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Enough is enough. People who proclaim to fight for freedom of expression and free media but censors other's legitimate reply based on their whims and fancy, must realise that on the internet, they cannot suppress peoples' legitimate right to reply and express contrarian views. This blog welcomes all views. ~ Ellese


TMI continues lying by giving false justification.

Thanks to Helen Ang for following up on the issue and showed again how deceitful TMI was. Please see

Please see their new edited column at They totally change the initial tone and story. After inciting so much false hatred this is what the editor wrote:

“* Editor’s note: A previous version of this report implied that the fatwa was issued following the death of Karpal Singh. This has now been corrected.”

They simply amended the whole article and argued as if it’s a mistake. No new article to explain and apologise. Thus by amending, they think, we don’t have access to the first article ke? I knew they are going to be dishonest so I photoshot the pages. The first para and heading said this:

“Muslims not encouraged to use ‘RIP’, says National Fatwa

Hours after the death of Karpal Singh, Muslims were told by the National Fatwa Council today they were not encouraged to use the phrase “Rest in Peace” (RIP) to a non-Muslim because the term had Christian connotations.”

This is totally false. They used a December blog posting but said “hours after karpal’s death” fatwa council issued this statement.

Then also look at the pictures of the late Mr. Karpal purposely inserted in the article.

It was not implied. It was a blatant direct lie and incitement. TMI intended the religious incitement and now paper elsewhere in the world are highlighting this. TMI must be wholly condemned again. They cannot just amend the initial article and lie to say that they’re correcting an implication. Bloody liar.

I post here the earlier article.







False hate allegation against fatwa council

Malaysian Insider is again driving a wedge between Muslims and non Muslims and creating hatred against the Islamic authorities and distorting facts. We must condemn TMI.

TMI said:

“Hours after the death of Karpal Singh, Muslims were told by the National Fatwa Council today they were not encouraged to use the phrase “Rest in Peace” (RIP) to a non-Muslim because the term had Christian connotations.”

This is a blatant lie to incite unjustified hatred. They purposely gave a false impression that the majlis fatwa is somewhat targeting against those wishing farewell for Karpal. Really blatant lie.

Why am I saying so? The article refers to a link to the fatwas. Now I went through all the fatwas I couldn’t find any. The list of fatwa council decision is on the top part. (see below). Cari and cari tak jumpa. Apparently there is no such fatwa on this by the national council. (Link is


So I went down to the column where it answers some of the regular issues faced by muslims. It is a reasoned opinion column probably by a mufti, committee or bloghost but surely not a national council decision.

So I went through one by one in recent months. Tak ada pun. Rupa2nya there’s an issue in December 2013 addressing this. And in the opinion it says without referring to any decided muzakarah national council sitting saying that:

“Dua (2) perkara penting dalam isu memberi ucapan kepada orang bukan Islam. Pertama, niat seseorang dalam memberikan ucapan tersebut. Sekiranya sesuatu ucapan diberikan dengan niat membenarkan kepercayaan sesuatu agama yang jelas bertentangan dengan Islam, maka ia adalah dilarang. Sementara sekiranya ia diucap sekadar penghormatan secara umum, maka ia adalah harus.”

Now tmi purposely mislead to create hatred. The above was omitted. They pick out an old opinion which is not even a recognized fatwa council sitting and extrapolated it to say its wrong for Muslims to use it. They knew many will then condemn national fatwa council for this view as what they see now. This is highly unethical and part of their continuos effort to degrade the religious institution. TMI must be condemned.

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Teresa and nutgraph

I’ve not been blogging for a while. My last bastion of hope for PRs free site ie nutgraph has been blown to smithereens since they censor me many times pertaining to Allah issue. Why can’t they allow free flow of debates. I have not breached their rules (save for one post to depict my disgust) which they have allowed others pro Allah supporters to publish. I will need to find the time to retort and record it. PR sites have an appalling record on allowing contrarian views to be published.

Instead I have been spending a lot of time on Facebook. Ill go to twitter thereafter. Since I have many Malay and non Malay friends, I had to handle the message delivery less aggressively. I’ve touched mainly on the kalimah Allah issue which is very dear to me and the attack on our religious and kesultanan institutions. Other issues which I touch are issues which I’ve deliberated many times over the blogs including social cohesion point, education, water etc.

But its sad to say we’re losing more and more common grounds. The gap between the races here is widening by the day. We’ved become too partisans.

A case in point is on Teresa’s CNY video. It was the worst festivity video ever. Where we normally celebrate Raya Christmas deepavali and CNY with spirit of togetherness, unity and civility, she crossed the sacred line by insulting a large group of people. She is starting a truely despicable festivity precedent.

When I saw her video during CNY, I told myself what a despicable video she is doing. I force myself to see the whole video with the English subtitle and it was absolutely boring that I nodded off a few times. My view of the video based on english subtitle is that it doesn’t insult the Malay and Islam in general. It just insult a large group of people.

Then came the unexpected. I expected the aggressive response but the slap call was unexpected. That cross the line for me. It was not warranted as its more of an insult to a group of people. It doesn’t offend the religion so the call for violence was way off. If its a true insult of Islam then rm1500 is an insult to me. But its not as I see it.

Thus I condemn both the unknown NGO as well as Teresa video. But this is where to my surprise I see the narrowing common ground among many of my non Muslims friends. Some can’t even appreciate our unique festivity culture that only exists in malaysia. They denied Theresa was wrong. Then as usual I say that if Umno and others come out with insult ads for Raya, Christmas etc, is this acceptable? Really I’m really disappointed. At the end a few Chinese friends realised that. But some are just too partisan.

The implication is big. We can never close the gulf between Muslims and non Muslims. This is worrying. The Allah issue will be explosive. They always think its an Umno issue (due to incessant disgusting misreporting of the pro pr media) and thus do not even want to recognise there’s a conflicting practice. Always therefore argue without parity. I have thus no choice to push it further. This is the tipping point for me. I’ll fight to the end for this. The time for compromise is not now. Not when they belittle and totally looked down on those having this views. I dread where we are heading.

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Muzakarah ulama’s position

Courtesy of Helen Ang but I want to keep this for the record.

Berikut adalah kenyataan Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan berhubung serbuan Jais:

1. Muzakarah khas jawatankuasa fatwa majlis kebangsaan bagi hal ehwal ugama Islam yang bersidang pada 15 Januari 2014 memandang serius dan amat kecewa apabila para ulama dilempar dengan kata-kata kesat dan diperlekehkan hanya kerana pandangan atau hukum yang dikeluarkan tidak memenuhi kehendak atau memihak kepada golongan tertentu. Sikap tidak menghormati pemimpin (umara) semakin menjadi-jadi seolah satu trend dan budaya masyarakat Islam di Malaysia sejak akhir-akhir ini.

2. Muzakarah juga mengingatkan seluruh umat Islam dan juga bukan Islam bahawa apabila sikap saling hormat-menghormati semakin terhakis, ulama serta umara dicela dan tidak dihormati maka bibit-bibit pergolakan akan mula dirasai. Kita tidak mahu pergolakan dan pertumpahan darah yang berlaku di sesetengah negara berlaku di negara kita Malaysia.

3. Muzakarah meminta seluruh umat Islam supaya sentiasa menjaga keharmonian dan kedaulatan negara kerana Islam mewajibkan seluruh umat Islam agar bersatu dengan mentaati Allah, Rasul dan pemimpin yang dilantik secara sah oleh rakyat. Perbuatan mencela pemimpin kerana tidak berpuas hati dengan keputusan atau tindakan kerajaan tidak boleh dipandang remeh kerana ia akan menimbulkan fitnah, kekacauan dan mengganggu kestabilan sesebuah negara.

4. Islam membenarkan setiap rakyat untuk menasihati pemimpin namun tanggungjawab amar ma’ruf nahi munkar tersebut perlu dilakukan mengikut adab dan garis panduan yang telah ditetapkan oleh Islam.

5. Muzakarah juga menasihatkan para pemimpin supaya sentiasa sensitif terhadap kemaslahatan rakyat kerana dalam kaedah fiqh iaitu keputusan pemimpin adalah bergantung kepada kemaslahatan rakyat. Pemerintah perlu menggunakan segala kebijaksanaan dan hikmah dalam menangani apa juga isu yang berlaku.

6. Muzakarah khas pada hari ini juga menyokong tindakan yang telah dilakukan oleh Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (Jais) dalam menangani isu penggunaan kalimah Allah. Tindakan serbuan yang dilakukan adalah selaras dengan peruntukan undang-undang dan titah Tuanku Sultan Selangor, dan buku-buku yang dirampas tidak perlu dipulangkan.

7. Muzakarah juga kesal dengan tindakan sesetengah pihak yang cuba mempolemikkan isu-isu sensitif seperti tindakan Jais dalam menguatkuasakan fatwa penggunaan kalimah Allah dan menjadikan agama sebagai umpan politik. Muzakarah menyeru seluruh umat Islam supaya menghentikan tindak tanduk seumpama ini demi menjaga kedaulatan agama, perpaduan ummah dan keamanan negara.

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If you don’t support 10 point solution, a Christian will be a non Christian….

TMI has just put a message out to push for a religious sectarian strife. Please click

Now a Christian is not a Christian if one is silent on the ten points. This is the message of TMI and the priest/reverend.

This is a very extreme position when one turns non religious compromise as an article of faith. We Muslims had never questioned dr Farouk as a non Muslim. But the Christians do and are now taking the fight to a point of no return. We should brace ourselves for an all out religious strife. The actions and reactions now will be too deep to heal.


Is giving rural voters more weightage than urban voters undemocratic?

Of late I had at least an interesting debate on our election system at Ktemoc. Ktemoc argued for proportional representation and equal weightage for rural and urban area. He suggested putrajaya to combine with labuan and part of kl. My stand has always been the same which I responded as such:

“You’re again writing an old issue. Weved had this argument plenty of times. First lets establish some principle. Even in UK and the US there’s no equal vote for everyone. Why is this? Its a historical product captured in the constitution. So please read again from the original constitution of malaya, rural area has always been given greater weightage. To top it all, don’t forget state balance of power which also form the crux of the constitution determines the powers between the state. Please remember we are a federation lah.

I repeat there is nothing wrong in giving more weightage to certain constituency. You cannot find anywhere under the law of US ke or UK ke its illegal or even undemocratic.

Secondly, how can you separate a constituency. Putrajaya is a capital and not connected with any kl territory. It is a right by itself to be a constituency. In fact I will argue its ludicrous to have various disjointed constituency. Can you even give an example in foreign jurisdiction in UK or US where there’s such a thing?

Thirdly, lets be blunt. People who want urban similar weightage with rural has never been based on principles. Its based on who they want to win. And this is the problem with this argument.

The issue to this is simple. We cannot have a wide disparity because its unfair. Lets close the gap on the ratio. As in all our past, rural has more weightage. We must recognise this. We should develop on a better ratio rather than denying the rural weightage.

The EC head is correct and constitutional in regards to the weightage. Those who condemn him based on this please go read your constitutional history. A constitution has always been based on traditions everywhere worldwide. You seek to change you prove your case but to call others who defend the constitutional practice as dumb shows how dumb the person is.”

Ktemoc responded that there is an instance where a location is placed 100 km apart but still in one constituency. He mentioned Jervais Bay in Australia. I did a bit of reading and this was what I found and responded:

“I have to disagree….

First I thank you for jervis bay example. It was an interesting anomaly you gave. I’ve checked other electoral divisions of Australia and they are contiguous. This follows a prime criteria in demarcating an electoral division like everyone else in the world ie having a contiguous area. There shouldn’t be another electoral division separating one electoral division.

The question was how did this anomaly happen. Now for those unaware of Jarvis bay history, please note it was ceded by NSW because they believe a capital city (Canberra or ACT) must have a port. Strange but true. So jarvis was carved out. It now has a population of merely 400 people now. I believe its much lesser when it was ceded. Originally jarvis forms under one electoral division with canberra but has since been under Fraser division when the ACT electoral division was split. It is split by 100 km plus by other electoral divisions.

This is a strange historical product. When the first electoral division for ACT was created I believe jervis bay was almost inhabitable. It is illogical then to create another constituency where there is almost no one. They had been administered then by a department.

Now an interesting thing to note is that when ACT was created and parliament was opened in Canberra the population of Canberra was below 20000. There was no fuss by Australians on misapportionment. Everybody understood that when you have a new area carved out you definitely need to have a separate representation.

Thus the jervis Bay Area is not a good example to apply in malaysia but merely an anomaly. In fact the tried and tested principle of a contiguous area is still maintained by electoral commission of Australia. Why? Because it doesn’t make sense to split electoral division with another division. It is also arbitrary unfair and administratively hard to govern.

That’s why when selangor ceded Putrajaya it must necessarily form another constituency. Putrajaya is not connected to any part of Wilayah. Neither can it be under sepang.

Putrajaya population of 16000 may be the lowest now but it will grow fast with all the developments. Many there are still registered elsewhere. Canberra or ACT also started the same and there was no issue at all by the Aussies.

To include Labuan with Putrajaya is itself an arbitrary gerrymandering. Anywhere in the world no electoral commission will combine two far off area into one constituency. Labuan has much more population than Putrajaya and deserves a rep.

So lets get back to the issue. Its one of narrowing the urban rural weightage. An argument that in every democracy one must have an equal vote and weightage is a fallacy. Even liberal democracies do not practice this principle. Why? Because of history, tradition and social condition. The best example is of course US. Wyoming which has a population of 500k has a collegiate votes of 3. While Arizona which has 6.5 million has 10 votes. A voter in Wyoming is worth 4 times than a voter in Arizona? Is US then undemocratic? [note I use 08 figure]

So don’t jump to conclusion. Its a historical product and of social construct. If you want to really go for proportional representation, everything must be relooked. That itself require another posting.”

In summary:
1) many countries do not practice proportional representation ie one vote is valued the same everywhere. This includes UK and US.

2) since merdeka we always have weightage favouring rural area and compounded by entry of Sabah Sarawak.

3) Putrajaya is a new fed capital city and was ceded by selangor. It has to have a new constituency as its not connected with any part of kl. Canberra was like that as well when they started.

4) to include Labuan and Putrajaya together is arbitrary and gerrymandering. They are so far apart. Jervais bay argument which is almost inhabitable cannot apply. You cannot apply extreme anomaly as a principle.

5) we should focus on narrowing the weightage. To change to a new rule on proportional representation must be debated widely. If not careful we will be more parochial with our states mindset and lead to further division.


Wee Kaa Siong kurang ajar

I have been focussing on other social media platform and been writing less on the blogs. But when i read this I have to write here.

I’m extremely mad that Wee made this kurang ajar statement. A public retort of our sultan’s decree. The sultan is acting within his legal capacity protecting the sensitive practice here of hundreds of years. And this Wee publicly “melawan titah baginda di khalayak ramai”. Absolutely kurang ajar. I feel almost every week our tradition practice and long held heritage being challenged and derided. This is taking it too far. Wee must be put in his place.


Why must Jeffry and PR cohorts lie about Sabah and Sarawak?

Of late, I’ve been writing more often on Facebook. Recently, there was this debate with a group of people with legal background whom posted a proposition wondering why Malaysians cannot get it that we started our country from 1963 under Malaysia. According to them Malaysia is a new entity with a new constitution and our history starts from there.

I know some of them are pr supporters, but what I can’t understand is why we stoop so low to support a partisan view. This view as I see it started by Jeffry Kitingan claiming Sabah and Sarawak as independent states when they sign the Malaysia agreement. Thus the same level with the federation of Malaya.

Now, this issue has blown into a proportion of devaluating Merdeka and prioritizing Malaysia Day. This is evidently clear in the now DAP lean Star which gave covering for the merdeka events only on page 20 (after so many insignificant news) and Malaysia day event on pages 1,2 and 3. This is wrong. No matter how much hatred one has against UMNO please don’t deny the contribution of Tunku, Tun Tan Siew Sin, Tun Razak etc. Its treacherous and dangerous for our nation. The Star should give both merdeka and Malaysia day at least similar significance but never put the former lower.

I can understand if the confusion is from a layman but when it comes from qualified people its simply bewildering. So I’m putting in a simple FAQ form for better understanding:

FAQ1: What is the Malaysia Agreement?
In short its an agreement where Sabah Sarawak and Singapore join Malaya.

FAQ2: What was the status of Sabah and Sarawak when they sign the Agreement?
They were colonies of the British and they themselves recognise it as such. Article 1 expressly states:

“The colonies of North Borneo and Sarawak…shall be federated with the existing states of the Federation of Malaya as the states of Sabah, Sarawak…and the Federation shall thereafter be called Malaysia”

FAQ3: What? You mean they are colonies and not independent states? And to be federated as states in the Federation of Malaya? Are you sure?

Yes. The sovereignty at that time lay with the British. It is by the Malaysia Agreement that Sabah and Sarawak gained independence as a state within the federation of Malaya.

FAQ4:Where’s the proof?

Article 4 expressly states that it is an obligation of the Government of UK “to take such steps as appropriate to… secure the enactment by the Parliament of United Kingdom of an Act providing for the relinquishment, as from the Malaysia Day, of Her Brittannic Majesty’s sovereignty and jurisdiction in respect of North Borneo, Sarawak….”

FAQ5: Really?

Yes. In fact the Constitution of Sabah and Sarawak as we have now and attached to the Malaysia Agreement had to be submitted to UK for it to be enforced. Article 3 states:

“The Government of UK will submit to Her Brittanic Majesty before Malaysia Day Orders In Council for the purpose of giving the force of law the constitution of Sabah, Sarawak….”

FAQ6: So its undeniable that Sabah and Sarawak were not independent states as at Malaysia Date as alleged by Jeffry. Anyway when is Malaysia Day in the Agreement. It must be 16 September 1963 right?

No. Article 2 stipulates that “Malaysia Day” as 31st August 1963. It was always intended that it should coincide with Merdeka.

FAQ7: Really? Why 16 September? What’s the significance?

Apparently there was a delay. There was a protest by the Indonesian government. The fact that Lee Kuan Yew’s birthday is also on the 16th September seems coincidental. An uncanny one though.

FAQ8: My oh My!!!

Its for all to interpret. What is clear is that Sabah Sarawak and Singapore were always intended to join with 11 other states of the Federation of Malaya on 31st August 1963. The extended Federation of Malaya by such date is to change name to Malaysia.

That’s why we have thus always focused on 31 August as the main celebration for the federation. Its a scenario where 3 new states join an established federation and typically in such scenario, the newer states follow the conventions of the existing federations. Its like Hawaii joining the federation of states in the US in 1959. No one ever argues that US starts from 1959.

FAQ9: So that would mean, like the US, there was no new constitution in 1959. Our constitution should thus date as at 1957.

Correct. We amended the 1957 constitutions to include the states of Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore. In fact in 1963 we made around 118 individual amendments to our constitution just to facilate the entry of Sabah Sarawak and Singapore into the 1957 constitution. It is to my knowledge the biggest amendments made at one go. Any statement that we have a wholly new Malaysian constitution in 1963 is incorrect and false.

FAQ10: So Jeffry and the PR cohorts lied all the while, did he?

Either he is utterly ignorant or lying through his teeth. In 2010 he states:

“The facts of history are; One, that we Sabah, Sarawak, Malaya and Singapore formed Malaysia as equal partners with equal powers and status.Two, Malaysia is formed through a MERGER and NOT A TAKE OVER OF ONE PARTY BY ANOTHER. Three, Malaysia was to be a new Federation, and not a unitary system. Four, Sabah and Sarawak shall not be equivalent in status with the existing states within Malaya because Sabah dan Sarawak were equal partners and it was Malaya who signed the Malaysia Agreement not the individual states. Five, Sabah and Sarawak would retain their individualities and would have special right and autonomy as outlined by the 20 Points / 18 Points. These are the facts of history.”

No one reading the Malaysia Agreement can sensibly deduce to such conclusion. Sabah and Sarawak joined Malaysia as states in the Federation. The constitutional document that was agreed and governing us now reflect as such. Leading constitutional experts attest to this fact. Our history starts at 57. We welcome our new brothers in 63. In the future there could be a scenario where we may in fact add a new territory. No matter how many join or secede from our federation, it does not and could not in any way diminish the fact that the federation was born in 1957.

Let me quote leading scholars on this, Professor A. Harding who wrote that “…Malaysia came into being on 16 September 1963…not by a new Federal Constitution, but simply by the admission of new States to the existing but renamed Federation under Article 1 of the Constitution…” See Harding (2012).The Constitution of Malaysia – A Contextual Analysis, p. 146.

See also JC Fong (2008), Constitutional Federalism in Malaysia, p. 2: “Upon the formation of the new Federation on September 16, 1963, the permanent representative of Malaya notified the United Nation’s Secretary-General of the Federation of Malaya’s change of name to Malaysia. On the same day, the permanent representative issued a statement to the 18th Session of the 1283 Meeting of the UN General Assembly, stating, inter alia, that “constitutionally, the Federation of Malaya, established in 1957 and admitted to membership of this Organisation the same year, and Malaysia are one and the same international person. What has happened is that, by constitutional process, the Federation has been enlarged by the addition of three more States, as permitted and provided for in Article 2 of the Federation of Malaya Constitution and that the name ‘Federation of Malaya’ has been changed to “Malaysia””. The constitutional position therefore, is that no new state has come into being but that the same State has continued in an enlarged form known as Malaysia so.”

So let us be truthful and stop these lies and falsehood. Lets celebrate Merdeka for 1957 independence as well as 63 admission. Let 16 September be celebrated as a day our brothers from Sabah and Sarawak join. But we shall not devalue and diminish merdeka like the DAP leaning Star now is doing or like our left wing pro PR leaders. It was an abhorrent reporting by the Star. It was a treacherous act by the sick partisan politicians we now have.


How can STAR belittle Merdeka. Bloody STAR.

Of late I’m really enraged by the Star. They don’t seem to want us to have a focal point and driving us further and further apart.

But today was the nail in the coffin. STAR did not cover the merdeka news as main news. Not even second page or third page. Its covered in page 20 onwards. The STAR is too much.

They did once before giving our king maiden parliamentary speech as a back page. Putting other unknown personality against our king.

This is a deliberate agenda by STAR. They will drive us apart further. Central to this is to downplay our strong tradition and culture and focus more on their so call “left wing” agenda. This must stop.

There is no harm to highlight merdeka. So what if that the merdeka was obtained by tunku, Umno and BN. Its a historical fact. Our nation and constitution is founded on this. Our liberty and freedom are derived from this. Simply because STAR has become more DAP/ Chinese it does derogate the fact.

So for STAR not to cover the national parade as main news, they are wholly wrong and to me putting us deeper into an unreturned polarization. Our merdeka is something to cherish. Tak boleh dipermainkan. They belittling our nation must be condemned. No two ways.

Ps. The front page of a merdeka ad does not count and is a further insult. They put it there coz someone sponsored it. If not all will be on page 20 onwards. Really kurang ajar.

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The bloody culture of gangsterism

While we celebrate Merdeka, I had just met a friend whose son has been hospitalized after being beaten up in school. I knew the boy as he used to be in the karate class with my kids. He and the family had moved south and I had not seen the boy since.

But the story unfolded disturbing stories about what we have become. About how disgusting our society has become. How polarized we are.

It started when the boy (a form 3 student) as a class head reported to the teacher about a group of boys not doing the roster duty. I’m not sure how it happened but the father of one of the boy became incensed. He went to my friend’s house with his son. Upon arrival he called on my friend’s son to come out and when he did, he started scolding my friend’s son in public. Then he asked for the father to come out after condemning the father.

My friend is an ex army. I don’t understand why he allowed the son to go out in the first place. But after being called out he went out to confront.

The father complained that his son goes to school to learn and not to do the roster work like cleaning windows. Now since the son was being reported to the teachers he wanted his son to “settle” with my friend’s son in public.

Shocking!!!. But what ensued was even more.

My friend knowing his son had a 2 dan black belt, agreed for the sons to settle. So they fought in front of the neighbourhod. It was a ruckus witnessed by the neighbours.

So as he saw his son was being beaten up, the father asked my friend to stop and consider it settled. But my friend said no and to allow it proceed since it’s being settled.

The story doesn’t end there as usual. A few days later this boy and another 6 of his gang ( all of the same race) beat my friend’s son in the class. He was severely beaten so much so he had to be hospitalized. It almost broke his ribs.

So my friend lodged a police report. But something amazing was revealed. The police asked him whether he really wanted to make the report. My friend queried why?

The police informed that a couple of months earlier, a similar incident happened and the parent lodged a report. They then were asked by the parents, whose son the report was lodged against, to withdraw. The parent refused so a few of them attacked the house and at the end it was withdrawn.

My friend being ex army was steadfast. He insisted to lodge. True enough. The parents of the 7 came to ask for withdrawal claiming that it will deprived their boys of sitting the pmr. He stood firm. A few days later as expected a few came to the house but this time he was prepared and the police arrived to arrest some of them.

Now he thinks of moving away.

This is abominable. What have we become?

Ps: I’ve not put the race down though its related to a race gang.


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