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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

Racist PR manifesto


Recently in another debate, I had to go into a bit detail on PR manifesto. I just can’t believe how racist this manifesto is.

One of the major theme of this manifesto is that PR wants to further entrench the racial education system which segregated us by race. They want all our children not to mingle with one another. They want to deprive my children of non-Malay friend. Nothing is even mentioned to move to one school system. Racist betul.

I’m in no uncertain term it’s prepared by DAP and PAS has been stupid. It promotes further apartheid segregation of our young but never ever mention of the constitutional Malay rights. It’s racist to be Malay but not racist to be Chinese.

Then the ice of it is that it makes a cursory restatement that Islam is the official religion of Malaysia and not more. Bodoh betul PAS. It means PAS cannot push for Islamic state and they’ve agreed to it when Hadi signs it. Hadi is either dumb or a major liar.

What DAP did in this manifesto is to entrench Chinese rights by asserting all should have similar rights by targeting the constitutional Malay rights. Enhance Chinese dominance by asserting the role of vernacular school. Make no mention of racist discrimination of non malay private sector practices. And finally limit Islam to its place as official religion. Truly classic DAP strategy.

They think the Malays are stupid not to see this. They think Malays don’t see their duplicity calling Malays who unite to fight for their rights as racist but others like DAP who does it as not racist. Well i admit that some Malays are stupid enough to parrot this, but not all. If DAP can fight the Chinese right for an apartheid school system, then the Malays have every right to fight for the constitutional Malay rights.


2 thoughts on “Racist PR manifesto

  1. Well, there are now many so-called liberal (liberated) and educated Malays who are confident enough, to the point of being cocky, to stand independently on par with the non-Malays competing on equal terms, forgetting that their younger brothers & sisters still require assistance. They forget that it is this government’s assistance previously given to them that brought them to the level where they are at now. Of course, they insist that our Constitutions do not mention about Malay Special Rights but only of Special Position but what’s the difference and what was the intention of our Founding Fathers when they used the term? These liberals say all must have equal terms & rights irrespective of the Malays’ Special Position which apparently carries no material or any tangible benefits. To these people too, Islam is merely the Religion of the Federation (and some even say the word “Federation” applies only to the Peninsular Malaya and not to the whole of Malaysia) as opposed to the State Religion or Religion of the State – again what’s the difference? They, especially the lawyers, say there are lots of differences and they quoted the words of Tunku on the country being secular. Where do we go from here when “eduacted” Malays think being liberal they have to go against the interests of their own kind? Our enemies are not the non-Malays but they are our own kind unfortunately. Who are the satisfied spectators clapping their hands now? Just wait to see what will happen at this GE13.

    • True my friend. With them I just go head on and only then they realise how “educated” they are. Unable to answer they then resort to censorship and banning contrarian views. Shameful really these liberals.

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