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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

The U Turn con on Lynas


I have debated on this issue for so long. I have been a proponent of nuclear plant and have found the argument against Lynas as unfounded and at times silly. It’s a scare mongering tactic to create hatred. In a number of cases I went technical going through the IAEA report. At the end I have not met anyone who can actually justify the assertion why Lynas is dangerous.

These group of people apparently see their self created shadow as the truth and refused to use their logic. Many of them are driven by deep seated hatred of BN. They then pledged loyalty to this blind unjustified cause. But it has nothing to do about safety or radioactivity or people’s concern. Why? They have not been consistent with such stand. For example, flying commercial plane and eating banana may emit as much or more radioactivity than Lynas, but they’re not bothered to ban them. And as a result of their ignorant following they put forth a resolute no to Lynas. They cheered when PR declared in their manifesto that if pr rules, Lynas will definitely go.

Now as everybody is aware their paramount leaders Anwar Ibrahim and Wong Tuck suddenly say they’re ok with Lynas provided that they go through the process again. Gila Babi punya U Turn and none of these supporters even criticize their leaders pun. We’ved gone through the process already even with the respected IAEA experts. Courts have also decided on this. How can the outcome be different from now? How can they revoke a license and subject the person to a similar process twice? Where is the rule of law here? And worse what happen to the objection that Lynas is totally unsafe and a definite no. Now they are saying its possible to be safe.

Wake up you anti Lynas goons. You’ve been duped by the greatest con man ever and the new protege: Anwar and Wong Tuck. People do anything for power.


2 thoughts on “The U Turn con on Lynas

  1. These people are political animals who will do virtually anything as the means to achieve their selfish political objectives. I don’t think they care if the country’s economy is adversely affected by their actions nor do they care to appreciate the damage done in their misleading of the rakyat through false data and lies. Yet they accuse the BN & Government are lying daily through the MSM.
    Reasonable people know that LYNAS is good for PAHANG’s and the Malaysian economy. Educated people know that LYNAS, after going through the process prior to obtaining its license to operate, is safe as the necessary precautions are in place. Even prolonged & unprotected exposure to the sunlight is more dangerous, as it can cause cancer, than LYNAS. And we are regularly exposed to radiations from many consumer electronic equipment and home appliances that we normally use everyday.
    They think by making the U-TURN in accepting LYNAS now, they will stand a much better chance of winning the GE13. The rational voters will be able to see through this lie and play-acting.

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