The right of reply

Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

Din up to his rubbish hypocritical self


Dato din Merican is the most rubbish hypocritical pompous pr blogger ever. He criticizes and condemns others to the hilt but when someone criticize him he squirms and react by censoring and banning.

He tried to accuse me of making personal remark. Then I responded by quoting his earlier personal remark on me.

He then accused me of writing irrelevant stuff. I wrote to him many of his commentators wrote worse irrelevant stuff. He allowed publication and not complaining because they support his theme of condemning BN. I demanded him the same nexus.

He then accused me now of reblogging to steal his viewer. I told him that I reblog coz I think he will censor me or if i want to publish significant write of mine on my blog. I also told him he too “copy cat” many of other people’s writing and told him its wrong for people to argue din of stealing other writers readers.

I told him also not to persecute selectively and reblog because I think his write is a precursor to banning me. He did just that.

Din is a person bankrupt of value. He brings shame to the good name of Datuk hood. Proclaim believer of free expression and media but censor and ban contrarian views. Condemn many of selective persecution but practice one. Criticise people of many things but can’t take an iota of criticism. He is a rubbish character. Sampah masyarakat yang menganggap dirinya pandai dan baik dari yang lain. Crap betul this stupid din.


2 thoughts on “Din up to his rubbish hypocritical self

  1. If he is that bad why bother to post your views on his blog? I came in out of curiosity not because I support you or agree to your views. I post here is because I am in disagreement with your assessment of Dato Din.

    He is a level playing guy. If you say his views are hypocritical, yours are worst. His views are no where near hypocritical. As for yours, they are narrowed minded. Have no sense of what is right or wrong and excuses and justification are all.

    So, why not play nice where we can don’t agree and yet be cyber-friends.

    • Rubbish. You propagate falsehood. I have said as such before of you but you did not defend your write. I give you a chance again to defend. Let’s see who is right.

      And please stop making general accusation. I can do likewise. All that you allege me i can say the same for you. So don’t start with me.

      On din you are obviously a blind follower. Just read what he has done here. If he so believe in freedom of expression and free media why ban or censor contrarian views. He put his views and thinking to the world and expect everybody to follow ke? Blind follower like you can be fooled to follow. We are not stupid anymore. If din can’t take criticism then shut up and don’t criticize others. The question is not whether I should avoid the blog for I have every right to go to any blog which publishes to the world. If they want to make it private they can do so. I can agree to follow ones blogs rule. But a blog who believes in freedom of expression and free media and condemns others for not complying certainly has no right to censor contrarian views. That’s hypocritical. There’s no other name for that.

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