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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

Bloody hypocrite haris


Haris did the unforgivable. He spun an article (written by singa) quoting verses of Quran in particular zukhruf:87 to say that the Quran permits the use of Allah by non Moslems. The article then says its wrong for Moslems to prohibit what is permitted.

I replied in a civil and polite manner countering his point. But bloody fool haris censored it. He just won’t allow contrarian view to be published to protect his crony singa. Kepala otak betul this so called champion of civil rights. Below is my retort to haris which was censored:

“Please can you not censor my reply.

Singa in the past has written misleading articles with fabricated facts.

1) its a forgone conclusion that overwhelming Muslims in Malaysia are against Allah being used to refer to non moslems god. The national fatwa of ulama and now Nik Aziz and pas ulama have finally put Islam above politics. This is grounded in fiqh.

2) the issue has never been whether Allah can refer to other god in Arabic language. But the issue is whether Allah refers to non Muslims god in bm usage. It’s a similar issue in English.

3) in bm without refute Alllah has been used to refer to Muslim’s god. It’s similar to English, where Allah is also referred to as the Muslims god. See dictionary.

4) has Allah been used to refer to non moslems god for more than 400 years in our country? No. Christinity was first introduced to sabahan Hakka in 1880s and bm was not used then. In Sarawak it was brought in by James brook in 1820s and no bm was used either. It was introduced to the natives in 1927 by Australian mission (Then known as BEM and now SIB) and to the Sabah natives in 1930s. In 1950s SIB felt the need to have bm bible and thus collaborated with Indonesian missionaries to produce a bm Version. So in east Malaysia its a new phenomena.

In peninsular, non Malays don’t use bm bibles until now. Even father andrew uses english bibles. what about orang asli? Christianity was only introduced to them in 1930s. Thus it’s a more recent phenomena.

So the use of Allah to refer to non muslims god as normal bm parlance is a recent phenomena. Malays have used this to refer exclusively to the Muslim god. See state anthem where Allah refers to Muslims god as well. Other religious god is referred to tuhan as in our rukun Negara “kepercayaan kepada tuhan.”

5) Muslims used the word god many times in a day to refer to the Muslims god and its a term of a very deep endearment to the Muslims here to refer to one Allah god. To us, It’s an insult for others to change the meaning of it ikut suka hati Mak bapak dia. The use of Allah referring to Muslim god is used much longer than the recent phenomena in bm bible usage. Why are the feelings and usage by the majority Muslims here not even considered but the minority be given prevalence?

6) practices of Islam differ from country to country. In Saudi the women can’t drive. In other places, they must wear full hijab. In Malaysia women can drive and not forced to wear full hijab but we have used Allah to refer exclusively to the Muslims god.

7) on the quranic verses, you cannot recite half of the whole part to paint a full picture. Lets take the first quoted ayat in surah zukhruf.
The surah recounted the history the previous prophets to prophet MOHD saw who is facing tribulations with the musyrikuns/quraish (non Muslims in Mecca). Allah recounted that every time Allah sent a prophet they ridiculed them. (43:7) if you asked them who is their god, they would always say Allah (43:9). But at the same time they associated Allah with many things. they associated servants of Allah as Allah 43:15 or angels as goddess 43:19. Verily all these people had transgressed and Allah has has punished them. In 43:25 Allah took retribution on them.

The Quran recounted incidences from prophet Abraham to Isa (Jesus). Examples after examples how they ridicule the prophet. Similarly in prophet MOHD saw case. The Quran was revealed. Similar situations happened. They will say their god is still Allah. But this is when singa misleads again by quoting half of the verse. Allah continued to say that all of them are deluded. Then subsequent verses asked Prophet to turn away from them. Let me quote the full verse of zukhruf 87:

“And if you asked them who created them, they would surely say, ” Allah .” So how are they deluded?”

So singa as usual misleads by quoting half the verse. The verse doesn’t indicate that Allah permits it or forbid the use of Allah. But a narration of a story of what happened. In fact based on this ayat Muslims should be circumspect whenever a non Muslims say they believe in Allah. Incidences in the past indicates they misuse it.

So singa has every time misleads with half baked arguments. Never believe what singa wrote. From his write he appears not to know usul Fiqh. He has not even read the asbab but pretend to know all. Shame on you again singa.”


49 thoughts on “Bloody hypocrite haris

  1. Ellese,
    Where the fuck are you when your goon, Sharifah bullied the poor soul. You know why you are not welcome in Din’s blog. Kapish, Ellese……Know why BN lose

    • Kepala otak betul. Another dumb comment.

      Where were you I was was denied arbitrarily the right of reply even though I write nicely. Others can say what they want and I can’t? And you don’t even care to stand for freedom of expression.

      I know why you ask others to ban me. Your inability to reply or articulate a response doesn’t mean others can’t too. If you don’t like what I write response with points. If you can’t reply then don’t read.

      Now you know why people are just turned off with pr politics. Dumb supporter like you just know how to use foul language. Just full of stupid hatred.

    • Looes d Singaporean,

      Typical idiotic comment. Instead of putting in a video, why dont you just state your point and explain it so people can understand your views.

      Your actions reflects your lack of ability to comment.

      I will use your logic now.

      1.Anyone who express their views in favour of BN are called BN Goons.
      2. Therefore how bad they act reflects on BN.

      Using that simple logic, since you expressed ur views in favour of PR means you are a PR Goon.

      You showing your lack of intellect, also mean PR is the same too!

      I suppose you are no different from your Taliban comrade in arms!

  2. you fucking animal bullshit

  3. I will expose you the world if i ever seen you again giving comments.
    You are active in loyarburok, people’s parliament, donplaypuks, dr hsu ……………………………………

    • Kepala otak betul. I’m the one whose been victimized and you come up with this stupid remarks. If you disagree rebut lah. Or is it you’re singa terhormat whose been lying compulsively and caught by me. If you are singa please stop the falsehood. Give intelligent comment. Stand for freedom of expression. And lastly don’t threaten me. I don’t take this kindly. If you’re stupid just keep quiet. Don’t show you’re a fool for I will expose your lies and stupidity like in your previous article.

      • OK. I will list all your comments from various blogs to show you are paid by BN
        I set up new blog at hakbersuara.blogger to expose your shit.

        • Kepala otak. You think we are stupid as you. You can copy and paste whatever you like but you still can’t show I’m a paid cybertrooper. Prove lah I got 1 sen from BN. 1 sen aje. Go ask Najib ke rais ke or whoever in BN. Or you can ask rocky. None of them know me lah you bloody liar.

          And By the same token of your silly argument I too can show you’re a paid cybertrooper.

          If you’re RPK I should have slap you the last time I saw you. You’re getting stupider by the day. Write lah on point. Ini maki terus without reason.

          I know what. If you’re really RPK why don’t you get others to write here as well. It will certainly add to my viewers stats. Amacam? At least I benefit from your stupidity.

        • RPK,

          Cant you see the difference?

          Ellesse has been censored by other blogs but you have been given the freedom of reply despite your vulgar response.

          Ellese reflects the openess of BN and the other blogs reflects the inability of PR to accept contrarian views.

          I will def choose BN – for PR dont guarantee the freedom of expression!

  4. Watch this clip……Guess why……Sharifah is toasted & so do you & your goons….Perhaps you should there to stop Sharifah from damaging BN……Oh wait a minute! You agree with her……..hahahaha

    my parting shot to you

  5. Ellese,

    Disregard these people as they are “Munafikin” type, willing to sell their religion & souls for their political purposes. They only know and use crude words which show their lack of rational intellect.The blogs owned & run by them never advocate responsible freedom of speech if it goes against their political mind-sets which are fixed in concrete anyway.

  6. Troll-Ellese from BN

  7. you insane idiot ,better you shut your mouth

  8. Ellese the troll,why you acted like a bitch?

  9. Does not your religion teach you to be polite?

  10. Ellese oops imbecile.Are you senile,where is you sense?

    • You don’t even know the difference between bahasa Indonesia and bahasa Malaysia nak cakap banyak. Don’t show your stupidity.

  11. Jangan berlagak kurang ajar!!!!

  12. You are a BN troll who is several persons in one

  13. Why do you copy my strategy?Where is my comments?Why you censored my comments?kepala otak ellese

    • Kepala otak RPK. Tak da point lansung. I don’t do this full time. When I’m free I publish lah. I’ve never censor anyone. Stupid fool.

      Anyway thank you for visiting my blog. Please ask your cronies to join as well. That’s the only benefit with dealing with fools.

  14. Ellese,Ini blog lucah ke?
    Di sini banyak perkataan tak elok lah.

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