness and biasness. Our country has more than 30 ethnic groups. The bidayuhs, ibans, dusuns, kadazans, senois etc etc have their own ancestral mother tounge language. Are we then to fragment further our schools to have 30 or more sekolah Jenis kebangsaan? Are we to promote our children to learn and grow separately by promoting mother tounge education? Can we foster Malaysian unity then when we segregate all Malaysians since young? Surely not.

And if we disallow the ibans kadazans muruts etc of their “mother tounge” education but allow only the chinese and the Tamil language schools, what makes, say the Chinese mother tounge, superior than other people’s mother tounge. Is mother tounge’s education a right for selective group only? It cannot be.

I have always thus found the argument for vernacular school as racist in nature. For example one of the common reason given to justify these segregated schools is that the Chinese puts education as top priority. Aren’t this purely chauvinistic. Hello! Please lah! Other non Chinese too are concerned with education.

This is where PR manifesto is most dissappointing. It entrenched further our racial divide. PR is simply in this for the glory of power. Real sad 08 just comes to nothing.”


6 thoughts on “Manifesto gone wrong

  1. Personally I really don’t care about the PR Manifesto as it might be like the previous one in Selangor – Not Binding & not designed to be fulfilled as it is not contractual promises.

    • BN or PR or any other clowns for that matter, do they realise what Malaysians desire right now.

      Who cares how big or frequent handouts are. Who cares wether education is free or not since it is almost free in this country? Who cares, wether our social welfare officers reach to the poor? Who cares for depth of our cabinet ministers being accused of corruption? Who cares about cronyism in award of government projects? Who cares? Who?

      You do? That is marvellous. And I suppose you are at lost on how to bring the changes needed? Simple. Just vote for Pakatan Rakyat. Why PR you might wander? Since they too at times sound like lost clowns in a forest.

      The way forward in ensuring this country sails like it should, then it is make the following fundamental restructure: Heads of the following agencies should be elected by Parliament, MACC, Attorney Generals Chamber, Auditor General, Election Commission.

      Apart from the above, Petroleum Act should be amended to ensure its Acoounts are submitted tp parliament and not just for the perusal of PM’s office. IPCMC should be formed as a check and balance for PDRM.

      And how do we go about getting this done? Through PR of course. Knowing BN, fat chance they will introduce all this. To an extend , PR has promised to deliver the above. So why not vote for them this one time and lets wait and see this changes come about or not. What do we got to loose?

      • Everything bro. 🙂 What is clear economic stewardship under BN is very good. Facing external economic slowdown, I was wondering how we could focus on domestic demand a few years back. What Pemandu under BN did was very good and beyond my expectation. Now the main job of a leader is the improvement of people’s quality of life. For this BN has delivered time and again and we cannot allow it to stop.

        Now PR has no clue on this. I saw Anwar video recently on economic deficit and saw him praise himself for the period he was an FM. My foot Anwar. He’s rubbish. He complained after he stepped down it became a deficit. Can you believe that after one of the dumbest policy ever for our country set by him he still believe he’s right. I had only expletives for him for I was his strong supporter then. He betrayed us with a high interest rate policy in times of crisis to serve his and foreign interest. He pushed our loan rates to sky high and he has not even admitted this mistake. Instead he’s proud of it.

        I can sympathize some if his flight but he cannot lead our nation. The way he sells Islam is another major angst I have.

        Now you have argued based on hope. No hope on bn but pr yes. I don’t have that hope for PR.

        Believe me, Malaysians will suffer. A fight or a cause based on hatred of bn is going to bring hardship for us. After bn is gone nobody knows what’s next. All that you hope was never promised. They don’t deliver and be accountable. Look at Azmin or nurul at their constituency. Their Modus of hate politics justify everything. Let me give you another example. LGE promised of no toll and he was adamantly against privatization. His new tunnel project in Penang is a worse model than bn model. Not only concessionaire can charge toll but concessionaire is also given free scarce Penang prime land. This is worst than their piratisation claim. You may have hope on this duplicitous act but I don’t.

  2. I agree Malaysia, despite all odds worldwide, is successful economically under the BN Government which has always been striving to improve the general quality of life for all the citizens. However I do sincerely have one reservation about our government in that it appears not serious in its fight against big-time corruptions despite all its publicity effort against corruptions. We have adequate laws to handle corruptions and they are quite effectively used for the purpose but only for relatively “petty” cases – the big ones are allowed to escape any action. This is a big pity as political expediency is allowed to bend the rules which now appear to be applied selectively.
    But for me there is no alternative as the PR loose political grouping is quarrelsome and can’t work together as a team – they fight for seat allocations and they can’t agree on any shadow cabinet or even on who would be the PM if, however unlikely, it gets the mandate. The constituent parties have diametrically opposed ideologies & philosophies especially between the DAP & PAS. Their manifesto, as stated above, is but a list of empty promises. To choose PR would mean a certain disaster to Malaysia & Malaysians – it cannot be trusted. PR is certainly not the alternative – how I wish there is a viable third force.

    • Totally agree with you on corruption. BN must show much much more big corruption case success in particular among politicians. This has been highly disappointing for me. I like Anas 3rd force alternative which is more principled but he’s not a politician.

  3. Politicians are corrupt because they are able to utilise legal loop-holes and depend on some guarantee of political expediency which protect them from the current anti-corruption laws. What we need is the legislation of comprehensive laws that govern & regulate political party finances to make them transparent to public scrutiny. Many other countries have done this as the laws will prevent leakage & seepage of political donations into private pockets which corrupt, through time, all strata of political parties.

    Apparently this new kind of laws are disliked by all the political parties from all sides. The people must do something to change this situation.

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