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The loss of peace


First and foremost I wish to express my deepest condolences to our servicemen who have fallen in Sabah. I am very sad indeed with the losses and may Allah blessed their soul and rest them among the mukminins and matyr.

This episode saddens me much. I’ve been meaning to write on other topics but with this Sabah impending crisis I am deferring it.

I am very sad simply because I feel my children now will no longer have one environment that I had for the past decades. That is peace or keamanan. I have personally seen this cycle of events elsewhere in Pakistan and Indonesia. Never thought it would happened here but it has or will come ashore.

I have always thanked Allah when I am in a third world country. There everywhere we go we had to consider security. In Pakistan for example we had been advised be mindful when traveling especially at night. We’ve been restricted to travel to one place because of security. We need to move with armed guards. When Indonesia bombing happened we had to be mindful of western targets. Everywhere we go we need to be checked for security. In South Africa, we wouldn’t stop at red lights for security reasons.

Here, I have never gave a thought if I want to go to Kelang for seafood at night. No one checks my bag if I go into a mall. I wait for Putra train without thinking whether anyone would bomb it. I don’t see security personnel carrying M16. I do what I like here as I wish. I can go to Mamak at 2am pun tak pa. Security has never been an issue. We had it good I thought all the while.

But now the sulu issue has gotten to our shores. I hope our military can regain the territory swiftly, but I am afraid its a beginning of a guerila war that is going to be protracted. Our security forces have to deal with this decisively as an example. We have to show that our territorial integrity cannot be compromised. But we too have to accept the fact they can withdraw and regroup in the Philippines and launch continuous attacks from the Philippines. We also need to accept the fact that our Sabah border is porous and too long to maintain effective control. That the sulus have lived and family there for ages. That the Philippines too have security problems in these area.

When a war or insurgency starts its a matter of time one resorts to desperate violent measures when chips are down. God forbid, the last thing i want to see is its being played in our own backyard. I pray not but if its handled by pure military might in Sabah territory only, it’s not an end all solution.

We will lose that precious gift we had always assumed ours for the taking. It’s just like the sun. I’ve never appreciated it until it was winter. I have never known before that the sun can bring so much of life and happiness to the world. So is the gift of security. It saddens me because we are not bequeathing this to our children.


3 thoughts on “The loss of peace

  1. It is sad but what you said might turn out to be true though we pray it will not be so. We have to remember that the people associated with the MILF & MNLF are vicious and very vengeful posing problems to the Phillipine Government for so long. The MILF might be currently friendly towards us, being grateful of our role in getting peace for the Bangsamoro to progress but the MNLF, under the influence of Misuari, has pledged support to the defunct Sulu Sultante people – this can be troublesome. The Lahad Datu/Lunak/Semporna cases could be just the beginning. The security situation in Sabah should not be taken for granted. From now on and for sometime to come, things over there will have to change for the sake of better security.

    Our Government has come under heavy unjustified criticism especially in the Alternative Media for being too lenient to the intruders for too long. To the Government credits, it has given ample opportunity for the incident to be resolved peacefully & without bloodshed – this is well appreciated by the Phillipine Government which has been trying to promote the same results without any success. The massive attack launched by our security forces this morning was the last inevitable resort and we should not be regarded as being a bully.

  2. I am sad looking at our own people, fellow Malaysians, especially in the Alternative Media still unjustifiably criticizing our government in facing this common danger when we should have a non-partisan & united response in this security situation without being politically polarised. This is not a “sandiwara” or any conspiracy staged by those in power as fatalities have already been incurred and hurt & injury suffered by the relavant parties.

    P/S: The 3 names & partners are noted – still wondering which is the one. No hassle, just wondering.

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