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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

Let’s expose this hypocrite Din Merican


I have been away and writing in a number of other blogs of late. It’s kept me busy and I apologise for the lack of write.

But recently I received a comment from Husin. He has been barred by Din Merican simply because he gave contrarian views. I check the postings and Din gave the excuse for barring in that Husin diverts from the topic. But there are also so many others diverting from his topics but agree
with his views that he has allowed publication.

I am certain that Din has an inferiority complex and intellect. He is definitely dictatorial, authoritarian and incapable of accepting dissenting views. He does not value other people’s contrarion views and lies or cheats to provide excuses to cover his inadequacies. He always proclaim a high moral authority which he does not believe in but expect others to abide by it. This is a hypocrite dishonest and dictatorial person. I suspect that at work previously he was an ass licker to his boss and a dictatorial hypocrite to his workers.

I’m sure many had work with and encountered him found him rubbish. Im sure that there’s many stories about him. He must be exposed for what he is so that he can no longer mislead the public. I hope I can start a ball rolling for all people aggrieved by his injustices and unfairness.

This is a new blog and may not have as much reach yet. But I will start. If you have distasteful disgusting and abhorrent experience, you’re welcome to write here. Meaning that if you like Din or other paid PR cybertroopers write here to support him, I will apply Din’s standard. If not relevant to this topic you’ll be censored. Amacam? An eye for an eye justice.

But luckily I’m not like Din. You can write good things about him especially from his loyal spineless spineless followers who often proclaim (some with a bit of intellect) against fairness and injustices but close not only one eye but both eyes ears and mouth to speak against him on this despicable act just to be able to write in his blog. But as usual please provide justification why you’re not condemning this disgusting hypocritical unfairness. That’s where I will come in an attack the genuineness of the comment. I tell you upfront what I’ll do. Fair kan.

Hope the ball will roll though it may take some time. Justice must not be denied. Truth must be told.


8 thoughts on “Let’s expose this hypocrite Din Merican

  1. Dear Ellese,

    I can’t thank you more for what you have done. You did take the time to check postings at Din and got his basis for barring me at his blog. You are very right, the majority of others in Din’s blog went wide off topics & using coarse and obsecene language yet they were not barred as their comments are in tune with Din’s mindset.
    I wrote to him 2 emails, the first one directing his attention to his WELCOME Address for his blog in which he claimed it to be a “serious public affairs blog” where he claimed to be balanced in his writing & comments and discourage “snide remarks” besides asking commentators to refrain from the bounds of common decency. I told him that all these standards set by him are not complied to by most in his bloggers and yet they were accepted just because they happen to be his friends
    He replied saying that I am pro-UMNO and the pro-UMNO blogs have been deleting pro-Opposition commentaries. I told him that if he thinks pro-UMNO blogs are doing wrong, he should not do the same as two wrongs do not make a right. I told him in my second email too that he has every right to be pro-Opposition but he has NO RIGHTS to claim being balanced in his comments & writing or in advocating a freedom of expressions. I told him that he has been applying double standards.
    As I have been frank and truthful in my comments about his blog, he seems to have relented as a gentleman and allowed a couple of my postings. I do not know how long this will be allowed by him. But if he is a real gentleman, balanced as he claimed, advocating freedom of expressions, discouraging snide remarks from his bloggers and ecouraging them to remain within the bounds of common decency, he will have no reason ever to bar me again from his blog or else he will have to re-write his WELCOME Address to modify his standards.
    Thanks, Ellese again. I know Din or his konco will be reading your blog too – let him get this message as bloghosts & bloggers must be responsible & accountable, enjoy freedom of expressions and in the process enrich themselves with variety of ideas & opinions to avoid being caught by an intellectual trap as a result of in-breeding of ideas. I like your courage to face and welcome a cross-breeding of ideas. Hope Din will sincerely do an internalised re-examination of his self and ensure his blog will be in accordance with the standards set in his WELCOME Address. Salam.

    Yours sincerely,

  2. Hello Ellese,

    I know you are busy. I write just to record, as a follow-up, on what I wrote earlier about Din Merican’s blog and its bloghost.
    It’s beyond any doubt now that Din wasn’t the gentleman I thought him to be. He could not take the pressure of contrary opinions and has again blocked all my postings as of today.
    The standards he sets in his Welcoming Address to his blog are all bogus. He practises double standards. He condones all out-of-topic postings, vulgar language and crude name-callings & labelling as long as those commentators concerned are within the groove of and agreeable with his own mindset. Contrary views are not accepted for long as he claims they will divert attention – but he forgets that a contrary view will act like a drop of sweet nectar attracting all the wild & hungry bees in his hive. Din has lost any right to claims of any advocacy to freedom of expression or any right to claims of being balanced in his one-track views. It is a pity that Din Merican’s blog will remain as the home for in-breeding of ideas instead of being one which encourages rich cross-fertilisation of a variety of ideas.
    All the best to you. Thanks.

    Yours sincerely,

  3. What do they say about people who can’t take the heat??

  4. Ellese, I don’t know who this Din Merican is. But going through the above article, are you sure it was Din Merican you were writing about? It sounded more like a piece on Haris Ibrahim of The People’s Parliament blog.

    As my name implies I am the same Muhammad Azman who posted regularly on this Super Morons blog. How ashamed I am now that I stooped so low to befriend them.

    Well, a lesson learned is a lesson gained.

    • It is Din but he is more insecure than Haris. He can’t stand people telling him his view is wrong and protects cronies however wrong they are. Haris seems open to criticism for now.

  5. Just to answer scarelt’s question – I heard some people say that if one can’t take the heat, one should stay away from the kitchen. The trouble comes when one intentionally and consistently insists to brave the heat and be in the kitchen, and simultaneously tries to make suggestions to the cooking recipe. The chef does not welcome any new suggestions, no matter how good they are.

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