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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

Haris Ibrahim a fraudster?


As you already know, pr cybertroopers who are readers of haris have been fraudulently impersonating many of his readers. As a result of this impersonation, I have alleged his readers write as idiotic. They then accuse me of lying of commenting in my blog.
So when I later found out of the fraud by this pr cybertrooper(s), I sought to make the record straight. I wrote to them through haris’ blog that I’m withdrawing the statement. I suggested to haris we can weed out this fraudster between us.

I have written the following a few times already at haris.

“You’ve censored this before. Please publish. It’s important for your readers to know the truth.

Dear Invictus taipan and others,

Of late some people have been impersonating all of you. They have emails under your name, copy paste your write and proclaimed to write under your name. Initially I took it at face value and accuse you of many things. I’ve rectified that and distinguish yourselves and the imposter. If they use the same name as yours I’ve put a bracket (imposter) after your name. I therefore retract the accusation against you but now clearly addressed them to the imposter. People commit all kind of fraudulent things. I cannot condone this. I have asked him/her/ them to apologise to you all. I believe he/she/they are readers of haris. I’ve asked the perpetrator to choose one name to write. If haris is cooperative, we can identify these fraudster(s). ”

And you know what? Haris has censored this time and time again. Ive posted a number of times already. Why is haris so scared for me to retract my allegation against his readers? Why doesn’t haris want his readers to know about this fraud? Why is haris not cooperating to weed out this fraud? Does he have a hand in this fraud? Is haris the fraudster?


5 thoughts on “Haris Ibrahim a fraudster?

  1. Why? Because this arrogant hypocrite haris is a damn fraudster. As for his followers agreeing to everything this fraudster wrote, they are birds of same feather lar. Their breakfast, name calling, labelling and character assassinate those who differ in opinion or disagree with them.

    These ABUers are bongkak sombong type. Argue factually with them is like asking a dog to talk.

    The same with that Din Merican fella. Always block comments to his disliking.

    These Din, Haris fellas’ freedom of expression is c**ktalk. The Tokong species.

    • Bawani said Listen Listen Listen, Lingam said Korek Korek Korek, and Azman says “you never listen to korek advise.

      Ellese, you seriously believe all that comments are submitted by the public out there? Did you scrutinise Shakuntolak’s writings? Haris will never comment on any attacks thrown at him but you will see Shakuntolak jumping at you the very minute your criticism is uploaded.

      And the wordings, if you can decipher, are Haris wwritings. And be also be vary of S.Menon, he is also Haris.Despite my pro PR leaning, I can’t tolerate the of stupidity displayed by some of the articles dished out by Haris and loyal self created morons like Shakuntolak and S.Menon.

      So what we do Ellese? Lets continue bashing this idiots out.


  2. Do you means shakuntala?

    • Shankuntala, Shakuntolak or Jentolak, what difference does it make, when stupidity oozes non stop. I tested People’s Parliament blog with several pro BN articles and anti PR writings using different e mails. despite civilised language, none got uploaded. So much for ABU’s principles and values.

      The argument is, if proponents of ABU can’t even digest basic arguments, how are this super morons going to make PR leaders listen to them? Now we can stop wandering why PR leaders ignore ABU proponents.

      This brings to memory the accusation made by Raja Petra Kamaruddin, whereby he accused Haris Ibrahim of soliciting Parlimentary Seats, somewhere in the region of 30 seats for ABU supporters from PR parties. RPK, being a man of values puked and left Civil Society Movement.

      Now you have it, the thruth behind Haris Ibrahims indulgences in ABU. Could it be that since he failed to make a good solicitor and advocate, he is trying his luck at politics? A failed man with grudges is indeed a dangerous man. On that score, I would rather be with the devil I know, rather than the angel I don’t.

      Contributors to People’s Parliament like Invictus, RCAIM, S.Menon and Shakuntolak are no more than Haris himself or some creature in the mould of hynnas.

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