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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese


Fair write by doc. I hope we will get past some puerile arguments. Both BN and PR now are still committing our country into more debts with deficit spending. So please don’t argue on us being bankrupt. If any party argues as such please live on the moon. Our debt level is not dangerous to the point of bankcruptcy as can be seen by actions of both parties. (we can argue on international standard eg basel and stats if you wish)

Secondly both are committing billions on hands out and yet having limited deficit. Rather than argue that one party gives unlimited handout please note both have taken that into account and still come up with limited deficit. We always criticise without thinking. If someone is against handout please state the limits of acceptability and principle thereof. This debate makes more sense. A debate on one handout is wrong because it’s from the opposing party is ridiculous.

Finally please take a position on our corruption. Pr claims they have taken into accounts of the corruptions and consequent savings made. (See also last year budget) Please note that despite this they still come up with deficit budget. Bn budget has slightly higher deficit and able to put in more direct hands out. How come? Someone is simply not making sense. Let’s go deeper.

So let’s look more objectively driven by principles rather than partisanship. We already know which side were on. Dont have to con our argument. Let’s move to things which benefit us.

Let’s settle first issue. Don’t you think we should have limits on direct hands out? What’s the principle? Is indirect hands out better? Why? Or should it be reduced?or we essentially must move to a welfare state?

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Tomorrow will be another budget day. What can we expect from this?

I do not think anything drastic will be introduced, since this is really the last budget before the next General election.

I expect another round of goodies to be dispensed to the poorer sections of the people, which may not be a bad thing except that this act will be like pouring a small bucket of water into a house on fire–there might be a temporary relief of hardship for a month or two, but it will not have any long-term effect in solving the poverty issues of the poor. Even The old Horse has labelled this as ‘vote-buying’, but of course, as a seasoned politician, whatever thing said by him is not by chance, but may have a certain agenda to it. Is he finally drawing the line and throw his full support to someone else, instead…

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  1. Direct handouts are not wrong and in fact, having immediate effects, are very welcomed by the affected target groups especially when timed correctly during periods of special needs for example at the end or beginning of the year. Many people who are relatively more well-off may disagree to direct handouts because they don’t need it. This budget is a good people-friendly budget – I have no argument against it except the middle class should be given slightly more.

    • Yeah. Can agree. I thought of bringing the issue of handouts to affordability in budget. Many commentaries I see feel handouts given by opposing party is wrong but not your own party.

      In principle direct handouts are preferred over general subsidies as they are targeted.

      My hope was that we actually develop into discussion on how much we’ved put into “welfarism” which should comprise of handouts and subsidies. A comparison with other welfare states would be good to have a feel of the budget. I think we’re moving into welfare state without realizing it.

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