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Bm bible used in Malaysia for 400 years? What a lie.

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Of late I’ve been writing many times on the same thing on the Allah issue raised by LGE. I’m reproducing my stand here on the allegation that Christians have been using the bm bible here in Malaysia for 400 hundred years.

“the allegation that bm bible is used in Malaysia for hundreds (400) years is a lie.

In sabah Christianity was first introduced by Basel mission in 1880 s to migrant Hakka group. They didn’t use BM. There is no evidence bible in bm was used there pre 1900.

In Sarawak Christianity was brought in by rajah Brooke in 1820s. They didn’t use the bm bible. So when it’s used?

In 1927 an Australian mission set foot in Sarawak and started in a small scale to convert the indigenous. They are known as Borneo evangelical mission and later became Sidang injil Borneo. Circa 1937 they spread to sabah to convert the indigenous in sabah. In 1950s they thought it was needed to have a bm translation and thus embarked on it together with the Indonesian missionary.

So in east Malaysia any claim they have used bm bible it for hundreds of years are false.

What about peninsular Malaysia? The non Malays here don’t use the bm Bible. It doesn’t matter that someone translated it a long time ago, but its not used in peninsular. At best those from east Malaysia living in peninsular use it but it’s a new phenomena (not 400 years). What about orang Asli? They were introduced to christianity in 1930s aje. So it’s a misleading false impression to say we’ved been using the bm bible for four hundred years.

But it’s clear that in peninsular the Muslims have used Allah in bm to refer to the Moslem god. It has a similar meaning in English where Allah too refers exclusively to the Muslim god.(see dictionary).


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