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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese

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Sick Malaysians

I’m having a heated discussion elsewhere and I really think we have some really sick Malaysians among us. Bung Mokhtar is not even close to their level and is put to shame by these Malaysians. They are scums to me.
In the Palestinian case, the Israelis reacted way unconscionably against any international norms and laws in indiscriminately killing 100 Palestinians including the children when they retaliated against the 3 Jewish teenagers who were killed earlier. The Israelis who are the occupying force and maintain an unshackled control over the Palestinians could and should have used due process to bring to justice the perpetrators. But instead they chose summary execution by killing others who are innocent.

Now these Malaysians, instead of condemning the aggressor here, chose to condemn the Palestinians instead. Some even went to suggest that the Palestinians should leave their land and country so that the Jews/Israelis can be rewarded with further lands. How in the world do we have these Malaysians?

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What!! Australia is more discriminatory than Malaysia?

Australia has a population of around 10% with Asian origins. But they have only 10 parliamentarians who have Asian origins ie about 1.7%. In the private sector, Asians hold only only 1.9% of executive managers and 4.2% of directors had Asian origins. Out of top 10 richest person, there doesn’t appear to be any Asians. Can’t imagine how many Asians are there in public service and hold KSU like positions there.

The non Malay minorities in Malaysia have much more than that. For 2013 election the minorities hold 59 out of 133 parliamentary seats. We see so many of them holding executive positions in the private sectors and directors positions in listed companies. In all likelihood they hold an overwhelming majority of such positions. Then we have a number of KSUs from the minority group. And out of the top ten richest persons in Malaysia, 8 or 9 of them are from the minority group.

Yet the minority argue they have greener pasture in Australia. Yet they argue they have more democratic voice in Australia. Yet they argue they’re second class citizens.

I must say the Australian caucasians are bloody lucky. If they were here in Malaysia, they would have been called racists. There would probably be a massive hate campaign against them for not giving the Asians equal opportunity. They would be called to the United Nations human rights commission to explain this discrimination. There would also be a “Negaraku like movement to allow equal opportunity to the Asians.

Or could it be that the minorities here are under a false siege mindset perpetuated by the DAP racist propaganda?

See :

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The incessant attack on Malaysian Muslims practices

Muslims must be aware of the incessant depiction by our left wing medias to project old peaceful practices as a new intolerant practice. We must stand up and say “that these practices have long been in existence and have never created an issue. How come when nothing else has changed save that its just been known by certain section of society, our long held tradition became rigid and intolerant.” This is the false argument and spin by the left wing media that is bombarding us on a daily basis.

Take instance in the past when TMI portrayed that we have become intolerant and rigid when one Ustaz Datuk Daud reminded Muslims not to look at opposite sex who are not covering their aurat. This is not a new teaching at all. We have always been taught and reminded to be mindful of what we see. Some follow but many don’t or could not follow. To the Muslims it’s just another reminder. But to those who are unaware, when they read the bias tmi article they think Muslims here have become rigid. Then came a reaction that Muslims here must condemn this intolerant practice. But that’s the problem. To a Muslim, there is nothing to condemn since it’s never an issue in the first place. So we Malaysians become divided again.

Similarly with the current spin of Malaysians being involved in ISIL Iraq. The cause of this according to STAR and Marina is due to our recent khutbah and religious sermons promoting Sunnis Shiahs divide. You see, for the past few years, TMI have been publishing khutbah jumaat and religious talks with intent to show Muslims becoming exclusive and intolerant. So Marina wrote that for the past two years we have been bombarded by these sermons and this has caused people to be extreme and join ISIL. How disconnected Star and Marina are.

Malaysia has always been from day one a Sunni dominant country. Our laws have always recognised this privilege/ bias of Sunni doctrines prevailing over others. Our khutbah and religious sermons as far back as I can remember have always rallied Muslims on various issues including to hold on to the Sunni doctrine. This is not new. We have live like this in peace since our forefathers. No one for decades ever accuse these practices as rigid and intolerant. In fact we have been known as one of the most tolerant Muslims in the world.

To the uninitiated, please be informed that the Sunni shiah feud has been of utmost divisive schism for more than a thousand years. It is not one to be resolved easily in my view as it has a deep division of history, differences of tenets and bad blood. To my mind, our religious authorities have always been mindful and vigilant of this. They have always promoted common values under the Sunni doctrine. The fatwas issued never declared Shiah as non Muslims but deviant from the Sunni doctrine. We have in the main been tolerant but very firm against the propagation of it among the Muslims here. The authorities have never as far as I recall promoted the message of hate leading to killing Shiah, right until the last khutbah in the last few weeks. Though not perfect, the balance is just acceptable and can even be improved.

However, the left wing media and liberals seem somehow very ignorant of this division just like the US when they invaded Iraq. Their solution apparently is not to recognize the difference. That’s all. Hoping by “liberalism” all will solve. This is exactly what the US was doing in Iraq and led to a failed policy needlessly killing hundreds of thousands. What the left wing media liberals and US didn’t realise is that they have not offered any new proposition at all to this long standing 1000 years schism. Their solution is not only short sighted but will actually make situation worse as in Iraq. Denial of a syndrome is definitely the precipe for disaster.

That’s why I believe our approach has been balance on Sunni shiah issue. All the years we have been able to live peacefully. We solidify being a Sunni and as a result Shiah has never been a serious security threat. Where any one Muslims org takes up arms like ma’unah or memali we have regarded as a security issue and clammed down very fast.

So next time any of these papers or liberals condemn our long held Islamic tradition and practice, don’t be defensive. Tell them in a polite way they are furthering the siege propaganda of those of who seek to divide us. Ask them to be critical of what they read especially tmi who are bent on inciting hatred on our religious authorities and dividing the us.

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Why are we are so polarized?

Cannot agree more with this article: Right and wrong cannot be determined by the person doing it. A similar action must have the same value irrespective of who the doer is.

Unfortunately many Malaysians have loss this. And as a result we now fight on many things that we should not and cannot find much common ground. We become directionless not knowing what we want.

For example. BN and PR year after year without fail submit a deficit budget adding to our national debts. Many of us raised our concern on our national deficit. Instead of asking both BN and PR for a surplus budget, many argued illogically one deficit budget is acceptable and the other is not. Why? Because it depends on who presents the budget. It is not based on merits. A party I support will always be right and a party I don’t support will always be wrong even though they do the same thing. So those complaining of deficit budget will always get a deficit budget. Ridiculous isn’t it? But that’s the position of many Malaysians nowadays who clearly do not know what they want. They only know who they want.

As a result, many don’t realise it that, as the article pointed out, we become more polarized than ever before. We become more ‘cronyistic’ than ever before. We become more and more of what we condemn. We have simply lost our moral compass.

We read bias untruthful and fabricated materials as the truth. We never seek to find out the truth or what is right on the matter. What we want is anything to reinforce our views. Our media then provide distorted and malicious lies to the extent of fabricating stories to feed and instigate us. And we react day in day out based on this.

We then ponder why Malaysia now has become a place so intolerant and full of daily conflict. Not the Malaysia that was brimming and strident with confidence pushing for a common goal like in the past. We wonder why we have become so regressive. All the time forgetting we too have been complicit in this.

We need to move on to a better level than this. First thing to do is to have an objective media which puts both sides of the story as it happens. It must adopt the US SPJ ethical reporting standards which demands objectivity and fairness in reporting. There cannot be distortion of news header or pictures. News should not be skewed and mixed with opinions. Sources must be credible and not any Tom Dick and Harry who fulfills the papers agenda. The more we read balance news, the more discerning we are. Malaysia needs this now badly in my view.


Only Muslims can do wrong

If a vegan complains that their widely used product is misrepresented and complains with other vegan associations about the product, do we say that it’s wrong and stupid for them to complain because there are other serious crimes like murder elsewhere?

No, right? Similarly to a Jew who complains of a misrepresented kosher meat. You cannot say to the Jew why are you complaining since there are so many Jews who commit worse heinous crime like murder rape and torture in other parts of the world. It’s an absurd argument isn’t it?

Now this style of “comparison argument” always happen whenever Muslims complain about an issue. But this seldom happen to any other groups. So a Muslim has no valid claim on a misrepresentation of halal food unless he or she condemns every other crimes ke? This is a false logic. In fact this kind of argument is racist and bigoted. It is made with a malicious intent to belittle a valid claim by Muslims. We should tell them off that they are racists and bigots.

Ps: I have no issue if one wants to condemn certain NGOs that posit an extreme position of “changing their blood”. But it is wrong to belittle and deny Muslims in general of their right to complain about haram food (which they themselves directly eat) until the Muslims complain about all other serious crimes. This is ridiculous.

PS: this issue may be moot now in view of MOH’s clarification, but the statements criticizing Muslims sensitivities are still coming in. It’s just too many of late that needs to be replied.

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Open letter to the President of the United States

Dear Mr Obama,

Mr Tony Pua recently published in the Malay Mail an open letter to you where he calls for equality and the dismantling of discriminatory practices.

The call made by Mr Tony Pua is a laudable cause but for one intrinsic reason. Tony Pua and his party protect an apartheid segregation policy which has caused manifold problems to our nation.

Mr President, the Party Mr Pua represents believes since it’s inception of separating our children by race. They have no qualm of denying our children of different races from playing, laughing, crying and learning together. They have no qualm in using public money to perpetuate this segregation. They have no qualm of groups and societies be race driven to protect dominance of certain race in various fields.

To be fair to Mr Phua, before he was elected, he did publicly proclaim in putting Malaysian first and advocate for national schools. But once he was elected all this has been forgotten and in fact he and his party have since further perpetuated racial prejudices. His party played to the max racial politics in targeting Chinese votes with racial siege mindset and racially charged propagandas. As a result we have never had racial polarization as bad as this before.

This is Mr Phua’s problem: Hypocrisy with a pretentious moral high ground proclamation. In order words Mr Pua and his party practice selective racism. For example, Mr Pua’s party defends the racial segregation policy on the ground that it is part of human rights to have a mother tounge education. There is no such right under human rights convention. Our law does not restrict person from learning its mother tounge. And say even if there is such a right being in existence, please be informed that Mr Pua and his party only support the rights of only selective race’s mother tounges. Our country has many tribes and races and many of them have their own distinct mother tounge. Mr Pua and his party do not believe in fighting for all of them because they know it does’t make sense that our education be fragmented and divided further by race. Yet they unashamedly promote this segregation on a human rights platform.

That, Mr President is why Mr Pua and his party are polarizing our nation. In fact it is nauseating for him to compare the plight of the minorities here with the blacks. Here Mr Pua and his party is furthering an apartheid education policy which is antithesis to the blacks rights movement. That is why Mr President many see Mr Pua’s latest stun to misrepresent as an utterly hypocritical despicable action.


TMI continues lying by giving false justification.

Thanks to Helen Ang for following up on the issue and showed again how deceitful TMI was. Please see

Please see their new edited column at They totally change the initial tone and story. After inciting so much false hatred this is what the editor wrote:

“* Editor’s note: A previous version of this report implied that the fatwa was issued following the death of Karpal Singh. This has now been corrected.”

They simply amended the whole article and argued as if it’s a mistake. No new article to explain and apologise. Thus by amending, they think, we don’t have access to the first article ke? I knew they are going to be dishonest so I photoshot the pages. The first para and heading said this:

“Muslims not encouraged to use ‘RIP’, says National Fatwa

Hours after the death of Karpal Singh, Muslims were told by the National Fatwa Council today they were not encouraged to use the phrase “Rest in Peace” (RIP) to a non-Muslim because the term had Christian connotations.”

This is totally false. They used a December blog posting but said “hours after karpal’s death” fatwa council issued this statement.

Then also look at the pictures of the late Mr. Karpal purposely inserted in the article.

It was not implied. It was a blatant direct lie and incitement. TMI intended the religious incitement and now paper elsewhere in the world are highlighting this. TMI must be wholly condemned again. They cannot just amend the initial article and lie to say that they’re correcting an implication. Bloody liar.

I post here the earlier article.







False hate allegation against fatwa council

Malaysian Insider is again driving a wedge between Muslims and non Muslims and creating hatred against the Islamic authorities and distorting facts. We must condemn TMI.

TMI said:

“Hours after the death of Karpal Singh, Muslims were told by the National Fatwa Council today they were not encouraged to use the phrase “Rest in Peace” (RIP) to a non-Muslim because the term had Christian connotations.”

This is a blatant lie to incite unjustified hatred. They purposely gave a false impression that the majlis fatwa is somewhat targeting against those wishing farewell for Karpal. Really blatant lie.

Why am I saying so? The article refers to a link to the fatwas. Now I went through all the fatwas I couldn’t find any. The list of fatwa council decision is on the top part. (see below). Cari and cari tak jumpa. Apparently there is no such fatwa on this by the national council. (Link is


So I went down to the column where it answers some of the regular issues faced by muslims. It is a reasoned opinion column probably by a mufti, committee or bloghost but surely not a national council decision.

So I went through one by one in recent months. Tak ada pun. Rupa2nya there’s an issue in December 2013 addressing this. And in the opinion it says without referring to any decided muzakarah national council sitting saying that:

“Dua (2) perkara penting dalam isu memberi ucapan kepada orang bukan Islam. Pertama, niat seseorang dalam memberikan ucapan tersebut. Sekiranya sesuatu ucapan diberikan dengan niat membenarkan kepercayaan sesuatu agama yang jelas bertentangan dengan Islam, maka ia adalah dilarang. Sementara sekiranya ia diucap sekadar penghormatan secara umum, maka ia adalah harus.”

Now tmi purposely mislead to create hatred. The above was omitted. They pick out an old opinion which is not even a recognized fatwa council sitting and extrapolated it to say its wrong for Muslims to use it. They knew many will then condemn national fatwa council for this view as what they see now. This is highly unethical and part of their continuos effort to degrade the religious institution. TMI must be condemned.

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Teresa and nutgraph

I’ve not been blogging for a while. My last bastion of hope for PRs free site ie nutgraph has been blown to smithereens since they censor me many times pertaining to Allah issue. Why can’t they allow free flow of debates. I have not breached their rules (save for one post to depict my disgust) which they have allowed others pro Allah supporters to publish. I will need to find the time to retort and record it. PR sites have an appalling record on allowing contrarian views to be published.

Instead I have been spending a lot of time on Facebook. Ill go to twitter thereafter. Since I have many Malay and non Malay friends, I had to handle the message delivery less aggressively. I’ve touched mainly on the kalimah Allah issue which is very dear to me and the attack on our religious and kesultanan institutions. Other issues which I touch are issues which I’ve deliberated many times over the blogs including social cohesion point, education, water etc.

But its sad to say we’re losing more and more common grounds. The gap between the races here is widening by the day. We’ved become too partisans.

A case in point is on Teresa’s CNY video. It was the worst festivity video ever. Where we normally celebrate Raya Christmas deepavali and CNY with spirit of togetherness, unity and civility, she crossed the sacred line by insulting a large group of people. She is starting a truely despicable festivity precedent.

When I saw her video during CNY, I told myself what a despicable video she is doing. I force myself to see the whole video with the English subtitle and it was absolutely boring that I nodded off a few times. My view of the video based on english subtitle is that it doesn’t insult the Malay and Islam in general. It just insult a large group of people.

Then came the unexpected. I expected the aggressive response but the slap call was unexpected. That cross the line for me. It was not warranted as its more of an insult to a group of people. It doesn’t offend the religion so the call for violence was way off. If its a true insult of Islam then rm1500 is an insult to me. But its not as I see it.

Thus I condemn both the unknown NGO as well as Teresa video. But this is where to my surprise I see the narrowing common ground among many of my non Muslims friends. Some can’t even appreciate our unique festivity culture that only exists in malaysia. They denied Theresa was wrong. Then as usual I say that if Umno and others come out with insult ads for Raya, Christmas etc, is this acceptable? Really I’m really disappointed. At the end a few Chinese friends realised that. But some are just too partisan.

The implication is big. We can never close the gulf between Muslims and non Muslims. This is worrying. The Allah issue will be explosive. They always think its an Umno issue (due to incessant disgusting misreporting of the pro pr media) and thus do not even want to recognise there’s a conflicting practice. Always therefore argue without parity. I have thus no choice to push it further. This is the tipping point for me. I’ll fight to the end for this. The time for compromise is not now. Not when they belittle and totally looked down on those having this views. I dread where we are heading.


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