The right of reply

Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

Pr cybertrooper’s sick fraudulent method.


The PR cybertrooper I caught impersonates many people using their real/known name. He created false email accounts using the people’s real/ known name. So far he has used rpk. The email names use both raja Petra and RPK. Similar with many readers at haris like zahariah, Invictus, taipan, etc etc. Others he has tried to impersonate include Hua yong and forestcat. All these are fictitous and came from 2/3 IPs.

The intent is to create deception and deceit. This I cannot tolerate. This message must be made known to other bloggers. I suspect he is going to use variable IPs after this.

Once he apologises and uses one name I will publish all his comments under his chosen name.

Though all of his comments are useless idiotic comments, my thinking is its better for him to show to the world his idiotic incongruent thinking. He spams cut and paste incongruent writes from all over. He cuts and paste my writes. He is incapable of justifying. He Thinks everybody is as idiotic as he is. For example he interprets fair comment ikut suka hati Mak Datuk dia. There is a concept of fair comment under the law lah.

So based on the above, I don’t think he will apologise. That’s not his intent. Suspending him will not achieve much. In fact by publishing, people can see better his idiotic remarks. But I can’t allow fraud or impersonation. So what I’m going to do is to allow his publication under my chosen name: bahalol. It’s apt coz he is leading the idiotic race as I see it. I will post all his writing in a dedicated posting and its going to be the longest posting ever coz he cuts and paste ikut suka hati Mak Datuk dia.


2 thoughts on “Pr cybertrooper’s sick fraudulent method.

  1. “Suspending him will not achieve much. In fact by publishing, people can see better his idiotic remarks.”

    I am here for your promise above.I will used only one name “Ellebahalolse”

    Where is my fair posting??????????

  2. To Bahalol

    Please note Ive published your latest comments under the rightful place: the postings of bahalol,

    You have finally selected a name ellebahalolse and demanded the right to publish in your commentary.

    First please note that I have published your comments in full (in its rightful place), I will allow full rights to you as commentator when you have decided not to commit this disgusting fraudulent impersonation act. As I wrote before, I want you to apologise and show remorse. I want you to write at haris blog the following:

    “Dear [names of persons you have impersonated. Put all as I know who you’ve impersonated].

    In one of the previous postings/ comments you have accused Ellese of lying in relation to certain postings at hakbersuara. I hereby confessed that I have impersonated all of you claiming your name and creating fictitious account under your names. My impersonation has led Ellese to believe the statements were uttered and made by all of you. I have now regretted my action and apologise to all of you and in particular Ellese for my unacceptable deceitful behaviour.”

    I also demand you to write at helen ang and rpk blogs along similar wordings.(you’ve impersonated people there and must apologise)

    When you apologize,the whole content must show your regret. Any irrelevant comments including insulting me will not constitute an apology.

    Further your chosen name is not acceptable. Its not sincere and indirectly insulting me. Remember, I reply in kind. Any use of name insulting me and not using a decent proper handle will receive similar retribution from me. In this case, all your postings will be placed in the bahalol section.

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