The right of reply

Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

Harris the champion of free media?

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I just want to record the dirty tactic haris is using to deny contrarian views. He selectively censor or delay publishing contrarian comments. He allowed my neutral comment so as to look that his agenda and cronies appear strong. He exercises selective arbitrary censorship. People can condemn me with many things but I can’t reply in kind. These are commentaries which he has not published as at the time of posting:

1) this is a reply to AABM who has always avoid justifying his stand and resorting to name calling. He pretended after countless of times dealing with the issue, to suddenly not knowing the issue. I believe AABM is his crony as haris seems to protect AABM. This is the censored comments after I caught AABM lying:

“AABM the liar,

You really are afraid to go into details. Then pretend no knowing the issue. Never mind I repeat to see your honesty. I point out that what singa wrote was misleading and false. He wrote that based on the civil servant population ratio we are the worst in Asia pacific. He compared with UK and various other countries and say we are the most bloated civil servant, causing unnecessary burden to rakyat, most inefficient etc etc. based on this he ran down the civil service condemning their attitude and productivity.

This is a lie. All the numbers are not apple to apple comparison. Our numbers include teachers police etc etc but other countries don’t. Singapore ratio based on a study on transforming the Singaporean civil servants which includes the teachers police etc etc are more than about 3.3/3.6 percent which are not far off from us but totally different from what singa claimed.

The basis of the singa article is misleading and based on a false analysis and facts.

I’m being nice here to reiterate. I know you will divert again and again. But I need to put on record what was censored. I have called the singa write a lie but you implied that my assertion is wrong. So I have asked three times for your basis which you give one thousand and one excuses not to state your numbers. Now pretending not to know the issue. from now on I will copy and paste this comment time and again to show your dishonesty. I have already proved you’re lying.”

2) this is a write relating to the above. Singa terhormat was caught lying and providing misleading information. He now writes taking a moral highground condemning those who lie. This is utter hypocrisy. This was the comment haris censored:

“How can a person who lies and misleads condemn others of lying? You have no honour and integrity Singa tak terhormat. Either you Admit it was an honest mistake for unthinkingly doing a cut and paste from a dap propagandist article or you have no locus of condemning others of lying. No two ways. Some people have really no shame of being a hypocrite.

P.S. it’s a real pity most commentators here don’t even care what is the truth and what’s not. It seems perpetuating falsehood is a value to cherish. Sad seeing what blind partisanship has turned Malaysians into. For goodness sake vote pr as much as you like. But don’t fight on issues based on falsehood. It just devalue your worth.

To AABM the liar, please stop spinning on this issue when you fail to produce your truth yet at the same time calling other people’s truth as ‘wrong’. If you say I’m wrong prove it but don’t give excuses for failing to support your argument.”


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