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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

Dr hsu oh dr hsu! Why are you so intolerant.


My last posting at dr hsu actually irks dr hsu and he wrote that I should read all his previous thousands of write regarding principles to limit the and the acceptable limit for handsout.

So I did. It’s not many, in hundreds actually, coz everything is tagged. I point out to him the best was a reference to the Australian handouts and there was no discussion on this.

Macam ni pun kena censor.

He then said he Wants to ban reblogging. I ask why? I said this reblogging is useful to him. It’s a feature of WordPress and recognize the original writer. People refer to him. In fact from my stats the people here referring to dr hsu from this site almost triple from those from his site to mine.

Ini pun Kena ban and censor. I didn’t even use any harsh words against them in these two comments.

Also he indirectly imply I do this (write) full time. Let me put on record. I don’t. I am not paid a single sen for this. I have my own practice. I write when I have free time. For example I usually wake up early and so I write.

I need to put this shenanigans on record for all to see. When they can’t answer they resort to banning. Similarly with din as documented before. These guys are simply intolerant of contrarian views . They like to apply selective arbitrary rulings. Rubbish betul they all ni.


4 thoughts on “Dr hsu oh dr hsu! Why are you so intolerant.

  1. Dear Ellese,

    I cannot say I sympathize with you neither you are badly treated. You are actually deserving and asking for it. Only drrafick is able to tolerate you for a long long time. It comes to an unfortunate end.

    There are the few main problems with you.

    1. You LIKE doing personal attack and name calling, people do not take kindly to it. All you have said in your blog about Merican, Hsu and drrafick is how unhappy you are about their actions and you are condemning their actions against you. Your own personal vendetta.

    2. Holding high moral ground. Ellese, you have been self proclaiming to be a SAINT. Gosh… It is hard for me to swallow. With your ego it comes with it. We are here at the blog taking about issues, not about witch hunting to have a better Malaysia. We are taking about issue not about the personal moral standing or whether the person is Pro BN, Pro PR or neutral. Malaysia has matters to address to.

    3. Master spinner, when we take about certain issue, you want to drag in whole other issue to do comparison. So, instead of taking about issue, discussing about matters, brain storming, it turns around and twisted into a comparison game. You are EXCELLENT in it.

    4. Finding fault in the commentators is your main objective to discredit the commentators. We are more interested to find fault in the system and to correct it. Commentators and PMs are mortal beings, Malaysia is not, we have a greater cause for Malaysia and for our great grandchildren.

    Some of the bloggers, I don’t even bother to comment on their way of write, they are too hard core and not open to comment or discussion. Ellese, I see hope in you. It is as much hope as Luke Skywalker saw that in Darth Vader.

    Salam sejahtera.

  2. Bull. You lie again. First you know I always give you a chance to rebut. So I repeat again my question on your previous lie. Tell me where I commit slander. This is the second time I ask.

    The second thing, Please look at my last write to dr hsu. I commented his write as a fair write.Point to me where I was personal against him. Where did I go personal on dr hsu. Dont lie.
    This is similar to din merican. In the second instance where he allowed me to write again, he started to categorise me demeaningly and only then I responded but nicely (not harshly) though sinisterly. Ive recorded it here for people to read.

    So wave, weve known each other for a long time. I know you. I can easily write what you are but I need to record it down so that others can see who you are first. You’ve called me many names in the past which youve already started. Im focussing on what you write before I wrap who you are. I expect your usual course of action.

    [For those who are new wave is a hardocre ABU and cant accept anything less. He will defend at all course againts any contrarian ideas. His inability to respond always resort to name calling and thus call me master spinner.

    I write in the same verve. Many writes and comments contemptuously. During the initial days of my write I wrote nicely. But later I realised that its too deep seated a prejudice/hatred to recognise a fact and only a direct knock on their heads will make them realise that they dont hold the truth. Thus if any writes contemptuously I will write the same. Disdain with disdain. Scorn with scorn. But if they write with respect I will reply the same.

    The moral ground wave is complaining about is due to my insistent that a right and wrong cannot be decided by the person who commits it. An similar act is wrong notwithstanding whether he is from PR or BN. Similarly when its right. For example, you cannot ask for MSM news media to report with balance and truth and but allow AM news media to spread lies. Wave has been caught many times with this. Eg on Lynas to deficit budget, to the right of assembly, to the voting rights, to media standards, to our nations debt and bankruptcy et all (too many). So he will complain on people taking a right moral stand. He condemns people for taking a right stand!!! Orang macam ni pun ada dalam dunia kita ni. Believe it man! And Ive met many of these incorrigible immoral blind followers on the web.

    Ooops. Ive given you a glimpse of what wave is. Ive encountered too many of them i. Ive been called so many things. Ive had enough of being pleasant to these people. I expect more of wave’s ilk to come and respond. In fact I want them to write here coz I need to show the standings of these people. As this is my blog, I want to write a piece on them later]

  3. Ellese, you are a very stern & strict person of principles and is prepared & having the strong will to go all the way to show your stand. There are not many people like that in this world.

    I am new to blogging and my real first blog is Dato’ Din’s. Your comments remind me that I too started without any impoliteness, any resort to labelling or name-calling but I received them all through time, not from all other commentators but from some who happened to have consistent contrary stand on issues irrespective of available facts – because for them even facts are opened to interpretations. I took them in my stride initially, but later, contrary to my better judgement, I brought down myself to their levels of indignity by doing the same things as they did to me. Now, I realise that I should maintain my dignity and refuse to be dragged down to their very low level of disturbed mindsets. I am still blogging but without responding to rude comments from other bloggers without any care what or how they may interpret my non-response – ignore them. Yes, ignore them I can, but not you because you are a blog owner whose position may be different if these things happen in your own blog.

  4. Dear Hussin,

    Please maintain your dignified approach. There are not many like you as well. Hishamh of economics Malaysia is one of them. He has managed to stay above the fray. He stuck exclusively on economics which he is very well verse. People respect his views.

    As for me I need to maintain my current stand. One is because I believe in defending my name. They’ve accused me of many things and I cannot allow lies to stick to my name. Now they’ve narrowed down to master spinner and smart Alec. But I will still rebut and believe that had i not been persistent I would be in disrepute. My strong reaction made them at least to think twice before accusing me baselessly. That’s why hussin, I objected to din’s categorization of me being a so call “judge”. I believe if I had allowed this then they will continue to cast further aspersions.

    Actually the main reason for me asking people to focus on the right position is not that I want people to think I’m above all. I need to do this to make people focus on the issue rather than the person. This is where blind following creates massive problem and moral dilemma. When they see their position as hypocritical and untenable, at least I hope they think of what the correct position is and reflect what is the actual truth.

    There are some die hards hardcore like wave who just cannot allow my message and write to spread unchallenged bcoz it will hurt their supported party. They actually know they are wrong and thus had to run me down. I have been and will be head strong brutal against them because they simply are not interested on the issue. They have this foolish nonsensical idea that all problems including personal religious social economic criminal historical etc etc can be resolved by just changing people even though new person has the same moral character with the previous one. Funny this people.

    But you will find very good sensible writer/ commentator. Its them we should engage with erudite, respect and honour. It matters not whether pr or bn to me. HY for example is a core PR supporter. He had pushed me really deep and I learned a lot as a result. I am happy if I gain some bit of knowledge.

    Cheers to more meaningful discourse.

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