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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

Au revoir Dr Rafick


I was notified that dr Rafick had closed down his blog for good.

Notwithstanding what people say it is sad for me it had to end this way. Whatever bitter disagreement I had with him, I find him the most respectable intelligent and open pro pr blogger ever. It is a fact that he has provided me a platform to voice my view and to this I hold gratitude for the space. We had many disagreements but the few agreements we had and defended against the many was among my many memories at the block.

He writes and articulates well. He wrote what he believes in and think it should be and I have high regards for him. Many other blocks regurgitate but doc wrote his own thinking.
I think my last posting on his blog on nizar (relating to johor royalty) really hit his raw nerve. I knew he supported nizar but he too knew I’m a royalist believing this is an institution of immense importance for our social cohesion. But the unfair ban on me and censorship of my view forced my hands to start this blog.

Thank you dr Rafick.


9 thoughts on “Au revoir Dr Rafick

  1. Dear Ellese

    You have given a name tag to drrafick as “open pro pr blogger”, I have to strongly disagree with you. Both of you have gallantly fought over issue. If drrafick does not agree with you, does not mean you have to brand him as such.

    Start with name calling and branding is a cheap shot as not to focus on the issue which you term as rubbish and idiots comments. I think most commentators would like the challenge on engaging you but when it comes to these and nasty, they would avoid you like a plague.

    • Dear wave,

      How are you? But as usual you write with false logic. You claim that I’m wrong to brand dr Rafick pro pr because sometimes I agree with him. Funny thing is I disagree with him most of the time and for this he branded me as pro bn remember. So wouldn’t that make him most of the time by his standard against bn. I’ve never called for people to vote bn but he has on numerous occasion blatantly call to support pr. So tell us why wouldn’t that make him pro pr?

      The above was the long version reply. The short version is: you must be kidding. Don’t con me.

      On the second point of not answering me here, you don’t con us as well. You’ve been answering for donkey years against my write and I’ve been like this all those years.

      So that was not the reason. The main reason why you won’t write was because you have no counter point to rebut me and then had to resort to name calling. And in that you know I’ll respond in equal verve.

      Enough lah wave.

      Anyway welcome to the block. If you want to write, good. And if you don’t write pun good.:-)

      Salam sejahtera.

      • Dear Ellese,

        It not a surprise but a norm that you have been branded as a blind partisan supporter of UMNO, no matter how much rebut you have done. Ellese, you can’t kid the readers. you only can kid yourself. Please don’t con me that you are not.

        When I say, I disagree with you on your branding of drrafick. You are welcome to agree to disagree with me. But instead, you want to bulldoze your name calling. Just because people do not agree with you, all of them are pro-PR. Ellese, you have an illogical logic on these matter. Moving forward, we can’t even have a professional or intellectual debate on any matter that does not suit you.

        Cukuplah, Ellese. Sekian.

        • Funny lah wave. Your’e the one who started to attack me personally first. Look at the first comment. As usual I defend myself and reply in kind to this rubbish.

          And as people can see the main point by you was to sat my branding of doc being pro pr being wrong. When I point out the false logic you divert to me pula. People can see this.

          And then initially you said you want to avoid me but here responding pula.

          Since doc rafick has taken down his blog, I need to record the falsity of the argument of your kind here so I dont have to repeat time and again after this.

          So go ahead, Btw, you can ask of others of your kind here to assist you,

          • Dear Ellese,

            As usual you have your die hard habits, like putting words into people mouth. Readers are able to judge for themselves on what you claims and write about. Let’s see who comes to defend you if you are virtues.

            You have attacked drrafick FIRST, I do not think drrafick deserve your slander. As a matter of fact, many has ask him to run for office for the rakyat. He has credentials and values that people like about. Of course excluding Ellese preference.

            Ellese, let’s see any of your kind will speak up for you.

          • You lie. I don’t slander. Give me one instance.

  2. i dont think rafick pro pr, my view is that he is anti pas, neutral on dap or not willing to comment much toward a chinese party, and slightly pro pkr. he is critical toward the government but not umno, i could be wrong in my judgment, i often think the ‘balance’ he talk about is more likely bn remain as federal government, which i vehemently disagree.

  3. Thanks HY, For me I dont get that he is anti pas or dap neutral, He is definitely not neutral. To me a centrist (neutral) would be like Anas Zubedy, You give same weight on a point. On overwhelming occasions he puts his weight on PR rather than balancing it. His costant criticism of BN and reluctance to elaborate and recognise what is good done by BN makes me classify him as pro pr blogger. Its a general categorisation which I think he has used it before against me.

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