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ANAK yang kurang ajar


Of late, I’ve been seeing a few Felda settlers here and there. I want to put in writing how sick I find those opposing FELDA. They should be shot (figuratively) for the sufferings caused to those innocent elderly at the peneroka scheme.

First I put some context. ANAK and PR have been objecting to the listing scheme saying FGVH is and will be in the loss and the settlers will lose their money. Felda came up with two schemes. One where settlers can own directly. Here Felda assisted the settlers to obtain financing from the bank. As of today, Felda has taken over the loan and providing interest free loan.

The second method of ownership is the indirect ownership. About 20-30% are owned by a Felda for the settlers benefit. Recently dividends received by this company were distributed to all settlers.

Thus for Fgvh scheme all settlers received dividend through the Felda subsidiary and those participating in FGVH share scheme earned further income through direct ownership.

Now put politics aside. I’ve written many times that prior to listing Felda is the most non profitable private company. They’ve been making billions and billions of dollar profit. To those who debated with me on the Felda listing, they know that I’m correct as evidenced in the prospectus. They willl not lose as the business has been profitable. The commercial structure is highly feasible and sustainable. And the IPO being subscribed by foreign investors bear this truth.

Now back to the main issue. The lying hypocritical bitch first told Felda settlers that Felda will lose. They then objected for Koperasi Felda (which all members have interest) to hold shares which culminated in the Felda subsidiary holding for the settlers profits as mentioned above. They pushed very hard for the scheme to fail. As a result a number (though a minority) mainly elderly failed to take up the issue.

But you know as I found out today, after influencing others not to buy since Felda will suffer losses, some of those protesting went ahead to buy the shares. Kepala otak dia orang. They now argue why the shares are so little. But were they not the one who pushed the Koperasi Felda (owned by members) not to take up the shares and thus allowing members to own through KPF much much more shares. (Apparently after the court case filed by those opposing Felda, the members voted in the AGM to buy into Fgvh but it was decided at the last minute prior to the announced listing date)

Kurang ajar betul. Aniaya orang tua. They caused riff in families with lies. And I met a few of these instances.

I have my sight on them. They are the pits of mankind. The scheme benefits the settlers. Who now wouldn’t want to buy Fgvh shares with a financing scheme (now interest free)? Those who disagree are stupid. As I found out that some who didn’t join then, now wants to join. And all the while, those settlers who opposed it, senyap senyap own the shares and benefit from the scheme.

Those who oppose have caused unnecessary loss of income which means dearly to those settlers. You don’t care about their well being and denied what’s good for them. Yet claim you’re their saviour. You are scums of the earth. And PR leaders involved behind the scenes are scums to mislead people.

Ps. I don’t buy argument by those who opposed it and bought it as their right to buy the FGVH shares. Bull. You don’t know the difference between a right and entitlement. In any event if you say it’ll be a loss and ask others and maneuver KPF not to buy, don’t talk cock you believe it’s right for you to buy. You think people are stupid not to see your duplicitous lie ke?


2 thoughts on “ANAK yang kurang ajar

  1. My Dear Ellese,

    Bagi betis, nak peha. Bagi peha, nak seluruh anggota.

    That aptly describes Felda settlers mentality. No government in the world would have done what BN (read UMNO) has done for this settlers, and yet it always not enough. I wan’t more, I wan’t more. I wan’t more.

    Greedy. Tidak tahu bersyukur. Other segment of Malaysian society also needs attention. But the never ending demands of this parasites would always deflect the governments focus on other issues.

    But I can’t help it but to blame UMNO for this circumtances. Always wanting to please. Always wanting to be nice. Always depending on their votes.

    Maybe, about time PR takes over Putrajaya for the next 4 years, and then they will know what this hipocrates have lost.

    • I agree with you on Felda getting too much. But if you meet the settlers they are of humble people and not driven much by greed. They are not rich but well taken care off. But my belief is that the balance is a bit far right for their comfort. Despite their age they work out their farm and that’s decent work.

      But it’s wrong for ANAK backed by PR exhorting others not to purchase Fgvh shares but they themselves buy it. This is the worst of munafik coz they deny the elderly the right to income. It’s immaterial UMNO persist in giving handsout but they can’t do this to the elderlies and taking advantage of it. This is a tragedy and must be told to the public.

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