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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

Did Dr Rafick (R2W) lie?…….. you decide


Again I was not given the right of reply despite accusation involving my repute.

In essence dr Rafick claims I posted vulgar comments as a reason for my ban. In reply, I will admit I have used vulgar words before. But everyone knows that it has always been in response to idiotic pro pr supporters who use the same words against me and allowed by Dr Rafick to be posted. Everyone knows I have demonstrated many times that I even cut and paste their exact wordings and change the reference of me to them to illustrate that their comments have no absolute value. If dr rafick deletes the pr supporter’s rubbish comment I have said that he should also do the same with mine. I’m an eye for an eye kind of person. If you give me rubbish I give you back the same.

So what did I say which was vulgar. Two possible words. I used “kurang ajar” and “bangsat”. Kurang ajar means uncouth and it cannot be be vulgar by any imagination. “Bangsat” means bastard which is arguable as a vulgar word but definitely a harsh word to express my anger. I used this because another pr supporter who call me bastard and Dr allowed for its publication. So could this be the reason for banning me?

Lets see his subsequent post. Dr rafick used the word “WTF” to express his anger. And he allowed it to be published. You decide which is more vulgar? Using “WTF” or “Bastard”? Its at best of an equivalence. You see Dr Raficks selectiveness. Thats why the reason for my ban was not because of vulgarity. He has allowed so many vulgar abuses on me so long as long as its from Pr’s point of view. The vulgar reason was an after thought. In particular the express reason he gave for my ban at that time was because I “caused havoc” to his readers.

So what did I write that he was so incensed? I wrote something against what I see a person he has defended so much ie Nizar, who is probably even be his idol. As we all know, I’m a royalist and I was very upset by Nizar’s flimsy provocative reasoning against the Sultan . So what did I say?

I call Nizar kurang ajar. I wrote upfront his reasoning was not acceptable and below the belt. Nizar complained that with the money the Sultan spent on the plate number, the Sultan might as well used such money to build around [20] houses for the poor. I condemned nizar  and wrote that Nizar is treasonous creating hatred with an insidious unjustified basis because Nizar never once complained about Khalid Ibrahim’s house which could have built not 20 but 200 houses for the poor. Then I called Nizar bastard for such reasoning.

Dr being a pro PR cannot take this and will not allow my argument to stand. It cannot be rebutted and thus my believe his ban on me and the proffered explanation “of causing havoc” to R2W’s readers.

The rest of Dr Rafick’s backup reasons cannot stand. Dr Rafick is not neutral. He is partisan. I came to his blog because I thought it was neutral. I wrote for so many times that since he claimed neutrality why not we discuss issues without putting in which political party is right or wrong. We write on the issue. It matters not whether BN or PR is right or wrong. Each of us can have a leaning but on his blog we try to discuss as much as possible the issues. But Dr Rafick being dr rafick will always relate to political parties’ leanings. Most of his write condemns BN. Whatever good BN does will not be highlighted. Is this wrong per se? No. But don’t tell us Dr is fair. To be fair does not mean “since you condemn BN more and PR a little you are fair”. This is I find PR’s sense of fairness. It’s just like BN mindset. This is a lost mindset.

Again I’ve written many times that we should write what is good for our common cause on an issue. It matters not whether its pr stand or Bn stand. But it’s what is good for us. But as usual Dr has refused to compare. For example we review ETP and NKRA. And since many thinks it might be pro BN I even suggested we compare with buku Jingga. But no. He refused because it will reflect PR badly I think. But believe me I seldom praise BN on R2W and never call people to vote for BN. PR supporters always criticize BN and openly ask to support PR blindly. I find this puerile as it’s the same with BN supporters who condemn PR and then openly ask to support BN.

Thats Dr Rafick. Believing he is right and cannot accept the truth even when I have better information than him. Take Felda. I told him about the lease which makes the whole scheme viable. Now it has become public and to me made his bad faith analysis is an embarrassment to his stature. Water is another issue. I told him the issue is of rent seeking amount. I have personal knowledge. Now admitting this he is now trying to damage control by some mystified calculation. Point is if Selangor is not worried about billion dollar profit which increases the tariff, don’t hypocritically claim they dont want a tariff hike protecting Selangor people.

Finally on the reblogging feature. Doc is spinning it infringes his right. Reblogging is a feature of wordpress. When doc rafick uses the wordpress the terms say doc has agreed to give them “a worldwide, non-exclusive royalty free license to reproduce, modify, adapt and publish the content solely for the purpose of displaying, distributing and promoting your blog”.

What I did was just press reblog. Didn’t modify his content. I can even say Im promoting his blog. 🙂 Ask Din merican, Doc’s  so call friend. who copies other peoples articles all the time. There again another rubbish argument by Doc who thinks he is right always.

Go decide whether Dr Rafick is lying……


5 thoughts on “Did Dr Rafick (R2W) lie?…….. you decide

  1. to compare ETP,GTP and NKRA vs buku jingga is like putting a nail in any PR supporters arguments, for sure la they do not want to discuss on this topic.You got thousand pages of facts verified by IPR,buku jingga is form 6 syok sendiri write up mah.

  2. Dr Rafick used to be my colleague and I can confirm that he is a fake. When he was in the army, he was the biggest ass kisser that I know. After he left the service and joined private sector, he was responsible of closures of 2 companies. Big fat salary as a ceo but doing nothing.

    I never believe what he write because he is such a parrot.

    • After some thoughts I thought of allowing this publication. The reason I held this up was because it may be defamatory as I’ve no way to confirm. But on the Internet these have become prevalent. I don’t approve these but thought it has to be weighed against the write of free speech. So this is what I’ll do. For the next couple of months I request Johan to provide further justifications. As for doc Rafick I ask him to deny. And if he wants to retort against johan if any. I’ll provide him with the right to reply. I’ll consider whether to allow this publication to proceed or otherwise thereafter.

    • mr johan abdullah can i ask u a favor.rafick the rascal is a real fake and we need to get rid of him from our place,contact me if u can provide us information

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