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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

Of politicians……


Of late I’ve been writing at ktemoc. I couldn’t reblog so I commented there. It somehow developed into an old topic which has been at heart to me. I’ve spoken in public to some politicians I know but don’t think politicians will change.

Firstly I’ve concluded from my anecdotal experiences and from my reading that politicians are the same worldwide. It has been like this for ages since even the age of the Egyptian and roman empire. The motivation and lust for power makes them play this power games til no end. To those who doesn’t want to read I suggest you follow the xrated violent banal excellent series of the “games of thrones”. The deception manipulation self-interest et all of the people there is similar even in today’s age. Man’s behavior is the same. The greed, lust for power recognition and money of politicians has no parallel in this world. Man cannot change until and unless we change the incentives and disincentives of their actions.

Based on this, the root cause of the despicable values of politicians in our society is the faulty political financing structure and internal election process. On the former we have none and thus we have politicians doing all kinds of deplorable acts. This apply to both bn and pr. They’re not accountable to the monies they received and consequently to the favours they give in return. Politicians use influence in the administrative or legislative process to return such favours. In the latest case we see how Ali and Anwar not accounting for the sons wedding and use of the expensive private jets respectively. Favours need to be returned and we have no clue who sponsored or contributed to them.

The second issue is on internal election. It breeds a culture of manipulation, deceit, lying, forging etc we see in politicians.

Man there’s much to write. I’ll write again on this later. At ktemoc I’ve touched partially on the need to restructure our political financing. Elaborated a bit on the values and laws overseas. This topic has time and time come up again. I will write further in my future post.


2 thoughts on “Of politicians……

  1. Ellese, you are right that there is an urgent need for the restructuring of the political financing & the internal election processes at least in principles initially and then move to improve them progressively as Rome was not built in a day. While there is hope, no matter how slim, to make progress in the former, the latter, being “internal”, can pose more challenges.

    On second thought, I think, every member of mankind was, is and will forever be “politicians” in some degrees or manner . We have household domestic politics, office politics etc, etc (which I call “daily politics” for want of a better name) but clearly by calling someone a politician, you probably meant political party politicians. Despite that we cannot escape the fact that the human nature of political party politicians has its roots from the “daily politics” practised by all.

    • Yes I’m referring to the politicians in political parties. I’ve seen internal politics but the way it’s played at political level is incredible. You see they meet so many more kinds and types of people. You meet the worse in people. And you compromise to gain their loyalty. At a smaller scale office politics invariably it involves almost similar types of people.

      Thus talk is cheap to them. But words are magical to most people. Betrayal is a necessity to them but trust are important to the people. Anyway all these are not new.

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