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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

Let me put it clear why DAP is racist


I’ve just had a debate on one school system with DAP supporters.

Let me put it straight. DAP consistent support of vernacular schools show in no uncertain term they are racist. Their argument that its a mother tounge right is a hypocritical justification for racism.

DAP does not believe in everybody’s mother tounge education. Our country has more than 50 ethnic groups. The ibans, bidayuhs, sikh, melanaus, kadazans etc etc have their own mother tounge. If DAP is sincere are they saying they will fight for the rights of other mother tounge? Are they going to fragment further our school system? Are they going to further segregate our young into more and more race and ethnic base? So we have more than 30 or 50 sekolah Jenis kebangsaan? We burden further our school infrastructure? They don’t kan because it doesn’t make sense to do it.

Why is that they fight for selective mother tounge? Is other ethnic mother tounge not a recognized mother tounge? Is Chinese mother tounge superior than other mother tounge? Why the chauvinistic attitude? Why selectivity.

In essence by supporting the vernacular system, we support further segregation of our youngs based on race. As it is it deprives my children of non Malay friends. It deprives our children of different races to grow and laugh together. We are just perpetuating racist tendencies and prejudism. We’re not putting Malaysian first.

The right to mother tounge does not give us the right to segregate our children. Our law does not prohibit learning other mother tounge. You can do this privately. But it’s different to support an education policy segregating our youngs based on race. This is distinct and to mix this argument together is just an attempt to justify racist agenda.

This DAP support for mother tounge is not about sekolah kebangsaan education quality. They have supported this since merdeka when our syllabus are the English syllabus. It’s not about quality. It’s about protecting a chauvinistic right.

DAP is pure and simple racist.


26 thoughts on “Let me put it clear why DAP is racist

  1. Ellese,

    Fully agreed with your opinion.

  2. Hang on – BN supports the vernacular school system too. Don’t hang your disagreement primarily on DAP. In fact, BN is very happy to create an entirely separate school system in certain states all the way up to university based on the academic strength of some of the vernacular schools.

    There are additionally many holes in your reasoning on vernacular schools, as I’ve pointed out on other sites. Here’s a quick summary:

    * A vernacular school system is theoretically open to all. Theoretically therefore, it does not segregate by race. Practically speaking it’s different, but then the conclusion is that there’s nothing wrong with the idea, only its implementation.

    * There is no better way to learn a so-called mother tongue in Malaysia than through a vernacular school system. This is the primary reason why parents put their children through it. Nothing to do with racism.

    * Vernacular schools are not the only parallel school system. Sekolah agama and kolej MARA are specifically for Malay students (i.e. explicitly racist / religionist), yet you appear to have something specific against vernacular schools. These two things are BN creations by the way.

    * You don’t need to rely on schools to get your kids to mix with those of other ethnicities. Main bola, minum kopi, gotong-royong – all these things you can do with your jiran of other ethnic backgrounds. Arguably ensuring social cohesion is not the school’s job. It’s your job as a member of the community.

    I don’t understand why you are not consistent. I think you simply believe that the DAP are racist, and by extension all Chinese are racist, where ‘racist’ means to blame for all of Malaysia’s woes. This is despite much evidence to the contrary.

    • Welcome. My my my. Why did you drop by? In any event as a host I welcome you.

      Now you’ve been changing stands again. Lets go through the thought process.

      Please define racism. Please ensure you’re using the same racism standard as DAP.

      Lets see who is consistent.

  3. No, I won’t be tied to what you consider to be DAP’s definition of racism. For 2 reasons – (1) I consider the DAP together with PKR, to be the only 2 political parties without an ethnic or religious agenda; and (2) I’m perfectly capable of deciding what racism is, thank you very much.

    Here’s what racism is – a set of actions or attitudes that assign specific outcomes, values or qualities to people of a certain ethnicity or background solely on the basis that they belong to that ethnicity or background. That’s why I say that the idea of vernacular schools are not racist – as long as they are truly open to all.

    By the way, as a person with an interest in vernacular education, I find that the DAP is actually pretty poor at supporting it, compared to say, MCA . Get your facts right.

    • I see. Lets put like this. Why is muhyiddin a racist if he says I’m Malay first and then Malaysian. DAP says its racist. Why is it?

      • Why are Malays particularly worthy of Muhyiddin’s attention? Why not Malaysians? Is a poor Chinese person more worthy of Muhyiddin’s help than Syed Mokhtar?

        To me the answer is obvious. Poor people need more help than rich people. But then I’m not a racist.

        • You divert. We were determining your consistent definition.

          So I ask again for the second time.

          DAP call TPM racist for simply uttering he is Malay first and the Malaysians.

          Is Tpm racist or not for saying that? If not, why did DAP say it? What’s their definition?

          • I thought it was obvious from my reply. I’ll spell it out more clearly.

            Yes, I consider Muhyiddin to be a racist. He believes that his fellow ethnic Malays are more deserving of his service as a politician simply because they are Malay.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if the DAP leaders who responded went through a similar thought process.

          • Bull. He just said I’m Malay first and then Malaysian. By that account he’s racist?

            What’s the difference between TGNA and all PAS members saying they’re Muslims first and then Malaysians? All of them bigots?

          • Yes. Anyone who believes Muslim Malaysians are somehow more deserving of help than non-Muslim Malaysians simply because they are Muslim is a bigot.

            Having said that, PAS actually fielded non-Muslim candidates, so that’s at least one point in their favour. I’m still waiting for UMNO to show the same inclusivity.

          • Then lets call all PAS members bigot. TGNA biggot. Hadi Biggot. They’re all bigot according to JW. And what do you call people supporting biggot. Biggot supporter? And I forget you support PAS. You’re biggot as well.

  4. Absent the discussion on racism, I still don’t know why you blame DAP for vernacular education in particular. It is BN who keeps the current vernacular system alive. It’s BN who extended the status of Han Chiang College and Southern College to university level. That’s particularly bad for desegregation outcomes, in my view.

    BN has form here of course – Han Chiang College and Southern College do for the ethnic Chinese community what MARA colleges and pre-universities do for the ethnic Malay community.

    Anecdotally, I don’t know a single non-Malay person who’s been to a MARA college. I do however, know of ethnic Malay students who have been through UTAR (although UTAR is not really vernacular these days). Which parallel school system is better for desegregation?

    • Who says I support Najib.

      Now don’t divert. Im focussing on your stand. Please give me one good reason why you want to deny my children to have non Malay friends in their schools.

      • My stand is that you connecting DAP with vernacular schools with racially segregating your children is… well, bullshit, for want of a better word.

        Get your facts right. If you’re merely describing your own fantasy, then it’s a boring discussion.

        • Bull you. I caught you with your racist chauvinistic stand before and nak cakap banyak.

          You get your sick racist mindset in check. You believe in segragating our children based on race. You believe in all our children of not mixing in school. Then suddenly when becoming adult you expect them to think Malaysian first. You’re one sick racist hypocritical person.

          • Get your facts right. DAP has relatively little to do with vernacular schools. Vernacular schools, in principle at least, do not segregate children racially.

            Engage with the facts. Otherwise you just made up a load of stuff.

          • You engage with facts. And don’t be selective. Any party supporting education policy segregating children based on race superiority and chauvinism is outright racist. Youre too deep with racial prejudice that you can’t see it. Be analytical and not follow propaganda.

            And please get out of this racist mindset.

          • But how does the vernacular school system do this, in principle? I agree that in practice it’s not great, but problems in practice are solved by changing the practice.

            You ask me to be analytical – I’m asking you to provide your thought process so that I can analyse it. Facts would be better, but your thought process would do.

          • We’ve gone through so many rounds. At nut graph you even agree to disagree. I told you my reasoning above. You cannot separate our youngs based on race. No amount of “a right to mother tounge” allows the government to segregate our young based on race and denying them to befriend other races. You believe in this “apartheid” policy. It just reflects your values. You’re proud of it, so be it lah. I don’t agree with you. We’re different.

          • Yes, we are different. You’re a Malay chauvinist. I’m not.

            MARA colleges, Ellese. Support or not?

          • With me you don’t kid around.

            The issue is about racism. You yourself say if anyone who don’t put Malaysian first its racism. By merely uttering im malay malaysian its racism. This is the same dap definition.

            So now you support vernacular school which bloody dont care about putting malaysian interest first ipso facto makes you racist by your own definition. Don’t deviate by asking my position. My position is well known by many and I put it into practice. I can elaborate again once we settle the racists issue. So what if bn is racist. I’m not interested in that. Its your stand and value which is a problem.

            So don’t deviate. Admit you’re a racist chauvinistic person as I’ve proven at nutgraph. You’re rubbish. Now answer the above. Bloody fool. I defend my name.

  5. Name calling, huh?

    In my experience when people resort to name calling they have run out of things to say. But let’s give you one more go:

    How does DAP support the vernacular school system?

    • Apa nak complain. You call bullshit kan earlier. you turn up the heat sekarang nak take moral high ground.

      • Believe it or not, I’m actually interested in what you have to say. The problem, as I see it, is that you’re not really saying anything concrete. It’s all made up, without any evidence.

        Your blog is called Hak Bersuara – The Right of Reply. I am replying to you. You are not replying to me. Mana hak bersuara nih?

        • You obviously come from mars. Go read why I started the blog. Its because pr blogs like din, haris, tmi, dr Hsu etc etc censor contrarion views even when its civil. This blog allows anyone to voice their views. Ada Hak untuk bersuara. Like I give you now. You can voice lah.

          Whether I reply or not depends on my discretion lah. You’re still given the right to bersuara. No one depriving it. And of course it includes the right to not bersuara. Is this too much to comprehend? 🙂

          Ps: please note I told upfront I have a right to reply in kind.

  6. LOL JW Tan is an idiot. PWNAGE that chauvinist Nazi!

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